Singstar Rocks! skips!

I got Singstar Rocks! in the mail yesterday, from BlahDVD. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with my disc – some tracks play just a few seconds before the music video stops playing. Others work until the end of the song. The notes and lyrics continue, but the video freezes and the sound loops. Apparently there’s a problem with accessing the information on the disc. Restarting the song, the game or the PS2 doesn’t help. The disc looks fine, and the PS2 doesn’t have any problems playing other (Singstar) discs.

In addition to having problems with some of the tracks (among them “Everybody’s Changing” and “My favourite game”), the menus are very slow in places, especially when starting the game. Before I get to the main menu there’s an approximately 30-second pause when the screen’s just white.

If someone has any good suggestions or has experienced this themselves, I’d appreciate it if you let me know. I’ve had problems with humidity and DVDs before, where just letting the discs “dry” made them work again, so I’m going to wait a few days before I return the disc to Blah DVD. Just in case it was stored in a very humid place somewhere during transport. Fingers crossed. (Yeah, I’m optimistic now, I know.)

The game itself is exactly like Singstar 80s, except the ping-pong mode is missing. There might be a few other minor differences as well that I haven’t noticed yet. I like the song selection quite a lot, and that’s what it boils down to; if you like the songs (and enjoy Singstar) you’ll like the game.


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  1. Margrethe Says:

    Singstar rocks!

    I hope the disk works fine now, because I’m looking forward to sing some rock songs soon:)

  2. Jon Are Says:

    “Singstar black metal”… Now THAT I would play.


  3. Jon Are Says:

    I’ve experienced buying broken CDs before, but not DVDs (not including DRM). Inspect the disc under a bright light – are there any small bubbles or other visible damage?

  4. Are Wold Says:

    Yeah, I took a close peak while holding it in front of the projector.. should be bright enough ;) It looks 100% good. I’m going to have another look at it after singing “Self Esteem” with Anders – but chances are I’ll try and get a refund or exchange it for a voucher or something and just head down to EBGames and buy it tomorrow. We need it on Saturday!

    I’d like SingStar 90s. Yeah!

  5. Jon Are Says:

    You already have “Vanilla Ice – Ice, ice baby”. What more could you want from the 90’s?

  6. Are Wold Says:

    How about everything on Absolute Music from 5 through 13? :D
    Pet Shop Boys with Go West, for a start! Take That! And lots lots more! Livin’ on a prayer!

  7. Ben Says:

    hey i brought the game at my local eb store here as well same problems mine gets to some points of songs and emits a high pitch noise instead of music or no music at all for the remainer of the song. i took it back today and replaced it and the new one does the same thing… u think playstation would test for bugs before a well advertise released they are doin in australia at the moment.. otherwise its my favourite disc yet if it doesnt stuff up randomly.

  8. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for letting us know, Ben! Let me know if you get another one that doesn’t work. Seems like someone really screwed up this one…

  9. Are about everything » Blog Archive » More SingStar Rocks! problems Says:

    […] A few days ago, I posted about my faulty SingStar Rocks PS2 disc. I thought I’d post an update, as I have been to my local EBGames and bought a new copy – which didn’t work. It had the same problems with the music video freezing, at exactly the same places in the songs. I went back and swapped it, and the disc has the exact same problems. […]

  10. Are Wold Says:

    I have written an update on the SingStar Rocks! problem.

  11. Ben Says:

    hey i went and switched my copy it had the same problem in the exact spot as the other one i went back into eb the next day and they got me one sent over from another eb store hoping that it was part of a different batch and i just played it then and it worked! finally!

  12. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks! I’m gonna go back to EBGames and try to swap one more time.

