“Your CD key is not valid” – Battlefield 2 woes! [updated]

Right now I am seriously pissed off about EA, DICE and Battlefield 2. I installed the game under Windows Vista a few months back, but when trying to join a server, I was informed that “Your CD key is not valid”.

Update 24/05/07: Guess what? I installed Windows XP, went through the exact same troubleshooting as described below, and now the game works. It could be that the cause is something else, but it looks like a real possibility to me that there is a problem with Vista compatability and BF2. EAs techie did not mention Vista as a possible problem factor, so apparently, if Vista is the problem they are not aware of it. It would be great if you can post your experience below if you too have this problem.

Update 27/04/09: Guess what?! A friend of mine had this exact same problem – then managed to get around it by right-clicking Battlefield 2.exe and choosing “Run as administrator”. Haha!

Today I took the time to go and have a look at EA’s support site. It has two search functions on the front page, one of which does not work at all. The other one lead me to a page of frequent BF2 issues, and I found a few pages relevant to my problem.

The page told me to reinstall BF2 – so I uninstalled the game, and started the installation. At the end, Vista had a blue screen – I don’t know why. I thought it might be related to the DirectX 9.0c update program, but when I tried the installation again, it went fine.

I was instructed to install first BF2, then Special Forces, and then the patch. The not-so-helpful EA installer told me I did not have enough space for Special Forces on the first go, although I had 2,5 gb free. It did not specify how much I needed, but freed up more space, and the installation got going.

Having completed it, I started installing the patch. Of course, EAs patch installer requires you to have 2400 mb free on the drive (I figure that means the C drive – I was installing on the D drive, but that doesn’t make a difference). Although I had 2,7 gb free, the installer refused to do its work – so I had to free up more space.

All this took quite some time, as you can imagine. So I became angry when I completed the procedure, logged in to my BF2 account, tried to join a server, and… “Your CD key is not valid”.

EA / DICE: I am staying away from your games from now on. Bugs and these patching problems is a big part of the reason why I didn’t get BF 2142 or the “booster packs” for BF2, and you’ll have quite a challenge getting me back as a customer ever again. As a start, I hope you’ll do whatever it takes to “validate” my CD key, so I can play BF2.

And, finally, as a software developer, I have to say you should be ashamed of the amateurish installers/patchers you force upon your customers. When it would be a lot easier if you just released every patch as a zip file and let users fix things themselves… that’s when you know you have problems.


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  2. Mark Lidstone Says:

    Oh, the list of problems I’ve had with EA Link and the Battlefield games. I really sympathise with you.

    The “Invalid CD Key” thing seems to be a comletely random problem. It’s not a case of one particular thing causing it. I reintsalled XP twice exactly the same way and the first time it didn’t work and the second it did. The problem seems to be related to the direction the wind is blowing at the time you install ;)

    Even after all the problems I had with BF2, Punkbuster (don’t get me started), EA Link and BF2142, I still went out and bought Northern Strike. Luckily I’ve not had any problems since I got 2142 running.

    Anyway, sorry to not see you on the battlefield ;)

    If you decide to give 2142 a try, look me up (MexWave)

  3. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for the comment :)

    I’m curious – have you gotten the message “Your CD key is not valid” or “Invalid CD key”? It seems to me they are two different “failure scenarios” so to speak.

    Haven’t gotten around to 2142 – and I’m just a little bit too fed up with EA/DICE at this point to bother, which is a shame, because the game itself is probably great fun. I have had a few good rounds with BF2 since I got it running again though. Even with complete strangers, teamplay can actually work and be fun with the commander+squads system – it’s great :)

    Hopefully they will dump the entire installer/menu/patching-system for BF3 and start from scratch.

  4. Cana Says:

    i agree with you guys. I had BF2 on a PC, bought a new one, installed its, patched it, and run it. and when i try to play online the message appears “your cd key in not valid”. fantastic, i registered once, and looged in to let EA i am the same person who was using it before. and nothing, coolest thing is, the exact cd key that i have and put in the installation and in the “Battlefield2 code.exe” file is the same one that appears on their webpage where the have my data of games i’ve registered

  5. costa Says:

    got the same “cd-key not valid”. I was running bf2 on vista for some time and all of a sudden a week ago that happened. Unistalled and reinstalled 3 time as per ea but nothing. Wtf is happening?

  6. Mair Says:

    Had a same problem u just have to reinstall patch1.41, anyway whenever u want to reinstall game the problem comes back. I got now game uninstalled after installing all contents and patch it says again YourCDkey is not valid, anyway im freeing up some D drive space to get my game installed , nice work EA&Dice cant u make it little easier to people???

