SingStar Rocks! problems / technical issues

I describe the problems I have had playing SingStar Rocks! on my otherwise perfectly functional PS2. My conclusion is that the cause is a technical problem with some of the SingStar Rocks! discs now in circulation, and that Sony should give us an explaination and replacement discs that actually work in our PS2s.

If you have had similar problems, I’d appreciate it if you would leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Please list the model number orf and serial number of your PS2 if you want to – I’ll add them to this page (see mine at the bottom). Hopefully this can make it easier for Sony or someone else to figure out the cause of this problem.

I pre-ordered SingStar Rocks from online retailer BlahDVD. I got it on release, but soon discovered my PS2 wouldn’t play the game like it should.

Briefly put, some of the tracks exhibited these problems after playing for some time (ranging from 30 seconds into the song to near the end):

  • The video freezes (variation: the video skips a bit before eventually freezing)
  • The audio starts playing in a short, 4-5 second loop (variation: It skips a bit before finally entering the loop)
  • Lyrics and notes are still displayed as they should, and it is possible to sing along and get points. Eventually, you get the menu (“end song”, “quit”, “resume”, etc)

These are some of the songs I had problems with:

  • The Cardigans – My Favourite Game (freezes early)
  • Keane – Everybody’s Changing (freezes early)
  • Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To (freezes late)
  • Coldplay – Speed of Sound (freezes late)
  • Bowling for Soup – 1985
  • Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
  • The Killers – Somebody Told Me
  • Queens of the Stone Age – Go With the Flow

What’s the problem?
First, I assumed something was wrong with the disc itself, as the PlayStation machine has no problems playing other PS2 games (including SingStar, SingStar Party, SingStar 80s, and SingStar “Norske Hits”). However, the disc surface looked perfectly fine – no smudges or scratches. Considering that all other discs played 100% fine, I decided that it was probably just one bad disc. I made plans to return my copy to BlahDVD and buy another one from the local EBGames instead.

Unfortunately, the disc from EBGames had exactly the same issues, and mostly in exactly the same places in the tracks. I went back to them two times for new discs, so that in the end, I tried a total of four Rocks! discs on my PS2.

None of these worked. Since there was no internet uproar about default SingStar Rocks! discs, I started to think that something might be wrong with my PS2. Indeed, I was able to try playing the Rocks! disc at a local games shop, and it worked without a hitch. However, I spotted some complaints at the Gamespot forum for SingStar Rocks! – more people were having the same problem I was. Lately, several people have commented on my weblog that they have the problem too.

I have also tried cleaning the PS2 and adjusting its laser using this PS2 cleaning/calibration guide from ArsTechnica. We ended up changing the level of the laser by six “clicks”. This helped a little bit – we got about 50- 60 seconds further into some tracks that froze after just 20 – 30 seconds previously – but didn’t solve the problem.

There seems to be something wrong with the manufacture of a batch of the Rocks! discs. The error, whatever it is, only causes problems on certain PS2 machines. I’m lucky – I was able to swap my PS2 with a friend, so that I now have a PS2 that can play Rocks! while she doesn’t – but that’s not an option for most Rocks! owners.

Sony should come clean and tell us what the problem is, and print a new batch of SingStar Rocks discs that actually work.


Working and non-working PS2 units
The backplate of a PS2 playing all tracks on SingStar Rocks! without problems (Serial: C4220382, barcode: S01-4220382-7):

Not working
Andy’s PS2, model number SCPH-30003.
Aus Rocker’s PS2, model number SCPH-70002. serial number AA0448598.
Bertil’s PS2, model: SCPH 70002, serial: FA2295789. Also can’t play his 80’s disc – maybe a slightly different issue?
Birken’s PS2, model 77004 black slimline.
Bocklin’s PS2, model: SCPH-70004. Has tested with both UK and German version.
Carl’s PS2, model SCPH-70003.
ChrisF’s PS2, model number SCPH-30002A.
GrooveyGirl’s PS2, model number SCPH-75002 (New Zealand).
Honeybear’s PS2, model number SCPH-30003.
Jay’s PS2, model number SCPH-75003.
jillenajosh’s PS2, model number SCPH-75002-SS.
Karen’s PS2, model number SCPH-30003.
Laura’s PS2, model: SCPH-30004, Serial: C2191262.
Neil’s PS2, model number SCPH-30003.
Ollyrose’s PS2, model number is SCPH-30004R, serial number is C3373304.
Ollli’s PS2, model number SCPH-30004, serial number C0467010.
Phoebe’s PS2, model number SCPH-50002.
Sarah’s PS2, model number SCPH-70003.
Sean S’s PS2, model number SCPH-75002 (brand new slimline model).
Sean S’s PS2, model number SCPH-30002.
SGP’s PS2, model SCPH-75003.
singstar wannabe’s PS2, model number SCPH-5002, serial number FAO697896.
Victoria’s PS2, model number SCPH-35002.
Wasptor’s PS2 (slimline), model number SCPH-70002, serial number FA2291774.
My PS2, model number SCPH-30004, serial:C0599254, barcode: S01-0599264-L. Backplate:


145 Responses to “SingStar Rocks! problems / technical issues”

  1. Matthew Bate Says:

    Hey mate.
    I just saw your link on wikipedia and thought I’d drop my name in as someone having the same song freezing issue with Sing Star Rocks. It always freezes on “O Yeah” and “I Am”, and mostly on “The Boys Are Back In Town”. I’m from New Zealand and have a PS2 about five years old. I tried it own my friends, then brand new, slimline unit and we still had the same problem, but on different songs.
    Good luck trying to find something out

  2. Scott Says:

    Just adding to the outrage, I am down in Tasmania, and we are having the same problems with our copy of Rocks!, I have tried two copies and experienced a fault with both in the same places.
    Come on Sony sort it out!!!!

  3. Greg Says:

    This is crazy! My PS2 (slimline) was bought just to play Singstar and all discs work fine EXCEPT Rocks. Sony – do something about this – It will cost you very little in the scheme of things to swap bad discs for good. Certainly a lot less than the battery recall you had to come clean about!!
    The more people that post – the more they’ll not be able to ignore.

  4. Joe Says:

    I’m having major problems with it, and I just got it today for Xmas. The PS2 is fairly new, bought over the summer for Guitar Hero. I can tell when a song will freeze because it’s preview doesn’t work. To make it more frustrating, if I manage to get a song to play all the way through, then pick a new song that has a problem, and then try to come back to the original song that worked, it no longer works. Sony – PLEASE HELP US!

  5. Julie Says:

    Having problems as well, One microphone doesnt work, yep bought it for the kids for Xmas and yep freezes and its a new PS2. Retailers wont help either, they have to send it away! YEAH RIGHT the kids love that ??

  6. Nicolette Says:

    Also having problems here. Our ps2 is less than 12 mths old. TV is less than 12 months old. (will try on old tv after I post this) and our problem is with singstar party brought from NZ. Have had probs with carosel not playing previews and freezing on white load up screen when song is chosen. Also freezing video, audio skipping, repeating and a high pitched buzzing at times. Also eyetoy not working with party disc much either. We have tried 2 different discs from 2 different stores from 2 different towns and same problem after first time use. My ps2 model no is SCPH-750002. Think we may just take it back to EA games for a refund.

  7. Nicolette Says:

    Oh and singstar 80s works fine no probs on this unit.

  8. Dan Says:

    Yeah my Singstar rocks also has the same problem damn it

  9. Bernadette Wiese Says:

    I bought Singstar Rocks for Christmas for my daughters. It froze on songs and the audio and video were out of synch. I took it back to Big W and they replaced it. The “new” one has exactly the same problems. I am on my way to take it back now but do not hold much hope as to getting one that actually works.

  10. Paul Says:

    We have the lastest slimline model and are having trouble with Rock’s. It really is a shame as I feel it is the best of the lot.

    I can’t believe Sony are being so slack about fixing this issue. I know I won’t be buying a certain $1000 system if this their answer to customer service.

