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Nokia N82 appreciation usecase #1: The couch and the BBC World Service

September 29, 2008

Thanks to its FM tuner and the 3,5 mm audio jack, I can hook the N82 up to the stereo in the living room, sit back and listen to the BBC World Service (broadcast on “Alltid Nyheter” in the evening). No fuss, no software, no plugins, no radio, just the amplifier and a 3,5mm cable. I could of course also have just hooked up a headset and activated the internal speaker, but seeing as I have a great stereo system available there’s really no point.

This is the first post in a series I’ll use to outline the requirements for my next mobile phone. The N82 is now a year old, and I’d like to have a device with a nicer UI and larger screen, preferably a touchscreen. Believe it or not – there aren’t that many phones that offer that as well as the N82’s feature set.