  7. Morte Says:

    Getting the same thing here after having had my BF2 sitting untouched in a box for about 6 months, I install, put patch 1.42 in, and I’m getting “Your CD-key is not valid” when trying to connect to internet servers – WTF?
    I re-entered the CD-key with the EA Support tool Battlefield 2_code.exe

  8. Morte Says:

    Woohoo! Fixed!
    Check this thread out:

    apparently fixed by editing registry, /HKLM/SOFTWARE/Electronic Arts/EA Games/Battlefield 2/ergc adding x9392 in front of your valid CD key

  9. abdulla Says:

    key battlefiled 2

  10. Denozavr Battlefield Says:

    Battlefield 2 – old game…
    Battlefield: Bad Company – the best game 2008! Really cool game…

  11. jojoserven Says:

    can anyone tell me why my copy of bf2 won’t work on vista at all it looks like it wants to load then it wil just go back to my desktop

  12. killkid Says:

    its the patch not vista

  13. Chris Says:

    Yes, this works: apparently fixed by editing registry, /HKLM/SOFTWARE/Electronic Arts/EA Games/Battlefield 2/ergc adding x9392 in front of your valid CD key

    I never reinstall games after I reinstall windows, I just backup “Electronic Arts” registry entries.

    To the above: BF2 and BF2142 both work fine on Vista.

  14. mattias Says:

    well.. i’ve just recived a new computer and it got windows vista home premium.. i installed bf2 patched i up and i got the same message as you guys.. “Your CD-key is not valid” so i reinstalled it and tried to join a server with version 1 and it worked.. so apperently it works without patching. but it would be great if theres a way to patch it up to v1.41 on vista. btw i’ve already tried to change the cdkey in the registry but i get the same message each time.

    should you write it like this: x9392xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
    or: x9392xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    the one who knows how to write.. please mail me. tnx

  15. mattias Says:

    nvm.. i solved the problem now.. the answer is

    x9392xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and not with the (-)

    tnx for the help, cya on the field!

  16. [360kil]Vik Says:

    but where do we input the new CD key what file because i dont know where to..
    im so annoyed EA are stupid, they should have seen this coming.

    where do we write x9392xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

    please help =]

  17. [360kil]Vik Says:

    i went to the registry, i’ve got that problem out of the way, but it doesn’t work it says:
    cannot edit: error writing the value’s new contents.
    i don’t know why?!
    please someone help before i lose it. lol


    e-mail me at vikeshbhai8@hotmail.co.uk

  18. tiger4life Says:

    Atleast you boys get that far….im using vista and it dosent even install…
    it gets to the 4th cd and then comes up “File error F:\data5.cab 1117″….

    i dont understand its new straight out of the box into the computer…is the cd fukd or does it just not work on vista?? anyone?

    email me at vidi89@hotmail.com

  19. EreWeGo Says:

    [360kil]Vik – do you have Administrative rights on your computer? It sounds like a premissions issue…

    Try right-clicking on the registry key and checking the assigned permissions…

  20. Leonardo Says:


    I solved the problem here. I am on a Vista Business + BF2 + Patch 1.4

    The problem is that you dont have enough permission as a administrator mode to acess OS.

    right -click on the link, or on the bf2 program icon then check execute as administrator.

    Its working nice here now.

  21. ben Says:

    hey guys

    i play bf2 its fukin mint game, but all the bug piss me off so much!!!!!!!!

    i bought sf about $50 ive had it for 3mounths and i havent even played it online yet!!!!!!!

    it says my cd key is invaled

    EA you have no idea how pissed of i am

    how do i fix it?????? anyone know email me


  22. benisdumb Says:

    read the posts above you ben you fucking knob.

  23. chezhead Says:

    When I try to edit the registry, I go to the file you are supposed to enter the x9392 in, and there are a ton of numbers there. Is it only supposed to be my cd key that goes there? Or is the key supposed to be in the mix of numbers? Please email with an answer. I appreciate it.

  24. mr.woodcock Says:

    same problem some of u have :ihave vista ,not valid cd key.
    wher do i re-enter the cd key!? with out re-instaling

  25. Scott Says:

    I have the CD-key problem and i’ve tried to change the registry but there is an error that says, “ERROR: ERROR WRITING THE VALUES NEW CONTENTS.” I am an admin on my computer and i’m on vista. what should I do anything will help.


  26. Neorazak Says:

    I have XP and have the invalid cd key problem, and they told me to create a new administrator priviliged account on my computer and install on that. WTH. Why should I have to do that when it’s their fault. I pay for it and then have to further inconvenience myself because they won’t make it right and give refunds. EA will never see another dime from me ever!