  11. Sando Says:

    I have just purchased signstar rocks. I own signstar 80, pop, legend and party and they all play with out a problem. I purchased rocks because I like all the songs on it and had a lot of problems. I also thought it was the disc and returned it twice and then got my money back and went to a diffrent store and still the same problem.

  12. Garrie Says:

    just to let you know – I’m in Sydney with a fairly old model PS2 (I was an early jumper from PSOne) and SS Rocks was meant to be my first Singstar game…
    It’s good, where it works … :(

  13. Carl Says:

    I have a slimline PS2 – model SCPH-70003 and have gone through 2 sets of Rocks so far.

    If it doesn’t work by the 5th refund then I’ll be giving in.

    This has to be the least stable game that I have ever seen.

  14. Andy Says:

    same problem, especially on the Cardigans song, it has yet to work once. still get the lyrics appearing but the song is stuck in a 5 second loop. i have the SCPH-30003 model.

  15. Kirsten Says:

    We have a playstation that is about 2 years old. The first three Singstars work perfectly but each one after that won’t work. We’ve had both variations of the problems (at both carosel and singing stages). Sony told us to get a new playstation but they didn’t work on that either. It certainly killed Christmas.

  16. Victoria Says:

    My Singstar Rocks! is problematic too with the same issues!!! I bought mine from The Warehouse (NZ) and have just taken it back. They phoned today to say it works fine – a managers kid tested it at home – an expert? any way that’s another story. I guess though I will have to get them to test all the songs or get them to replace it (which they probably wont as it’s software) or accept it’s the disc and a Sony issue and hound them. My PS2 is SCPH-35002.

  17. jillenajosh Says:

    The kids received PS2 (serial no SCPH-75002-SS) for xmas, along with singstar rocks bundle and singstar 80’s. Had no problem with the 80’s, but returned SS rocks as there were glitches through a couple of the songs. Received a replacement – Land Down Under still freezes, or ends up in a loop, or stops playing any music altogether, and the graphics keep on going on the screen. Will ring the 1300 number on Monday. All the gear is brand new, so as far as I can see the problem is a fault in the manufacture of the disc…
    I can’t believe this many people have had problems with it and Sony hasn’t recalled it yet!

  18. jillenajosh Says:

    Just to add to that – how many people recently got SS Rocks as part of the singstar bundle? Methinks they’re trying to palm off the dodgy game within the bundle as there were too many complaints when bought separately. Luckily the store I purchased from allowed me to swap the disc without having to bring the whole kit in!

  19. BmmW Says:

    I rang Sony on 1300 365 911 (Australian) and was told that they were unaware of a problem with Rocks. I told them that the problem was listed many times on their own support forum. After that they said that I could send my Playstation into them along with the Rocks CD and they would swap the Playstation with a “reconditioned” Playstation that would play Rocks. They emailed me a mailing label and instructions – YES they agreed to pay postage costs both ways. Trouble is that I want MY playstation which works perfectly with all my other Singstar games. I suggested that the Rocks CD has the problem and maybe they should recall that and replace it with one that works in ALL machines – no luck there.

  20. schaffjm Says:

    Just got a brand new slim PS2 along with Singstar Rocks yesterday from JR. I can’t even browse the song menu without problems. After I scroll through a few, the song previews stop playing. After that happens, I can’t load any songs.

    Some songs I can’t get to play at all, some play fine, some play after about 2 minutes of loading time (where you can hear it apparently struggling to read the disc), and some will only play (although not all the way through) only when the PS2 is standing vertically on an end.

    Another game I got (GT4) plays perfectly. It’s gotta be a bad SSRocks Disc. Guess I have to try to exchange it eventhough the next one will probably be bad too.

  21. Birken Says:

    Bought it as part of a bundle yesterday. Most songs play, but Nevermind repeats near the end and some songs just beep from the beginning.
    Annoying , bought my ps2 in november in Sweden.
    its a 77004 black slim.
    Will try to get a new cd, but it’ll probably won’t work.

  22. jonny Says:

    Very dissapointed.
    Exactly the problems desribed by others – Why are thay selling this faulty product!!!!

  23. Fairy Says:

    Hi. I’ve just posted a message on the forum of the Playstation UK site asking if other people are having problems. I cannot find any information regarding this problem on their website. And I very much doubt they are going to admit a problem with a game they have now labelled “best of 2006”!!!
    Its so frustrating. I’m on my second copy. I sound luckier than most u guys, as the only song that jumped on my first copy was Snow Patrol, and now on my second copy, Keane! But these are some of my favourite songs!!!
    Do you think Sony will every face up to the fact that surely there must b a problem!!

  24. Fairy Says:

    Oh yeah, and I can’t take my disk back to the shop because I haven’t got my receipt anymore! :-(
    I dunno what model or anything I have as I’m not currently at home where my playstation is. But I’ll try let you know some time.

  25. daniela Says:

    Hi, do you know how I can get rid of the annoying original artist track on singstar. I thought it was supposed to be a karaoke game. I have tried everything but the original artists voice is always there!



  26. schaffjm Says:

    Interestingly enough, I tried my “faulty” Singstar disc in a friends older-PS2 (not a slim version) and it played PERFECTLY, not an error whatsoever.

    So could this be a compatibility issue between Singstar Rocks and the newer Slim PS2’s???
    Also, in the SSR manual included with the game, the pictures of connecting the mic’s even show the older style PS2’s.

  27. Are Wold Says:

    I am afraid it is more complicated than that. I had the exact opposite situation – disc did not work in a older PS2, but did in a new slim one.

    My guess is that some versions of the DVD drivers (or their firmware versions) have issues with the Rocks discs. When you are talking about manufacture on the scale of PS2, it is not uncommon to have slightly different versions of the hardware components, since a component like a DVD drive is sourced from different manufacturers and is changed as time goes on. And so a subset of the old-style PS2s have a firmware/drive combination that can’t play the disc, but unfortunately quite a few slim versions have this problem too. (This is why I have been collecting PS2 model numbers – to see if there is a specific revision of slim and old PS2s that fail, or if it’s all completely random.)

    Of course, this is just a guess. In any event, the problem seems to be “small enough” that Sony are willing to try and ignore it. It would be nice to have a public statement from them on the issue.

  28. AndyM Says:

    Just bought Singstar Rocks from Amazon. Freezes whenever I attempt to load any song. My PS2 is version SCPH-30003. Going to see if I can change it for another disk…

  29. SeanW Says:

    We’re in Canberra ACT.

    We’ve had the same problem too, but only with Singstar Rocks. I took the disk back to EB games, where I bought it, and they said they’ve had heaps of returns with the same issue (would’ve been nice if they’d mentioned it when I bought it) and offered to exchange it for another Singstar title.

    Reluctantly, I’ve exchanged, but would have preferred a Rocks that worked.

  30. Joe Says:

    Good news for me at least. We took back the Singstar Rocks and got a new copy from a different store and it works perfectly on the same exact unit. I think it’s safe to assume in my case at least, that my original copy was from a bad batch of discs and thankfully not compatability related.

  31. DennisA Says:

    Hi all
    I have the same problem as eveyone else does with SS rocks. I have a slim SCPH 70002, serial AA0375414. I also have the anthems bundle and it plays all songs fine. I bought SS rocks back in august 06 and it played fine a few times, I then wanted to play SS rocks on new years eve and had problems. I cleaned the lens and the disk and it still didn’t work. I took the game back to JB HIFI and they replaced the disk as it didn’t have any scratches on it. The new disk is faulty as well. The other day I tried the game on my sister inlaws non slim model and it seemed to work.
    Its nice to know sony supports the consumers that support sony. Maybe if we all sent the same email at the same time to sony support, they would realy see how widespread the problem is.

  32. Cody Says:

    Issues as well with “Rocks!” There is a huge delay with our mics which obviously causes our accuracy scores to suffer. It has only frozen a couple of times. I am trying to find out how to use Singstar mics with Karaoke Revolution. Anyone know if that is possible??