  13. Margrethes sted » Blog Archive » Singstar Says:

    […] Jeg har i den siste tiden fått helt dilla på Singstar. At jeg som egentlig ikke kan synge synes det er gøy å synge i mikrofon er veldig rart, men jeg synes altså det er utrolig gøy! Jeg har ikke Singstar selv så hver gang jeg er på besøk hos Are, Anders og Eivind blir playstation slått på og vi får synget litt. Heldigvis synes Are og Anders det er minst like gøy som meg, og til og med Eivind ble med å sang i helga:) I påsken ble Singstar rocks! lansert og Are kjøpte inn et eksemplar som vi skulle teste ut i helga. Jeg gledet meg veldig til å synge noen nye sanger, spesielt Coldplay og Cardigans, men da vi satte inn disken første gangen gikk ting veldig treigt og vi oppdaget snart at flere ting ikke virket som de burde. En del av sangene “hang” mot slutten, noen startet aldri mens andre heldigvis virket. Cd’en ble levert tilbake til forhandleren og vi fikk en ny kopi uten at det hjalp noe. Til nå har vi prøvd 3 forskjellige eksemplarer, og alle kræsjer på de samme stedene! Are har skrevet mer om dette på bloggen sin: Singstar Rocks! skips […]

  14. Ben Says:

    hey i tested out my copy last night and it worked then my brother went to play it this morning and the franz ferdinand song started stuffing up like the other disks, back to eb i go again!

  15. Are Wold Says:

    I swapped once more too, but I got the same problem. However, I tested the disc in another PS2, which handled it just fine. I found a guide on ArsTechnica on how to clean the PS2 and will write regular updates on this traumatic situation at a more recent post here. :) Please leave new comments there instead.

  16. Sean S Says:

    Yep, mine did the same thing. Took it back to the store and got an exchange. New disc dies in exactly the same places as the last one.

  17. Kahanamoku Says:

    Just adding another name to your list of unsatisfied singstar buyers… Mine did the same. and I tried it on 3 different PS2’s (Old and New Slim one)

  18. Are Wold Says:

    We actually took apart the PS2, cleaned it, adjusted the lens and cleaned the lens (using this guide from ArsTechnica). Although a few more songs are working now (moving the lens a little closer to the Rocks! disc helped a bit), Keane, the Cardigans and Queens of the Stone Age (+ a few more) still are not. I do know that my disc has worked in a different PS2 – will try in another unit today.

    I’m planning to give Sony Norway a call on Tuesday. They should do a reprint of the Rocks! discs, in my opinion.

  19. Are Wold Says:

    I have created a static page with a summery of what I know about this issue. Please let me know if you think something’s missing from it.

  20. pl Says:

    I have also purchased a copy of SingStar in Australia and can’t seem to get some of the songs to play :( Has anyone had any luck contacting Sony Australia?

  21. Ben Says:

    hey i ended up trying 4 discs all did a variety of errors i just gove up in the end and brought a xbox 360 haha umm did anyone have any luck id like to buy a working copy just for the sake of having all the signstar discs.

  22. Neil Says:

    I bought a copy from Tesco and had the same problems as you. I tried to take it back but they wouldn’t give me the money. Instead they gave me another copy to try because they didn’t believe that all of the discs are faulty because no-one else had tried to take it back. When the second disc didn’t work either they let me swap it for some CDs but still wouldn’t give the money back, despite me taking a print-out of your web-site along (I think I just looked geeky from that..)

    Hopefully if enough people try to take it back then Sony will have to do something about it. My PS2 is an SCPH-3003.

  23. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for posting. At this point, it seems that this issue isn’t common enough to be worth any kind of major attention from Sony. I’m still crossing my fingers – at least it sounded like Sony Australia is looking seriously into the matter.

    I’ve been asking the staff at the local EBGames about this issue now and then, and it seems I’ve been the only one they’ve met who has problems. Of course, shop staffers aren’t always in the business of being honest about faulty products either, so who knows…

  24. Ben Says:

    hey yeh i wanna buy the game again but im a bit hesitant yeh my local eb store said the same thing no one else had this problem only u the only reason they kept letting me swap it was cause i work in the shopping centre and they know me well. ive been thinkin of ringing sony and asking myself.. my ps2 is a slim line one 70002 the code i think

  25. Court Says:

    I’m not having a problem with the disc but i am having problems with the mic in the rock and popstar cds. the blue mic is more dominant than the red mic. red mic cuts in and out of songs…is anyoneelse experiencing mic problems? eb games are going to exchange with a new one as this one is only 3 days old.

  26. Are Wold Says:

    Haven’t had the problem you describe, Court. Hope you figure it out!

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