  27. Yoid Says:

    your code has been used already (on my old computer) now on new computer this code? any help would be cool

  28. Denis Says:

    hi i took my friends Battlefield 2 game and installed it. I didnt have the key to play it so i went on the internet to look for a keygen i found one and it provided me with serial number (CD key ) I put it in and it worked fine. After a couple hours of playing the game I decided to download the latest patch. I think it was 1.41. After i downloaded it and installed the patch i turned on the game to play online and like you guys above i had the same problem. Its said “Your CD-Key is not Valid”. I tryed the “regedit” procedure, and the typed in x9392xxxxxxxxxxx and it still didnt work. Where you see the “xxxxxx’s” I put my keygen generated key. Once again i ran the game but still it sais “your cd-key is nit valid”.

    Any people who are playing this game without their original CD key, but a keygen generated CD key. Is it working for you? Or is this just me…

    Let me know. Thank you.

  29. darryl Says:

    hey denis where did you get the keygen for this game? i got caught with a hack so my cd key has been banned permanently

    could you email me the details bro? gomezboxing@hotmail.com


  30. darryl Says:

    BTW people on this thread…. it actually sounds like your CD key has been stolen or duplicated. once a CD key has been used then EA locks it out of certain servers, but not all.

    i know this because i used a friends copy as well as his CD key and about 90 percent of the servers i tried said “Invalid CD Key/ Duplicate CD key”

    • derin1 Says:

      It seems like EA only locked mine out of MY OWN DEDICATED SERVER.All others are playable but are bound to crash right when I am about to snipe a camping general or capture a flag.

  31. luan Says:

    tung jeni shum bossa

  32. sam Says:

    hi, same problem here but different, i playe battlefield like a year now, connecting today and “wrong cd key” so i removed the game and reinstalled (thought it was a glitch) and after installing it, it just wont start up anymore….. i click at the bf2 symbol, i tried everything, even reinstalled 4 times, just when i click the icon, my screen turns black and my system blocks, or it starts it gets black and then returns to desktop, please tell me whats the problem, i’m getting nuts of it :P


  33. vitalik Says:

    i just need used cdkey .. anyone?

  34. TD Says:

    WOWd are you kidding me that I can use my CD key only once? I used it on my PC and it crashed so I had to reformat it and after I reinstalled it, I cant get on cause of the CD key error just WOW

  35. Finch Says:

    i just moved in with a friend of mine and i we’ve seen to have lost my instruction manual with the cd/serial key, is there anywhere i can get one?
    please help me out,


  36. dehande Says:

    HEY I noticed that the cd key needs to be typed in CAPS. (but not the x9392 part) It took me a few hours to realize that. I was having all of the above issuess. I can get in now.

  37. witkip Says:

    Do we have to change the file standard in the ergc folder to x9392xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or something else, because It’s not working over here -.-

  38. Pizu Says:

    I have just installed BF 2142 and i cannot register it! …. didn’t even did any patches yet… telling me invalid CD Key. any ideas?

  39. Sessh Says:

    I have tried all this and still doesn’t work i did this (x9392xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) i did Run as Administrator too and still doesn’t work wtf is wrong with this shit fucking EA games. Geez

  40. sidh Says:

    aah! wtf!! EA sports followed all fixes eg–>x9392 i get same error after i update my patch “Your Cd key is not valid”
    ppl dont waste ur time doing x9392 itts a big shit :/ EA games MP sux… 100 times better activision lol

  41. sidh Says:

    i got its solution yuuhooo uninstall n replce ur game tht sit lol …. nmo soln i made myy hard drive crash becoz of this MP shit .. NO USE TIME WASTAGE still if sme1 can tell oder then x9392 thing.. anticipiated lol

  42. sidh Says:

    still EA is aware of this problem still its not releasing any fix for his problm omg game is COOOl but support is totally poor sorry to say EA games thou ur games r pretty awsm

  43. Joe Says:

    Ok how do uget it to work but put in simple form plz. i reinstalled it like 2 times but it keeps sayin cd code is invalid and im pissed off wat do i do ????

  44. steven Says:

    im kicked out of my house and have no internet connection. i want to network my bros laptop with me and we play bf2. so im gonna try this “editing thing and see what happens. LOL im not on the internet and im kinda the owner of both machines since were all in the family. thanks

  45. Josh_sg1 Says:


  46. aby Says:

    same problem, except i can connect to online servers just fine when patch 1.41 is not installed. Once i install the patch though, i keep getting the ‘cd-key invalid’ bullshit.

    i think there might be some bug in the patch itself. now that would be an irony.