  33. Fairy Says:

    Its ridiculous. I got my mum to try taking my game back for me as I’m now away from home, at university. She tried a few different branches, and has now been told that there is a tiny sratch on my disk and they won’t change it because I don’t have a receipt. My sister bought me the game for my birthday. However, its nice to know some shops are admitting they’v seen lots come back, my local store said they haven’t heard of any problem! They must just think I’m unlucky thats I’v had 2 faulty disks, or that its somehow my problem!!
    Anyway I’v just emailed Playstation to tell them about the problems I have had, and I know other people have also had problems, so i hope they can help resolve the matter. I’ll let you know if I get any form of serious reply from them.

  34. Paul (Ql Says:

    We’re about to try and return our second non-functioning “Singstar Rocks” disc back to the retailer (PS2 slimline model number SCPH-77002). Sony – you suck!

  35. Kerrie Keeffe Says:

    I have got a problem with my Singstar Rocks Disk as well. I am not sure what model playstation i have, but i bought it brand new last October 2006. It’s basically the same problem as been mentioned in the other entries. I have gone through 4 Singstar Rocks Disk. First i got the disk with the microphones, the pack where you get a free disk when you buy the microphones, then played and it kept on stopping through the songs. So in December i got a brand new one(second one) again for my birthday and again same thing. Over new years the Singstar Rocks disk was borrowed and scratched so the person responsible for scratching it got me a new disk (being the third one) so went home and played it and stopped again. So i took it back a week late and aske for a replacement that it was not working and they replaced it, so got another one (forth one). Took that disk home and carefully took the disk out of the case and placed it in the machine, so there were no fingerprints and not scratches and you will never guess what happened, the same thing, stopping half way/begining of songs. Unbelievable. You would think that getting 4 different disk that at least one of them would work. All the other Singstar disks work cause i have all the others, but Rock is the only one.

  36. Stormi Says:

    We had the same problem, I bought 4 sing star rocks and everytime the same problem as stated above. It has been time consuming and very annoying. My serial number is SCPH-70002. I have the singstar party and pop, no problems there. I have the new slim line ps2 from about 2 years ago. If it is the singstar rocks ps2 game that has the fault, why can’t sony fix it so it can play on all models of ps2? Also I have tried different batches of Singstar rocks and they are all the same. If anyone else can come up with an idea to get a straight answer it would ber greatly appreciated.

  37. ravindra Says:

    yo bro can u please send me the detailes to how to unlock my ps2 sonyschp70003 to play unbrandend dvds

  38. sundaygirl13 Says:

    I have a problem with my Singstar Rocks too! My PS2 is a slimline pink Model No SCPH -77003. The whole game crashes on the snow patrol track.

  39. Squishy Says:

    At Christmas i was given Singstar Rocks! as a present from my dad. It was my first singstar so he bought it with the microphones. We tried it out that day and it worked at first but then the sound cut out and the video kept stopping and starting. I took it back to the shop and got another one, tried it out and exactly the same thing happened. When i took it back to the shop they gave me a gift card and took the Singstar Rocks! game and microphones away. I’ve been into many Game stores near me but none of them had it, and i wasn’t sure if it was worth buying it as I thought it wouldn’t work again. In the end i bought Singstar Popworld with microphones and was happy with that. Then in HMV i found Singstar Rocks without microphones, so i bought it. Now when playing on it today there are still a few mistakes. Snow Patrol – Run doesn’t work, the sound cuts out and makes a high pitched beeping noise and the video stops. This is the same with The Cardigans- My Favourite Game and at the end of Coldplay- Speed of Sound. I think I’m going to keep this disc even though some of the songs do not work, which is annoying. Now all i have to do is find something to spend my Game card money on!

  40. Fairy Says:

    I’d take it back if I were you. I’ve had two discs, but at least I’v only had one song on each disc not working.
    I’m afraid I had no luck emailing Sony. They told me to phone the careline, who said they did not hold the warranty for the games, and I can only take my game back to the shop. But the bloke I spoke to was adamant that there are no known problems with the singstar rocks discs.
    So I’ve been to the shop today and bought another copy. If this one doesn’t work I’m going to put in a much more serious complaint!! 3 discs is not coincidence!!!

  41. John Tore Andersen Says:

    Got on disk with SS Rocks, and got the problems described in this tread. My model is: SCPH-30004

    Sony fix this!!!

  42. Mike Newton Says:

    Hi all,

    Well I am having exactly the same problem as the rest of you though mine is very widespread with ALL of the Singstar Rocks! songs refusing to play at one time or another. More than that the previews won’t play on the carousel either as some people have reported.

    However! I am also having exactly the same issues with Singstar ’80s which very few people seem to be experiencing also (correct?). In fact this game also struggles to load the startup video clip so perhaps the disc just needs a good clean!

    On a side note I have noticed something interesting which I’m not sure anyone else as stumbled upon yet. Try this: Insert the Singstar Rocks! disc in, navigate to the carousel screen and use the “Change disc” functionality (select button) then insert a singstar disc you know works (Legends in my case). If I do this I find that the errors we all loathe so much are now replicated on what would normally be a singstar that plays perfectly well, bizarre. Perhaps this information (if I’m not the only one experiencing it) would prove very useful in trying to figure out exactly where the problem lies.

    It seems though that my solution lies with swapping my console with a friend’s that I know plays both these Singstars no problem.

  43. Are Wold Says:

    I haven’t had any issues with the other discs, and swapping in a different disk after booting with the Rocks disc works without a hitch, so I believe you might have a slightly different problem. At least one other person (poster Bertil in this thread) has posted about having issues with 80s too, though, so you are not alone.

  44. Jessica Says:

    Argh!!!!! We bought a 2nd hand ps2 from cash converters and that played otehr games fine but when we bought singstar rocks and australian idol singstar they both did the problem you have written about above. Has anyone contacted the manufacturer and shown them this website-because i think someone needs to if this problem is happening so often. Please let me know of any updates. glad im not alone. :(

  45. Daniel Says:

    Ok guys i just bought it a few days ok with the mics and everything and you guys are right there is a problem with the disk i payed almost $100 for something that doesnt even bloody work im going to right to sony could you all send me you email adresses so i can add you to my letter this is ridiculous.

  46. theo1881 Says:

    Same issues on rocks, 3 discs, 2 freeze on certain songs, 1 doesn’t get past first menu.

    Model SCPH-30003

  47. theo1881 Says:

    following on I have just e-mailed the Sony team personally and will update you with any information if it is forthcoming

  48. Daniel Says:

    I just rang sony australia and they reckon they havent heard about this problem yet and they say there is nothing they can do about it i told them i didn’t keep the reciept to take it back and they just said its not there problem they are ass holes.

  49. Fairy Says:

    Hi Guys.
    Well I bought my third singstar rocks disk. That had exactly the same problem. This time I was really mad!!
    I phoned Sony, again, who told me it was unfortunate that I had had 3 disks that didn’t work. They offered no solution to the problems I have had. Suggesting I went to a different shop. When I explained I had now been 2 two different shops & bought the disks, what would now be 12 months apart, my experience was ‘unfortunate’ again!!
    They would not accept that it is more than coincidence. And apparantly there is no-one at Sony who we can talk to about problems with any of their games. Their careline only deals with online gaming and console problems. When asked how they would ever be made aware of a problem with some disks if there was no-one to complain to, they had very little to say.
    I am going to write a letter to the head office, if I can find their address. If they do not offer a satisfactory solution to my problem I am going to phone watchdog, or similar, who deal with these kinds of issues. I did phone consumer direct, they have filed my complaint with trading standards, but gave advice more on my rights to take the disk back to the shop. I may link them through to this website if it becomes necessary.
    I will keep you posted also if I make any progress. However, I am currently away at university with my exams only 2 weeks away, so it may be another month before I actually get round to doing anything. Sorry.

  50. John Kerans Says:

    Just thought i’d say my two pence worth.

    I’m in the UK and have a fairly old PS2 model number 30003

    I had some problems with my PS2 not loading certain games (namely gran turismo 4) a while ago but using the guide ou mentioned i managed to realign the laser and since then it has been fine

    My housemate and i recently bought a bunch of the singstar games (legends, 80’s, rocks, popworld and party) they all work perfectly EXCEPT for rocks, which gets stuck on some songs.

    i cant remember all of the songs it struggles with, but the cardigans one is one of them, which makes me think it is the discs, as it seems to be failing on the same songs for different people. it’s really annoying cos that is a song i particularly like. i will try to exchange it later this week (when i go to pick up my copy of the new tomb raider) and i will report back.

    Has anyone trid to contact sony or london studios directly yet? people seem to be going on about getting them to do a recall and replaced, but has anyone yet asked the responsible bodies if they can do it? they may not be aware of the problem, i’m sure they can’t have people trawling EVERY web forum looking for people having trouble with their games

  51. Are Wold Says:

    I don’t think anyone’s contacted London Studios directly. I’ve complained to the Nordic distributor of the PS2, I know people in Australia have been complaining to their local Sony reps, someone in Finland also and probably other places. I do know the Nordic distributor has been in touch with Sony people in England about the issue.

    However, I’m worried that the scale of this issue is just small enough that Sony can ignore it and handle complaints on a case by case basis. After all, they are potentially facing having to repair thousands of PS2s if the problem is acknowledged as a general issue by them. It is much easier to just handle the (comparatively) few people who have an affected PS2 and play Rocks.

    My suggestion to people having this issue is to get in touch with Sony in your country, let them know that you have this problem, and that you know of many other Sony consumers who have experienced it also (point to this page if you like). Ask Sony to swap your PS2 for a different model PS2, or fix your PS2. By the correspondance I had with Sony’s Nordic distributor, it seemed they were willing to do this in these cases. Other people commenting here have had worse service experiences. If you’ve been back to the store twice and gotten new discs, it’s time to be persistent (but polite) vs the customer service representative. If the disc works in other PS2s but not yours, and there are hundreds of people on the net who are experiencing exactly the same symptoms, it is obvious that this is a manufacturing error with the PS2.

    On the other hand – in Norway at least – Sony isn’t obliged to do anything about this if the console is more than 5 years old. I don’t know what the warranty on the PS2 is.

  52. Liz Says:

    Had issues with Singstar Rocks also so did a friend. Exchanged game and console for new as still under warranty and both work fine now. Have Slim ps2. EB Games Rock!! No questions asked said that it is a common problem they have seen

  53. theo1881 Says:


    Not sure if this is progress or not, finally had a chance to call consumer care team here in UK, they have told me to return the disc to head office as they are aware of the issue and they will sort it out. Obviously this could turn out to be nothing but will keep you all posted. FYI the address to return to in the UK is Consumer Services, SCEUK, PO Box 2047, W1A 5HY.
    I was told to include my reference number and personal details etc.

    I will do this in the next day or two and feedback any info. Guess if they are aware of a problem here it should have replicated across world by now.

    This is what the internet was made for !

  54. theo1881 Says:

    copy of letter sent with disc, this site again referenced


    Dear Sirs

    Please find enclosed the copy of my SingStar Rocks disc that I have been experiencing problems with. I am returning it to you as informed to do so by one of your Care Team representatives as I understand you are aware of the problems and will be rectifying the issue for me.

    I have also enclosed a copy of my original e-mail and your response should you need any further information. As you will see from my original submission I am aware that a number of other PS2 users are experiencing similar problems around the globe and am again referencing a site dedicated to the issues so you may possibly like to comment on the site and make good all problems for all users.

    Many thanks in advance for your time

  55. theo1881 Says:

    response as below – humph

    Thank you for your letter and your SingStar Rocks game, which have been received in our Head Office.
    I was sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced while playing SingStar Rocks. I can confirm that during our stringent quality assurance process, all titles are tested on every model of PlayStation 2 to ensure that there are no compatibility issues and that they function as intended. Furthermore I can advise that we have tested your copy of this title in this office and have experienced no issues with any of the tracks contained within the game. As a result, it is possible that your PlayStation 2 is defective and may be in need of repair.
    I can advise that we do operate a service for consumer support. For any hardware related problems or queries please contact the PlayStation Careline on 08705 99 88 77 quoting reference 1-AOU4Q, where an agent will be happy to guide you through an extensive troubleshooting procedure to determine the nature of any potential fault.

    will be calling soon and as always post details here

  56. Mikee Says:

    I purchased a copy of Singstar Rocks a few weeks ago with HMV online. Had same problems as everyone else on Cardigans, Keane, Snow Patrol.. so I returned it to HMV. Have been sent another arriving in post this morning with EXACTLY the same problems. I have ALL the other Singstar titles and they all play fine. Rocks just happens to be the best in my view and it is a real pain. We have a pink Singstar slimline PS2 purchased December 2006 in the UK. Where can I get another disc that works ???

  57. theo1881 Says:

    ouch, my ear hurts.

    43min call to careline, company line is a problem with my ps2 as no other reports of issues with game reported to careline, not sure if info is shared worldwide but urging all having issues to log call with local support and we may then be able to link them together and get a definitive answer. issue escalated to head office, awaiting a call back this week.

    (or pay £70 to have it repaired, £55 replaced, cheaper on ebay with loads of extras!)

  58. Teglian Says:

    Well we called Sony last year about this problem (when rocks first came out) and argued with them for about half an hour about if it was the PS2 or the disk. Has anyone in Australia had any luck lately with their disks or is it time to take it to A Current Affair or Today Tonight? If we all send an email at the same time I’m sure Sony will have to pay attention.

  59. theo1881 Says:

    call back just as fruitless really. unless everyone reports it think we may be stuck. might be time to invest in ps3 !!!!

    as the disc was sent to head office and tested ok must be a problem with my ps2. apparently some discs will read differently !!!!

  60. Nicola Says:

    SCPH70002 – Purchased November 2005 in Auckland, New Zealand.

    I have had problems with Singstar Rocks (20/30 songs will only play part way through before the music gets out of time or completely just makes a high pitched noise) I purchased two copies and they both don’t work, but work in a friends PS2. My Flatmate had a problem on my machine with GT4 (not sure of the nature).

  61. Nicola Says:

    I just spoke to Sony about my issue and they have said that they have had this problem reported on several instances. If I send it to their repairers, this will be recified at no cost to myself, even though it is out of warranty.

    Contact Sony and they should fix you issue, you will have to give them the console, rather than the disc.

  62. melissa Says:

    Hi i bought singstar rocks about a year ago had heaps of dramas with it rang sony they said they would contact me as soon as they knew what the problem was, they called me a few weeks later asking i send my old siver playstation and they would replace it with another remanufactured one i had trouble with the two more machines but different probs so they sent me a new one i still am having the same trouble with the new one they sent me SINGSTAR ROCKS is a DUD hopefully when i contact them AGAIN they will be able to sort this out

  63. Nicola Says:

    Well I got my replacement playstation on Monday. Had exactly the same problem. I have sent the Playstation and the disc back and have been promised that my issue will be fixed.

    The best option is to contact Sony, keep them informed and ask that they rectify your issue. If they don’t know, they can’t help you, nor can they solve the issue.

    Cross your fingers for me, I am hoping to get this back by Friday in working order.

  64. Nicola Says:

    Ok, I got my playstation back and Rocks still didn’t work, it was better but not perfect.

    So instead of throwing a hissy fit, as Sony had PROMISED me that they had played the disc through on my playstation, I went an bought some new mics.

    Low and behold, it works perfectly!!!!

    So, he is your solution guys… Buy new mics, see if it works!

  65. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Nicola. Unfortunately, I do not think your solution helps in my case, as I have swapped PS2s while keeping the same mics and solved the problem that way. Also, by your description it sounds like you have a slightly different problem (high pitched noise, out of sync video versus freezing video and looping sound).