  47. Daniel Says:

    You guys are fucking idiots seriously, ALL KEYGENS DO NOT WORK!

    If you got the game from a torrent then the best you will get is single player.
    You need a LEGIT game to play online. Nuff said!
    CD cracks WILL NOT WORK the best you will get is SINGLEPLAYER

    Everyone if your a faggoty noob using a keygen from a torrent or some other GAY website you’ll get the “Invalid Cd Key” message every single time.

    I actually bought this game, its not expensive noobs..
    Get a life D0N7-5734L-G4M35-Y0U-F4GG0T5

  48. Blackfearair Says:

    Hy everyone, i have almost the same problem as you guys do!!

    I install my legit version of battlefield 2, i run it online (no patch, it work)
    I patch it with 1.41, i go online and a box that appears banns me from all, i repeat all servers.

    I tried sending a copy off my book and dvd case to ea and they just say that I have to buy the game again but that is just outreageous!!!! :(

    I also tried the regedit thing and I can’t find the file that everyone is talking about, could this be becaus I am running bf2 on vista ultimate??

    I really need some help out here!!

    BF2 is my favorite online game

    Please send some help to duo_koen__l@hotmail.com if you know something more about this problem or how to solve it!!

    Thanx in advance

  49. Maestro Says:

    I agree, the game was like $30 for all the booster packs and special forces all on one convenient DVD-ROM package. If u guys weren’t out hunting for keys and warez, this thread wouldn’t even exist, because there would be no need for cd-keys….

    As a side question…you guys got me worried about this ‘only accepts the key once/XP to Vista with same copy wont work’ stuff’. I’ve always assumed, since I’m a legit customer, that there would be no probs putting the copy I put on XP on Vista. Has anyone installed it on XP then Vista, using the same copy and key and NOT had any problems?? If not thats just rediculous..but this IS EA were talking about..not exactly the world’s friendliest and personal company.

  50. Blackfearair Says:

    Well Maestro, i have installed the game on my game pc (no internet connection with O/S XP)
    Than I installed it on my laptop (vista) and patched it up to 1.41 and now i have the problem about this invalid cd-key, and I used the original from the back of my book. I wanted to play online with my laptop becaus i want to keep my game pc free from virusses and cookies.
    I used to go online at a friends house but never on my laptop, now that i want to do so i only get the message “invalid cd-key error”.

  51. lee Says:

    i have downloaded all the update but im stiil not able to join on any servers because it says i dont have ea link waht can i do??

  52. Jackson Says:

    I have every single battlefield on my laptop and I have Vista. So it’s not a compatibility issue.

  53. james Bennet Says:

    I contacted it after getting the error on xp. Its a registry issue. Changing your username or deleting your user account and making a new one will cause the error.

  54. Blackfearair Says:

    so if i would make a new useraccount i wouldn’t get the invalid cd key error anymore?? :-( I had a high rank!!

  55. Blackfearair Says:

    Well jackson, that’s the strange thing about it. I also have a lot of maps for single player.

    when i play a single player map, the game runs as normal.
    but when i play (used) to play online, it flashes back to the desktop and i get no error from vista that bf2 doesn’t respond??

    I’m starting to hate this mess!!!

  56. Tim Got Loose Says:

    Hi my friend gave me the bf2 game to install he said that i”ll will have to get my own cd key so i just got a pirated one from the iternet. after a moth of using i got bored and wanted to play online so i bought a new unused cd key before i bought it i had another pirate key that works online and then when i installed the 1.41 patch i go to play online and i get “your cd-key is invalid” so thats when i got a new cd key and used every method to change it but still got the “your cd key is invalid” so i thought that the guy sent me a bad key and so he sends me another one and that didn’t work and then he sent me a third what also didn’t work and rthen i got a refund and went to ebay and bought one off them wat i also got “you cd key is invalid” i know that it is unlikly to get 4 bad keys so i know that its somwthing that im doing wrong can somebody help my email address is: thill114@hotmail.com (Ps: If you solve my prob i’ll give you one of the 4 cd keys free)

  57. Tim Got Loose Says:

    i forgot to add, send answers to thill114@hotmail.com

    Thanks Tim

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  59. slydog Says:

    bf2 invailid cd with vista left click start type run in search push enter push ok in redigit continue then right click modify

  60. optimus0290 Says:

    hey guys i have the same problem. EA sucks! i wasted 30$ over this.
    when i try to add x9392 thing there are a lot of numbers in front of x9392
    please help guys . i am running on patch 1.41. Windows xp

  61. Blackfearair Says:

    Well optimus, i tried that too, it seems like there is always a different solution for every person.
    One got it working with this method, one with another so…

    I’m still looking for my way to ditch this prob!!!