    Glad you worked it out though :)

  66. Phil Says:

    I just got a brand new slimline PS2
    and singstar rocks freezes on Snow patrol half way through
    and also Franz Ferdinand sometimes freezes midway.
    How annoying.
    I am sending the disc back to be replaced anyway…

  67. Justine Says:

    I was having all the same problems, with my Singstar rocks, video freezing, looping sound and that awful high pitched noise on certain tracks. We tried plugging/unplugging the eyetoy camera and found the tracks with problems play fine if we use the eyetoy and make our own clips and some of the tracks that always work when playing the original music clips, don’t work when we try to make our own clip. Now we know what songs to play with original clips and which ones to make our own for so now the whole disc works. Better than nothing I guess, I hope this helps anyone else with the same probs who has eyetoy too.

  68. Tracy Says:

    Shouldn’t we be taking this issue to Consumer Affairs if Sony won’t come to the party? My Singstar Rocks doesn’t work and was just told that I probably won’t be able to return it to the place I purchased it either due to company policy on software returns. There is obviously something wrong with this software so why not just take the problem to the people who carry some weight and can do something about it.

  69. Tom Says:

    My disk works fine for PS2, but I have gone through 2 sets of microphone. Both times the game worked fine for the first few times I used it and then the red microphone stopped working. Volume and everything are set up properly, but the microphone stops picking up player 2’s voice. When I plug the red mic into the blue socket it works fine. My only thought is that it is the USB converter, but it seems ridiculous that 2 would break in the same way. have you heard of anyone else with this problem? What did they do to fix it?

    On another note, is there anyone at Singstar to contact? I was on the website and there is no contact information.

  70. Cobbity Says:

    My Singstar Rocks worked fine for 11 months – then we used it the other day and after about 3 songs halfway through a song it kept looping. It is clean and without scratches. Now when ever the disc is put on it won’t play the music as you are flicking through and if you select a song the screen goes white and you can’t get back. Then the playstation won’t recognise any disks at all for an hour or two. Also I have a freind with singstar rocks and hers has a high pitched squeel. Both of us have no problems with any other disks.
    When I rang Sony Playstation support they told me there was no history of complaints about Singstar Rocks.

  71. Veronica Says:

    I have the exact same problems, only with different songs. I’ve gone through three different Rocks! thinking at some point it might have been my PS2, though that doesn’t explain why other SingStar games work…

  72. MihajloS Says:

    There may be another blog for the “PopHits” disc, but just letting you know that it is NOT JUST THE “ROCKS” that doesn’t work.

    My “Pop hits” freezes at the end of the white “loading” screen and I don’t even get to see the start screen.

    The irony is that I purchased my PS2 slimline together with this disc as a BUNDLE from EBGames 5 days ago.

    I will be bringing BOTH the console and the disc back to EBGames and get them to sort this out – or my money back.

  73. blackmachina Says:

    Buy a swap magic disc and slimline tools and play a burned copy of the game you bought …it works fine then. i do not have rocks…but if the game is pressed on a dual layer dvd rom, the ps2 perhaps is having problems playing the tracks and videos found on the second layer.

    look for a patch and apply it on the .iso /nrg or other disc image format with ppf-o-matic(google it you will find it).

    burn the disc and play

  74. andrewd Says:

    Have had problems with multiple singstar titles also. Have two copies of rocks fail in exactly the same place – strong indicator to me of an issue with the console. PS2 purchased about 1 year ago. Issue improves a little with cleaning but doesn’t go away ever. Very annoying. blackmachina – interesting post – will google.
    FWIW my model number is SCPH-77002.

  75. PaulI Says:

    Had same problem on two disks – Sony Playstation tell me to delete Singstar data on memory card – did, but made no difference. Nor did turning ps2 upside down.
    Model – SCPH – 39003

  76. Wayne Morris Says:

    I bought a SingStar Rocks! for PS2 with accompanying microphones this Christmas. It didn’t work properly, though another SingStar disc bought at he same time worked perfectly. I received a replacement disc from the supplier within a day or so, and the exact same problem exists with that too. Tracks stutter, wails a high-pitched tone ….. That disc has been returned for a refund.

  77. Jenni Says:

    Surprise, surprise…am having the exact same problems described by everyone else with Singstar Rocks. Have exchanged the faulty disc twice and while the new disc works the first time it is played, on subsequent playing the problems return. I thought it was something wrong with my PS2. So glad to hear that others have had the same problems with SS Rocks. Just a shame that I’ll have to exchange for a different SS when I prefer the SS Rocks songs.

  78. britany Says:

    hi my name is britany and i have a great idear i was with my friend and we were thinking of new idears for song why dont you make a disney/tv/movies cd
    eg. friends, neighbours home and away, mulan, toy story, spongbob ect
    i know i would buy it it would be great!

  79. britany Says:

    my microphones were working perfect when i first got them but the day after they stoped workin i tried everything what do i do now

  80. Karn Says:

    Hi I am from Chch New Zealand and am also having the same problems

  81. Becca Says:

    Hi, Im in Adelaide in Aust, I bought my singstar rocks 2 weeks ago and found that only half the songs work. the ones that didnt video clips would freeze up or make a horrid squealing noise or even sometimes the track would just get stuck and keep repeating the same line. I thought that maybe it was are old very original and very large PS2 which was probably starting to die, so I went out and bought a brand new slim line PS2 model SCPH-79002 and well fancy this it stil didnt work. So I took the singstar rocks disc and got a replacement one, and to my frustration it still didnt work, I am absolutley spewing, this is just not good enough from a company as big as Sony. So now I am going to contact them directly to see if they are gonna do anything to rectify it, fingers crossed.

  82. Laurel Says:

    Just bought microphones and borrowed Rocks to check that they work and was having freezing problems and music would stop during the song, also found it would speed up and or slow down. Good to see this is not my PS2 which is only a few months old model SCPH-79002. Person I borrowed it from doesn’t have a problem with their machine. Will have to try a different game.

  83. Maxwell Says:

    Yes I’ve had the same problem. I bought the SS Rocks game for my kids as a Xmas present. They were excited but didn’t get a chance to play it until we returned from holidays in mid January. Games shop wouldn’t exchange it for us as it had extended past the 7 day return policy. Even though I had only open it and played it once. not a mark on it and the shop agreed about this and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work.
    I may try the video clip thing that Jusine mentioned and let people know how I went.

  84. Ollli Says:

    Ok, since sony doesn´t want to fix this problem. How about everyone who is having problems with SS rocks, buy a new copy every time you go to the shops and return it as faulty if it doesn´t work.

    Sony might start taking notice if thousands of SS rocks disks start to get returned to them. Maybe there are only a hundred of us having problems but returning 10 disks will be 1000, return 20 and its 2000 already. You think sony might notice 2000 disks being returned???

  85. Are Wold Says:

    One problem would probably be that we are distributed all over the world. That is probably the issue here – overall, quite a number of people have this problem, but relative to the total number of Rocks discs shipped, we constitute a small percentage – small enough for Sony to deal with it on a case-by-case basis.

    I went back to the store thrice to ask for a new disk (and got it, just to discover that it did not work), and I have also let Sony Norway know about the problem. If everyone who has an issue let both their local retailer and their regional Sony office know about it, it might trigger some sort of reaction from Sony centrally. Honestly, though, I think this issue is just too small (in terms of number of customers affected) for Sony to bother with trying to solve it.

  86. Leeny Says:

    Same problem with Singstar Rocks. I’ve got nearly every other SingStar which appears to work fine (some probelms if the discs are perfectly clean). My PS2 is really ond but with SingStar Rocks it completely crashes and burns. It seems to be after a cetain amount of time loaded that it fails and not a particular song. Really p’ed off about it but after reading this forum I decided to go for a refund rather than and replacement and give up the thoughts of SingStar Rocks :o(

  87. schaffjm Says:

    Just found the perfect solution: Ultrastar Deluxe.

    Its a Freeware, Open-Source knock-off of singstar, and its PC based. Search google for it, and also There are tools you can download to convert all your Singstar Discs to your hard drive, and MANY other songs you can download in addition to what is available with Singstar. It takes a little patience to set up and configure everything, but once its running you can connect your Singstar USB adapter and mics to your laptop (or use any USB mic, even the karokee revolution mics). You can even connect your laptop to your TV (if yours has proper connections). Up to 3 players at a time too!

    Best of all, NO PS2 REQUIRED!!!

  88. schaffjm Says:

    Sorry, that’s for some song downloads.

  89. Jessica Says:

    Purchased Amped version, worked fine for only one day, began freezing some but the big problem is the microphones will not work anymore, says it is not plugged in cannot read usb connection. This really makes me mad because my daughter is pissed, spent fifty bucks on a game that works for one day.

  90. Chrystal Says:

    singstar mics just stopped working and in turn shorted out the USB port on my PS2 and had to buy a whole new console…..

  91. Tavia Says:

    Can a Singstar mic be used on a computer to record music? I plug mine in and the laptop makes the noise and the blue light turns on, but my computer can’t find them. Just to know that they are picked up when plugged in gets me wonderin! I need some help!!!

  92. Bec Says:

    I am another having the same problems with SingStar Rocks – onto my third disc now. Our PS2 is less than 6 months old but we have every other SingStar game and none have issues. I will be taking this latest copy back for a refund today – what a shame it was the best one by far.

    GRRRR to Sony.

  93. Bec Says:

    I should add our PS model number SCPH-79002 – purchased in February this year.

  94. Bec Says:

    UPDATE: nope, 4 down now. I contacted the Playstation people who are ‘unaware of any problems’ and who’s solution is to try it on another PS2. Doesn’t solve my problem though does it?

    He offered that I could send my PS2 and game to them and they’d have a look at it…

  95. Beth Says:

    The disks work fine for me but I have found the sound very limited from the Blue Mic.
    For some reason it doesnt register as many points as the Red Mic does…
    Very strange!
    It’s very annoying though as the only way the Blue Mic registers points is if you hold the Mic right up close to your mouth and basically shout!
    :( gutted.

  96. Cosmic74 Says:

    Well I can see the Singstar Rocks! saga has dragged on for at least 2 years now. What a shame I hadn’t seen this forum before I had bought it for my kids. We bought Rocks!, Party! and Pop Hits! only last week and while Party and Pop Hits work fine the Rocks Game doesn’t. We have done all the things tried above but we have all the same problem recurring. Rather than returning to where I bought them I intend to ring Sony Australia and tell them that they had better solve the problem or I will be reporting it to the Department of Consumer Affairs here in Queensland and the Federal Ombudsman. I’m sure the ACCC will be interested in this as will the media.

    For those in Australia with this problem, you are able to quote the following from the ACCC
    “The Trade Practices Act implies the following statutory conditions into consumer contracts:

    * The goods must be of merchantable quality. That is, they must meet a basic level of quality and performance, taking into account their price and description. They also should be free from defects that were not obvious to you at the time of purchase.”

    As Sony has not provided a product free from defects then we are entitled to a refund. Also to the person who was told that they were not able to return their discs after 7 days.
    “Under the Trade Practices Act, you may seek a refund if a statutory condition is breached. This means that you may be entitled a refund if the goods you purchased:

    * are or become faulty through no fault of your own
    * are not fit for a stated purpose or a purpose you made known to sales staff at the time of purchase
    * do not match the description or sample shown to you
    * have defects that were not obvious or not shown to you before you purchased.

    However, the goods must be returned within a reasonable period and you may be asked for proof of purchase. Traders have to be very careful, however, that any sign they put up is accurate because if they are found to be misleading you about your rights to a refund, it is considered a serious offence under the Trade Practices Act.

    Examples of signs which may be illegal include:

    ‘No refunds’
    ‘No refunds after 7 days’
    ‘No refund on sale items’
    ‘We will exchange or repair or give credit notes but we do not give refunds’

    These signs could mislead you to believe that you have no right to a refund under any circumstances, but this is not correct. Traders should make sure they understand their obligations to you before putting up any signs detailing consumer rights to a refund.”

    I hope this information helps Australian customers in their rights regarding this issue. It may vary in NZ and other countries. In this case I suggest you contact your local member or check the trading acts or laws your state and country have in place.

    Despite its size Sony should be held responsible for all products it sells regardless of the size of its customer base.
    Good Luck.

  97. Matt Says:


    I bought Rocks (AU) today along with another two working discs (Rock Ballads and Party Hits). I also have the original SingStar disc and mics that came with it, as well as SingStar Party.

    I have had the same problems listed here, the first song I tested was Franz Ferdinand where the video cut out and the sound changed to the high pitched beeping noise while the lyrics and pitch indicators continued to scroll. I tested many other songs and found the looping/sudden stop to be existent on most of the songs.

    Reading this forum I saw someone note that using the Swap Disc feature on the carousel would make a normally working CD go faulty in the same way. I tried it backwards then.

    I put in my Rock Ballads disc and in the carousel, chose Swap Disc and swapped to the faulty Rocks! disc. It is now playing all of the previously broken songs through to completion. This is just on Freestyle mode, yet to try it with both microphones. I’ll let you guys know if there’s a further issue, but for now this is a temporary fix that I’ve found. I’ll try this again over the next few days and decide if I need to return it.

    I’d be very disappointed because I love the songs on this disc.

    Console: SCPH-30002 R. It’s quite an old one, one of the early original black bulky ones.

  98. Matt Says:

    Hey same poster again,

    After changing modes to Party -> Battle and choosing Franz Ferdinand again, the video skipped and the sound cut out again.

    Luckily my brother’s got an EyeToy so I can play the game sans the music videos (confirmed working in all modes). I’m not sure if it’s worth contacting Sony, by the looks of things the Australian customer support has been very unhelpful with everyone else, I don’t expect to have a copy working any better than it does now.

    It’s a problem that’s been prevalent since release, you’d think the least they could do is rectify the problem (obviously an issue with the music video files on the disc) for future reprints.

  99. zach Says:

    Hi I received singstar rocks for my birthday. It doesn’t work on the songs you are mentioning. My uncle got it for me off Amazon and its now on its way back there..they are giving us a refund…its a shame because i really like the game. My playstation serial number is on the list of the ones you say aren’t working. Now I don’t know what to do, which singstar games work perfectly because i really want one that does…thx

  100. Ryan Says:

    Hi, I just bought singstar amped….. Its having worse issues i think then rock ..I was only able to play 3 songs from the 30 …I just bought a slimline to replace my older ps2 bc i was having problems with guitar hero 2 .. The slimline is only 3 months old! Ill be sure to let everyone know how many times i have to swap it out before it works!

  101. Petra Says:

    I’m in Qld, Australia and I originally had problems with the Singstar Pop disc as my PS2 (slimline) was saying the disc was not an original disc but a copied one.
    Not sure if anyone else has had the same problem or has a solution on how to stop the PS2 from doing this….any tips would be great.

    After trying 3 times with the disc I exchanged it and the new disc seems to be fine so I’m hoping it was just a dodgy disc in that batch.

    I also have Rocks! and Amped. I’ve only experienced 2 occassions where the Rocks! disc 1st time wouldn’t load and said it was a fake disc and the 2nd time it was during play as we had just swapped the disc and the screen just froze.

    After finding this site yesterday I went home and played both my Rocks! and Amped discs again just to be sure and they both played fine.

    I forgot to write down my serial no to quote here but I’m sure I remember it starting with HAN.

    I’m wondering if it’s possible that after using the unit for awhile because it heats up it gets confused especially when you are changing discs constantly.

    If anyone has tips on how/why the PS2 says a disc is fake when it is not that would be great as it had me concerned.