  62. Dave Says:

    This sux i really wana play online as i have gotten bored with singleplayer, and yes i have a lagit key, so im pissed that this thing keeps coming up, im about to say fuck EA games for good, as this is just a small problem that alot of ppl are having and of coarse they dont give 2 shits. all they care about is the money there rolling in,

  63. tim Says:

    if you can not change your cd key just reinstall the game with the disk and put on the patch. If you find theres a lot more numbers in front of x9392 it is because you have installed a patch. If you want a copy of the disk i can probley try and store it on the internet just ask me

    Thanks Tim

  64. playgig3 Says:

    The cd key its not activated at gamespy that why its the message ” CD-key not valid “.Believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Say that to them!!!!!!!!!
    And it will be fixed in notime!!!!

  65. playgig3 Says:

    Y did same thing and now it worck’s.
    Same thing hapend to my.
    Sorry for my english.

  66. playgig3 Says:

    Still y have one question as follows:
    Y recieve message ” connection to the server has been lost ”
    Y have broadband 4 Mb.
    Why its that hapend to my??????????????????

  67. Blackfearair Says:

    Ehm, how do I have to get my CD-Key activated at gamespy??

  68. LOLNoobs Says:

    Ok, this worked for me. I don’t know if it will work for you. I will explain this in the noob way, step by step.
    Vista Only:
    1) Go into the folder which contains battlefield 2 ex: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2

    2) Right click on the BF2.exe icon

    3) Choose run as administrator

    Note: when you run this game as administrator you must create a new acount

    Austa Lavista

  69. SCRN Says:

    I had this problem 2 when I updated my Service Pack 2 XP into Service Pack 3

  70. Strange_Objective Says:

    LOLNoobs, by Gandhi, your strategy worked!

    I bid my thanks to you good sir!

    Now that I have online, I have to get past the failing horribly part…

  71. Blackfearair Says:

    I get online. the only problem is that gamspy rejects my connection after a minute >.<

  72. WaLkInStIcK Says:

    Ok so my friend had the same exact problem as you guys…. Vista and all that crap……… after installing it with the patch and setting it to administrator it still didnt work………. But after you do the x9392. it worked…. first it didnt work because it was in lower case.. but after you capitalize it then it should work fine…….

  73. Blackfearair Says:

    ^^ Yesh, lemme try that out ! :D

  74. Caferlos Says:

    So, this is really anoying… I’m already pissed off with E fuc’#@ A games…

    WTF??? like I got it 4 free… like we all don’t have anything better to do in our lives than try to solve this fuc’@;# issue with this fuc@~: game… I’m fed up of this sh;t. and off course of the fuc@~ing support from E&fA the explanations in the “support” page are useless.

  75. LOLNoobs Says:

    Just right click and run as administrator and IT WORKS!

  76. Blackfearair Says:

    Nope, it doesn’t work for me D:

    Guess its back to modding and running all kinds of scripts =(

  77. ShadowAssassin Says:

    I clicked on administrator but i need a password. The thing is, i dont know wat the password is…can anyone help me?

  78. Strange_Objective Says:


    Once more…


  79. Ali Says:

    Sheesh i bought this game for 40 buckz wen it came out. I installed it on a old computer (it has XP) with no update and it worked. Then when 1.41 came out i installed it i got CD-Key invalid error. So i erased everything from that computer and sold it. Then i bought a new XPS with vista with a 8800gt blah blah b lah. So it workd with original retail version but with 1.41 it dun wurk

  80. Extremely_puzzled Says:

    I bought Battle Field 2 completely legaly a few months back, I lost the little manual,tenthe computer crashed, spent a month computer shopping, got a new hp coputer w/ windows Vista Home Premuim, and now it doesnt work (I admit i searched the web for a cracked cd-key) i have unistalled and re-insalled at least 3 times, and every time i try to go online i am rejectd w/ a “your cd-key is not valid” messge…i need help!!(im to cheap to go buy another $10 copy if it’ll do the same thing)plz respond soon!

  81. Kyle Says:

    I did the x9392 thing. I did everything correct and went to play. The server loaded and as I hit “join game” it kicks me out of the server to the server list with the message “this server only allows unmodified versions of the game. Please return your battlefield 2 to its original content”. However, this is the ONLY thing I have modified! Nothing else. I just reinstalled the game so it is simply vanilla with that CD key put in. Nobody has ever posted anything about this… but I doubt I can be the only one with this occurence.