  102. Rana Says:

    We just bought SingStar (80’s version bundle) for our PS2 after playing it at a friends house over the weekend. The problem is that at the bottom of the screen where it displays the lyrics, we can see the top line, the line that you’re actually singing, but the bottom line that tells you what’s coming up is so light, we cannot read it. We’ve tried adjusting our TV and that does nothing. Have you had this issue before?

  103. Are Says:

    I have had a similar problem – the contrast between the gray of the coming text lines and the white of the background was just not enough to make out the text. This was on a projector. I did manage to fix it by turning down the brightness and up the contrast on my display.

  104. Rana Says:

    Will try that when I get home. I had turned down brightness,sharpness, and basically everything my menu gave me an option for. I didn’t think to turn down brightness and up the contrast. If that doesn’t work…..any words of wisdom. I can’t see where anybody else has posted this problem. Thanks for your help

  105. Rana Says:

    Tried your suggestion and it’s still not working. On our contrast on the TV (no more than 2 years old) it only gives me an “on” or “off” selection so I couldn’t turn it up. I tried all kinds of combinations with color, brightness, tint, etc. and nothing worked. Do you think it could be the disc? I’ve heard that some batches were defective.

  106. Sophie Says:

    I’m sorry about that, mine does it too, I think it’s just a glitch, if you hit reset it shouldn’t do it again. I have a question, and sorry that it’s kind of unrelated but I have Singstar rocks and some of the songs that you mentioned, how did you get them, because mine doesn’t have them.

    Bowling for Soup – 1985
    Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
    Queens of the Stone Age – Go With the Flow

    Just wondering

  107. Buck Says:

    I have just bought party hits for my daughter and the same thing as you mentioned, audio get about of synch with video and some songs freeze. I thought it was our PS2 unit at first as we bought a pre owned unit slim line unit.

    Now i have been reading the links i am having second thoughts about purchasing the new sing star abba!

  108. Pippa Says:

    I bought my singstar rocks software just after the release date and found it was stalling on songs such as Nirvana – Come as you are, Bowling For Soup – 1985, Stereophonics – Dakota, Hole – Celebrity Skin, and a few others so quickly exchanged it for a new one. The new one allowed some of the songs to play and others that worked with the other disc started to have problems. A strange case was the Nirvana song started stalling earlier in the song that it had on the previous disc.
    Tried it in someone else’s PS2 and it worked fine so I figured it was my playstation that was the problem. Since i had one of the older models I thought it wouldn’t hurt to trade it in towards one of the new slimline models, hoping the software will then work.
    The software remained problematic even on the new machine and eventually refused to work altogether on everyone else’s machines too.

    Have also recently started having issues with Pop and 80s software, which i’ve owned for quite a while now. What happens is after completing a song and seeing the scores it freezes into a white screen instead of going on to show the top 5 records.
    Has anyone else has this problem?

  109. Petri Says:

    Bought singstar Rocks week ago (Oct 2008) for my PS2. I had problems and symptoms as described above. Slimline model SCPH-77004 / AC21639xx (bought 2008). Retailer was kind enough to swap the DVD, unfortunately the problem remained.

    Sony Entertainment should really respond to this problem. If the customer service is as bad as described, the next console will not be a Sony for me.

    My first singstar disk (Legends) seems to function ok. There are six other disks that I bought along with the Rocks. I guess I need to check them systematically. If there’s problems like this with other disks, I plan to return/change the console. The way I see it, it’s either the Singstar or the console, that has severe bugs in it. If the disk works on another HW, the console is bad.

  110. Petri Says:

    BTW I also tried swapping from the well functioning Legends disk to Rocks. Problem, again, remained. However, the problem occurred at slightly different places.

  111. angusto Says:

    Hi, I’m from Italy.
    Never had problems with ROCKS and LEGENDS, but yesterday I bought the new SINGSTAR ABBA and had problems like these (freeze, out of sunc etc…). My PS2 is not a slim, four years old, but still works with all the rest of the games. Anyone had problems with singsttar ABBA ?

  112. Robert Says:

    Hi From Australia,

    Lots of problems with singstar rocks and rock ballads. Spoke to staff at Sony, no problems that they know about. Asked me to send the unit in for a check up, $120. They are a waste of time, need to contact consumer affairs. The guy admitted at the end that the rock and rock ballad disks are dual layer dvds. Not sure if this has anything to do with the problem. My machine works perfectly on 4 other singstar and heaps of game disks.
    Ring Sony Australia on 1300 365 911 and complain. They have never been advised of any problem!!! Ring them.

  113. daza Says:


    I’m from germany and I have got the same problems with singstar rocks which would be described by so many people in this forum. Our other singstar games didn’t make problems. We had problems find out by songs from Keane and Echt. PS2 datas: SCPH-77004 Serial: AC2576350 On next monday I will contact sony support in germany and try to get some informations, after that I will post here again.

  114. Sean S Says:

    Well, it’s taken over 2 YEARS but Sony have finally found a solution for my non-playing ‘Rocks’ disc.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t involve using a PS2 :(

  115. Are Wold Says:

    Good point. I’m still happy they finally got around to releasing that patch though. Of course, it would be even better if the songs could be ripped to the hard drive.

  116. amh1985 Says:

    Having exactly the same problems as everyone else with the SingStar Rocks discs. Have exchanged 3 times now (most recently today after buying a new ps2) but NOTHING has worked and it is very frustrating! I have included the model and serial numbers as suggested & will be getting in contact with consumer affairs regarding this issue. Sony really need to get their act together and rectify this problem!

    Model no. of 1st ps2 (bought 12/06): SCPH-77002
    Serial no. of 1st ps2: FA3362332

    Model no. of new ps2 (bought 24/12/08): SCPH-90002
    Serial no. of new ps2: HA1337473

  117. Slash Says:

    We’ve just tried 2 discs, same problem with either echoing or a squeak and the music stops. Might be unrelated, but now my 17-year-old telly’s suddenly not displaying across the top where the scores are, affecting normal TV shows as well. Going to get a refund and give Rock Ballads a try next.
    Two years of this going on, “Rocks!” simply shouldn’t be in the shops. I guess Sony’s banking on people putting up with it.

  118. MEC Says:

    Can’t get to my model number right now but we’re having problems with all of our SingStar discs (Rocks, Pop, 80’s, Country). Everything else, including Guitar Hero works great.

  119. Georgia Says:

    Everything you have described has happened to me.
    In mostly the ones you posted the audio stops completely and makes a squeeky sound.

  120. Liisa Says:


    I’m also experiencing the same problems with my SingStar Rocks copy that I purchased yesterday in Finland. The videos freeze, the high-pitched sound appears always at the same place and the sound disappears altogether, although the video and lyrics still go on. I’ve got a 2 months old ps2 slim. All the other SingStar discs seem to work fine (Abba, rock ballads, Suomirokkia, R&B, 90’s). I’ll most definitely try to get a refund for the game because it seems like a fat chance getting a working disc. I can’t believe the same problem has existed for two years now and Sony (or who ever is responsible) has done nothing about it!

  121. daza Says:

    Sony didn’t react. I don’t know what I should do now.

  122. Pierre Theron Says:

    I also have these issues with Singstar Rocks. The Keane track freezes as the lyrics start. No other disc gives issues.

  123. jp Says:

    I’m from south Australia and My older ps2 SCPH – 35002 is having trouble playing party hits but will play rock ballards fine, very frustrating as my 7yr old daughter loves certain songs on this game come on sony pull ya finger out poor PR if you dont try and resolve this issue

  124. russell Says:

    I’m from Philippines i have a problem with my ps2 SCPH- 30004. Before there’s a difficulty in reading disc.It could only read PAL games and not an NTSC games or neither DVD video. I left it and stock the unit for about a year.Then i bought a second hand ps2 SCPH- 3003, i removed the laser then put it in my old one since the one i bought has a damage also. It works for sometime and could read both PAL and NTSC marked video games even DVD video. Then the problem emerge. The video hang with the sound like a damaged disc w/ a high pitch sampling sound. I tried to open it, check if what is gone wrong, when i could’nt see any i returned or assembled it. my problem got worst , now there is no video and neither a sound to hear.

  125. Damien Says:

    I have about a dozen singstar discs and generally they all work fine by themselves. The problem I have is when you select change disc, all the songs on the new disc are not available. It doesn’t matter which disc I start with or change to, they all have less songs available than what would normally be available if I restarted the PS2 with that disc in it. Does anyone else have this problem?

  126. Matt Says:

    I have the same problem with singstar popworld and 80’s they don’t seem to work and I get the high pitch beeping and skipping of video out of sync etc!

  127. Matt Says:

    Oh… forgot to add that I’ve also tried the disc on 3 different PS2 consoles, twice on different older versions and on a newer slimline model. Still the same problem!

  128. Kerstin Says:


    I´m from Germany and got the same probs with singstar rocks. I´ve got 9 working singstar-games and singstar rocks. it freezes at queens of the stone age-gone with the flow and at bloc party-banquet. I´m so angry about that, because I´ve paid so much money for this s***.

  129. JM Says:

    As far as the discs are concerned, they are all working fine, i’ve got Singstar 80’s, 90’s and the Singstar Disney for my daughter. The problem is the red mic.

    My red mic is not functioning at all. But there was a time when both mics are working. the problem started a month after the game was bought (Singstar 80’s). Red mic would work and the next use, it won’t work, then it would work again. Until, ultimately the red mic just won’t work anymore. i’ve tried putting it in the blue socket just to test it and it still doesn’t work. but when i tried the blue mic in the red socket it works. So i know it’s not the USB converter.

    Can we maybe replace the mic with standard mics or replace it with the mics used in headsets?

  130. Anch Says:


    I have every UK-released SingStar title and all except SingStar Rocks! work perfectly. I have now bought and returned SingStar Rocks! (from/to different retailers every time) 4 times, costing me quite a bit in recorded delivery etc and had given up on it (I have my 5th copy sitting in my living room where it has been for some time) until I saw this site.

    Same problems as every else is reporting – videos freeze, sound drops out while pitch bars still showing, high pitched squealing etc etc.

    I have a slimline PS2 bought about 2 years ago.

    I’m going to try contacting Sony UK and London Studios, and if I have any success I’ll post again.

  131. Penny Says:

    Hi there,
    I have also tried 3 different Singstar Rocks games on my PS2, resulting in errors on all 3. The same type of errors on certain songs. I own 12 other Singstar games that all work fine. I am currently writing to Sony Playstation 2 Support hoping that they can shed some light on the issue.

  132. Jenny Says:

    I have the same problem with all my singstar discs. I have the Disney version, the Rock version and Queen. At first I thought it was my PS2, but all my other games work fine. So I figure it are the discs, but the surface is absolutely ok. I stumble upon this through google and now I just feel bad. :(

  133. Vanessa Says:

    Ditto…Two Singstar Rocks Disks tried on two different PS2’s sigh…
    Model HA1523404
    Serial SCPH90002

  134. Michelle Says:

    I bought SingStar Rock off of TradeMe (New Zealand’s Ebay) and when first played I had major problems (like you) with most songs. I then took the disk in for polishing, thinking that would help. And it did, but not very much. Still around 50% don’t play to the end and I’m at the point where I don’t even bother playing the damn thing. I also have fully playing SingStar Original, R&B, 80’s and Queen (with major sound level issues)

  135. Donna Says:

    I have just purchased another ROCKS disc as I was having the same problems…..funny thing is it never used to do it so I thought it was the disc but as I said, the same thing is happeningwith the new one….soooo annoying. It was happening with Keane but just run that straight through and also Snow Patrol but still sticks on that one. I haven’t tried the other tracks as yet. When you hear of a solution please let me know.


  136. Caitlyn Says:

    I have no idea what model my PS2 is, but I do know that pretty much all the Rocks! games are glitched. I bought it and it was fine until I played 1985, when part way through the song the music started skipping, the video stopped and showed the same picture, but the words kept coming. So I quit that song and played more, but they started screwing up too (I remember Come As You Are screwed up). So I returned it and tried the new disc. It did the exact same thing, in the exact same part of 1985. Then a few weeks later, I was at my friend’s house playing her copy of Rocks. We played 1985, and what do you know, it went crazy in the same spot again! Whatever the glitch is, I think it’s master is in 1985.

  137. Caitlyn Says:

    I don’t know the model, but my PS2 was bought not long after they came out. It’s one of the chunky ones.

  138. Chelsea Says:

    I have the exact same problem, our Playstation 2 (slim) HATES Singstar Rocks! As soon as we bought it we had problems. We didnt bother taking it back as we thought it was one of those “one time” things.. Clearly not, it has continually skipped songs and frozen midway through them and on occasion it screams in a continual note. We have cleaned the disk, that helped get an additional 5 seconds into most of the songs.. But eh, still useless, and it is even worse when you have been playing it for a while and it gets over heated. So now it is just left lonely in the corner cuz no one wants to play it.. Sometimes it even freezes on the song selection screen. Not cool :(

  139. Ryan Says:

    Well I’m having a slightly more pressing issue than the rest of you guys–who allegedly work correctly at some point or another–mine were picked up to play the karaoke games (i.e. sing star, karaoke revolution, etc) and the games work great, all the way until the vocals are supposed to start. Then nothing. Tried 2 different USB readers on 2 different PS2 systems (one slim, the other original) and the mics will NOT work at all on any game whatsoever. WTF? I tried troubleshooting through Sony official and they gave me a nice circle jerk of useless information saying I’m doing something wrong…

    Right, because A going into B and B going into C under the the correct orientation is so slippin’ difficult.

    My only assumption (since the game still will go into the song even though i can’t sing) is that a fault in the microphones–BOTH from the same package. Haven’t had the opportunity to check with different mics yet.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Found a solution (more importantly)?

  140. STEPHIE Says:

    i am sooo glad i found this website! i thought i may have been the only one experiencing problems with Singstar Rocks!

    i am from Australia and have now been through 4 different discs from 2 different shops and all of them do the exact same thing- the freezing, jumping, video clip stopping but the vocal line still coming up on screen with no sound, freezing when you select on the menu and leaving a blank white screen for either a long period of time before the song starts or indefinitely, no music playing on the menu screen etc…

    okay, given i have purchased all secondhand copies- but i have checked everytime that the discs are not scratched and have been cleaned and clean them again and picked the best one the store has to offer….still no working game- and i have a few other secondhand singstar games and they all work perfectly- and some of them look in worse condition than the Singstar rocks!

    my model is a slimline bought back in 2005- it was actually in a singstar bundle where you got singstar pop, the mic and the console- the only real reason i bought my PS2 was for singstar!

    apparently, sony released a patch- a link was posted above- however the link has been removed- if ANYBODY could get me a link where it does come up or can help me please please reply to this! :( the tracklist is the best one and it would be such a bummer to not be able to get my hands on a copy that would actually let me play it :(

    my serial code is : FA2285394

  141. STEPHIE Says:

    OH! sorry -_- my model number is: SCPH-70002 whoops ^_^”

  142. Jeanne-Marie Says:

    Same issue with me, GameForce sent me 2 disks of Singstar Rocks with exactly the same kind of problems described above.
    My model number SCPH-9004, Serial number 2921493

  143. zandra Says:

    From South Africa. Same problem with Singstar Rocks. All are fine until we want to start a song.

  144. Bri Says:

    Hey, I had a ps2 slim: 750002
    All my singstar discs worked fine (80’s, Rock, abba, legends)
    That ps2 broke. Yesterday I got a “new” (pre owned) model no 770002 today I tried to play singstar but all but ABBA did not work(Abba is working fine) legends, 80’s, and rock! All worked-until you got to the songs to choose a song. They would not play when you hovered over them and if you selected it then it would not load and would simply have a white screen as if it were loading but wouldn’t load after 10 minutes- I restarted the slim ps2 numerous times with no success – I tried all discs again this afternoon with the same result.

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