  82. Kerus3 Says:

    LoL ,it’s really easy guys … READ ON YOUR CDCASE: O/S Windows XP (32-bit) WITH ADMINRIGHTS :) or else you just get tht cdkey -”thingie”
    Don’t feel stupid ^^ I did the same mistake (♥_♥)
    I play on Windows Vista so don’t care about O/S requirements..

  83. Extremely_puzzled Says:

    I did the run as admin. thing, but it doesn’t work.ciukd any 1 help me?And Kerus- that may work for windows xp but not Vista.(so i think you should be feeling stupid right now)

  84. dalebf2sniper Says:

    i have had simular problems it was ok with xp then went to vista and had problems.Heres what i found very funny i spent 200 on xp. it was ok. i spent 300 on vista it sucked. I ordered a free copy of linux ubuntu and downloaded wine (kinda like a emulator but better) installed bf2 runs better with graphics up and everything runs smoother and easier. its great.

  85. Rhys Says:

    Errors. I installed the game then I went into regedit (type it into vista start bar or with run) then I went into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Battlefield 2\ergc\ then I saw my file their (default) And it said x9392 then all these numbers like 112335452456787394587 so I changed it to x9392 then my serial in capitals and It works. I have vista and you have to run the game in administator or it will not work. I also had to go into my special forces folder\ergc\ and do the same steps. Yes if you have the legal version like me, you can actually mount a battlefield 2 mini iso (for me cd) into daemon tools from gamecopy world and it will play online without the disk.

  86. rainking Says:

    Hi, as per above post i had the same issue on vista – i followed the regedit fix and put the key in CAPS and it works fine now. what a hassle……:)

  87. quantum soup Says:

    Running vista and was getting the same cd-key problem. The the regedit did the trick. Caps made all the difference. Thanks everyone.

  88. f-18hornet Says:

    this game is a fuckin game and has alot of bugs and problems

    hey you guys who trying to buy it, don’t be fooled by it’s amazing graphics and gameplay and videos cuz there is (amazing) problems into this piece of bugs and probs.

    EA and dice sucks and don’t have any idea about how to make a game

    the only have ideas about how to make you crazy!!!!

  89. gunsman49 Says:

    Hey guys, this works for me most of the times, but when you are gonna login, delete your online account, yes…DELETE IT. then delete all other accounts. Close and re open the game and it should give you an option of either singleplayer or multi. player. click on multi. player and agree to the terms. then instead of creating a new online account, click on retrieve account, and retrieve it. then click on your account once retrieved or it might just automaticly log in for you. And there you go, it should work for another coulple of days. Let me say that if this works for you, but you have to do it every other day, just do it. This game gets you pissed off so bad that 2 minutes on the side will make your day better- hope this works and see yall on the field—

  90. gunsman49 Says:

    hey um, that post i put on here erlyer might not work actually. it worked for me most of the time, but know its not working at all but still i hope it works for you–

  91. NightHawk Says:

    ugh i tried everything that was on this post, nothing works.

  92. Etoc Says:

    I’m running a MacBook Pro w/ OS 10.5.5 and I get the same Invalid CD Key right out of the box and zero help from support. Here are the numbers I found online for EA’s Headquarters. Start calling them-that’s what I’m going to do.

    General: 650.571.7171
    Support: 650.572.2787

  93. Me Says:

    This worked for me:
    editing registry, /HKLM/SOFTWARE/Electronic Arts/EA Games/Battlefield 2/ergc adding x9392 in front of your valid CD key

  94. thunder Says:

    after installing one of the pachs for bf2 this will hapin try this link worked for me and it will work for you too http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=1430148 all you need to fix the key is right thare have fun gameing take care thunder

  95. thunder Says:

    1. Start off 4 = BF2

    2. Open regedit ( start > run > regedit)

    3. Go to HKLM\Software\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Battlefield 2\ergc

    4. If yours was like mine, you will see that the entry is nothing like your CD Key.

    5. Delete everything “AFTER” the “x9392” and input your “CD Key” for BF2. (x9232CDKEYHERE)….
    ……Do not put in the dashes.

    6. close & reboot; then, installed patch; again,>>> checked RegEdit on this just to make sure
    before attempting to get into multiplayer-Game-play……..
    (maybe even reboot first….)

    7. THEN, after BF2 is up and working OK….Install BF2:Special Forces. After the installation,
    ensure it is in the RegEdit, also…..HKLM\Software\Electronic Arts\EA Games\
    Battlefield 2 Special Forces\ergc………CD Key for SF without dashes.

    8. Install the “patch” >>>>yes again ! ! …….and also check out the cd key in RegEdit
    for both, again…..( just to make sure and all ) ! !


    It worked perfect for me.
    Thankx Bman212121 u rock!.

    I’m just not sure what Bman212121 meant in the first step, “1. Start off 4 = BF2”. But just imagine Bman212121 said the following,

    1. Start off by exiting BF2.

    2. Open regedit ( start > run > regedit)

    3. Go to HKLM\Software\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Battlefield 2\ergc

    4. If yours was like mine, you will see that the entry is nothing like your CD Key.

    5. Delete everything “AFTER” the “x9392” and input your “CD Key” for BF2. (x9232CDKEYHERE)….
    ……Do not put in the dashes.

    6. close & reboot; then, installed patch; again,>>> checked RegEdit on this just to make sure
    before attempting to get into multiplayer-Game-play……..
    (maybe even reboot first….)

    7. THEN, after BF2 is up and working OK….Install BF2:Special Forces. After the installation,
    ensure it is in the RegEdit, also…..HKLM\Software\Electronic Arts\EA Games\
    Battlefield 2 Special Forces\ergc………CD Key for SF without dashes.

    8. Install the “patch” >>>>yes again ! ! …….and also check out the cd key in RegEdit
    for both, again…..( just to make sure and all ) ! !


    NOTE: I went as far as Step 6, therefore I suggest anyone with the “Invalid CD-key” problem do the same. But after I follow steps seven and eight I’m sure it will work fine.f

  96. Matt Says:

    Yeah, I have Vista too and it used to work fine but then i downloaded the 1.41 patch and a few weeks later i got the same thing. So i Re-installed and it still did the same thing. Its really F’ing me off so if u find a way tell me!

  97. lordcthulhu Says:

    As probably has been mentioned before, I don’t think the “fix” mentioned before will help gain players entry into ranked servers…sure, you can play unranked servers, but wheres the fun in that? If I’m wrong here please correct me, because this problems annoying the crap out of me!!!

  98. Man Says:

    Hey well guys i know this site is for Warcraft III but it still changes your CD key if that’s your guy’s problem quite simple actually

  99. Man Says:

    Heres the link http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/blizzardwc3

  100. slackah Says:

    Hey. I had the same broblem with Battlefield 2. “Your CD-key is not valid.”
    Here’s how I fixed the problem: I unistalled the game, GameSpy Arcade, profiles, screenshots etc. After uninstalling them, I installed the game and GameSpy Arcade. After that, I registered the game on EA website, made a new BF2 profile and made a GameSpy Arcade account. After that, I run the program as an adminstrator. Voila! It works! W00t! I don’t know why and how this worked, but hey, who cares? Maybe it’s the profile bugging or something? W/E. Hope this helps you out. See ya ppl on the field.
    – slackah

  101. slackah Says:

    Oh yeah, and download the patch 1.41 and update PB (punkbuster)!

  102. M4GNUM Says:

    I’ve been wrestling with this issues for over 8 hours. I lost count of how many times I had to reinstall BF2 and the patch. I’m also a vista user and the solution I found was the same as LOLNoobs. I tried everything from reinstalling to changing the registry key. If none of that works for you (just like me), run your BF2.exe as administrator and you MUST create a new account to be able to play online. I know it pisses me off too.

  103. Andre_SK Says:

    I am vista and normaly wen I am playing from time to time its simply crash and quits the game, does it happen to any of you??? If anyone knows how to stop that please tell me!!!

  104. Chadlius20 Says:

    This is a Microsoft hotfix for vista compatability with many games including battlefield 2. It worked for me and I hope it’ll work for all of you. Good luck.

  105. vetalx Says:

    want a fee bf2 not used cd-key? or a cd-key for bf2:sf? contact me via msn sten1001@hot.ee

  106. cornchip Says:

    I started playing BF2 in 2005. It is still the best game I have played, however, all this extra bagage that goes along with it is not worth it. I loaded it on Vista, patched with 1.41, and get same message “cd key not valid”. How do they get away with this after I have payed for my cd? I(t also appears that EA could care less as long as they have our money. No more EA games for me.

  107. DanBolivar Says:

    I had the same problem.

    I recently got a new system with Vista Premium… So I decided to go back to the game and bought it again. this time the complete Battle set with all 4 BF2 expansions. Everything installed OK after I turned off UAC… anyway
    The game ran great___but___ I couldn’t log on to any servers for multiplayer.

    I e-mailed EA and they replied in less than 12 hours with the changes that needed to be made in the registry. I carefully followed their instructions to do the “x9232CDKEYHERE” thing.. to no avail. I was able to log on once or twice before this retro-game started telling me again that my cd key was invalid.

    I took a couple of screenshots as proof and went straight back to Best-buy and returned the game. NO ONE is going to rob me of my hard earned cash, regardless of how little I paid for the game.

    Besides, it’s not like there aren’t other GREAT multiplayer shooters… I don’t need the hassle.

    • Madluke Says:

      I don’t think that supposed x9392 thing works TBH. Temporarily maybe, but for me it did not work at all.

  108. birdhunter30 Says:

    I have been playing BF2 on my vista for 6 months now and when I reformatted my computer, reinstalled everything including the game I am now getting the “CD key” error message as well. I am not happy that EA has not done something to keep their customers happy. Hopefully a new patch will have this fix in it.

  109. Zuão Says:

    You need to have the lastest PunkBuster in order to run BF2 Online
    If you re-installed BF2 after formating you pc, and this error occured, it means that PB can’t update by itself.

  110. james Says:

    FINAL SOLUTION!!!: GET A NEW CD KEY FROM EA SUPPORT!!! btw i had to go in this thread to find that out, ea support really REALLY sucks d1(k

  111. Siszo Says:

    Hey I cant play online if I have a keygen key?
    Any solution for it too?

  112. Paul Says:

    I updated my OS and now i can’t play BF2 because i already used my CD code.

    What can I do?

  113. power noob Says:

    hey lady’s i reckon i have the fix to this, well its worked on my vista home 32bit anyway…. if you have tried all other ways that peeps have suggested and it don’t work then try this…. find your punkbuster auto update application (like the one you would use for call of duty for example) and go into the add games tab and add bf2 (which ever copy you own, whether it 2145, Vietnam etc…) and once it has been added, use the update tab to update the punk b for the game and then close it and go try your game again and if you pc is like mine, hey presto it works…… no cd key problems to be seen anywhere…… hope it helps…..

  114. Boy39 Says:

    It’s interesting, because just like nenne, Japanese shares this with Hindi. ,

  115. leo Says:

    this is crap

  116. leo Says:

    give me the code god dame it

  117. leo Says:


  118. chris Says:


  119. Thomson85 Says:

    Thanks your post helped me solve the problem.

  120. blah2355 Says:

    well my friend found this awesome mod for single player/multi (not sure if mp works) it’s called AIX, http://aixtended.com/ , it’s a really cool mod, go check it out and read about the features

  121. Madluke Says:

    I have had so many problems with Battlefield games that if i didn’t absolutely love them, i would begina a campaig of total annihilation on every disk worldwide lol. I have been having this pathetic CD Key problem, and it is taken me ages to sort out. I have had numerous problems through the years with it too.

    In fact in the 4-5 years i believe i have been playing it, i havn’t downloaded a single patch without some small problem at least. I guess they just don’t do enough testing. So stupid, and most of all just plain annoying.

  122. Dev Says:

    Hi All, I have downloaded the BFBC2 from the torrentz site…. now i am not able to get the Serial Number for initialization/instalation of the game… Pls Help!

  123. Dev Says:

    The above problem has got solved by refering the loop..

    Now its again a new problem…..

    Whenever I start the game i.e. BFBC2.exe it says program error… Send error report….

    Now what to do for this……………

  124. Paul Says:

    Okay you guys. Of course like so on i had the the same problem with the it saying its invalid. But you’re all talking about buying it off a cd. I for instance though bought if off Steam, downloaded it, installed and played it online. THATS RIGHT! i fricken played it online and it worked for me the first couple times but now its not. My question is: For people who bought Battlefeild 2 off Steam…what can they do to fix it?

  125. jo Says:

    fu** you EA/DICE, waste of my time!
    My brother got this for me, if i knew it was a piece of trash I wouldn’t of let him buy this sh*t for me. Sure I can waste a couple hours trying to make the key work but that’s the whole point of your install fu** shits!
    Not buying any more games from you when I can buy other stuff that actually works the first time around. Take this key up your sh*ter a**holes.

  126. VIneFynn Says:

    I have Windows 7, and when I used to have XP, I fixed the same problem with Special Forces (luckily only with special forces) with the regedit fix. However, with Win 7 the registry entry doesn’t exist. There isn’t one at all. :P

  127. VIneFynn Says:

    Reply with fix

  128. BF2 Fan Says:

    I have bf2 patch 1.5 and When I go to play online servers and When I chose a server it says “Your CD key is not valid” WTF how Tooooo FIX THIS PROBLEMM PLZZ … EMAIL: eduard_1.111 @ hotmail.com

  129. kevin Says:

    O M G i got it working by running as adminstator

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