Configuring W800i as a GPRS modem in Windows

Using the Sony Ericsson W800i as a GPRS modem for your computer is really simple – if you know a few key things. These proved troublesome to figure out online, so I’ve put them here in the hope that anyone else with the same problem will find this and save an hour of googling.

First, you have to set up a data communication profile on your mobile phone. Settings -> Communication -> Data communications -> Data accounts -> New account. Choose GPRS-data. Give the account some reasonable name. Now you will enter the name of the APN; this depends on which mobile operator you use. I use Norwegian Telenor, and my “APN-name” is “internet”. At the time of writing, the corresponding setting for Netcom users in Norway is “”. Now save the profile. Select it in the list, and find the external ID by choosing More -> Account information. This ID is used when we set up a dial-up connection in Windows.

In Windows XP, enter the Start menu -> Settings -> Control Panel. Enter the Network Connections category. Start the New Connection Wizard. Click Next. Select Connect to the Internet and click Next. Select Set up my connection manually. Click Next. Select Connect using a dial-up modem. Neeext. Enter some reasonable name for the connection. Next. Now, this is where I ran into trouble – I couldn’t figure out what the correct “phone number” should be. Turns out it looks like this:


In other words, if the external ID was 6, this would be


Click Next. The username and password probably varies among operators, some might not require any. With Telenor, I used my phone number as both username and password. Whether or not you want this connection to be the default connection etc is up to you, but probably unlikely :) Click Next – and you should be done.

Hope this was helpful to you. Drop me a line if you made use of this or couldn’t make it work, and take a look at the link below, it might have the settings for your phone. You can contact me at: arew at

Useful links:
Thread from the Opera forums on the internet / GPRS settings used on various phones


21 Responses to “Configuring W800i as a GPRS modem in Windows”

  1. touseef Says:

    hey dude if u stil having problem try 1 in place of external id coz i did so nd it worked succesfully. hope the same with u.

  2. JAK Says:

    Try this page for more general information (and an alternative setup).
    Many thanks for writing up your great work Are. Got me going in a jiffy and will impress the pants off a whole bunch of people!

    (Sorry about posting it under ‘About me’ as well…)

  3. Are Wold Says:

    No worries, JAK, I removed the duplicate comment. And thanks for your tip & kind words!

  4. Vikky Says:

    Hi, thx dude. I was searching for this information on many stupid sites. and one more thing is this “the_external_id_from_earlier” is any number by our convenience?
    Good work, keep going……..


  5. Are Wold Says:

    That’s the External ID I refer to a couple of paragraphs earlier. Sorry for the late response.

  6. Andreas Says:

    Great info!

  7. graham Says:

    Thanks! Just the information I was missing. I have a K750i, and it works same as above… I just needed that external ID and all works dreamlike :) .

  8. gaBû Says:


  9. jonie Says:

    Thanks for this info. I just did it if this post appears than it is working ;-)


  10. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for leaving your comments! Appreciated!

  11. Andreas Says:

    Hey there! Thanks a lot. The number was, what was bugging me! Keep rocking!

  12. Julian Says:

    Hello, I found some interesting information:

    +#Shortcut:Network Name:APN Name:Username:Password
    +uk:Vodafone UK:internet:web:web
    +d2:Vodafone Germany (Corporate)
    +gr:Vodafone Greece:internet::
    +nz:Vodafone New
    +mt:Vodafone Malta:internet:internet:internet
    +za:Vodacom SA:internet::
    +fi:Elisa Finland:internet::
    +dk:TDC Mobil:internet::
    +bh:MTC Bahrain:internet:internet:internet
    +kw:MTC Kuwait:apn01::
    +ee:Elisa Estonia:internet::

    by the way

    For the Internet connection in Austria, A1, Mobilkom:

    Username is your Tel.number (without 0664).
    Password is not required.


  13. Harald Says:

    Danke schön, Østersjøen og Mjøsa for this indeed useful piece of information. (Why am I writing in Norwegian? You’re probably Norwegian like myself).

  14. jwk Says:

    geat help !
    thx for mobile internet !

    greetings from germany

  15. hamna-shehzadi Says:

    thanks. . . . .
    great info.

    But . . . . . . .
    I am still facing problums
    to cunfigur my SE k750i with my lap top.

  16. Mjfrpiwx Says:

    fpc1xC comment5 ,

  17. win32k sys blue screen Says:

    Awesome blog :D I’m happy I stumbled onto it through google, i’m gonna have to put this one on the blogroll…

  18. abrakadabra Says:

    Thanks man!!! :)
    It worked like a charm on Win 7 too.
    Great article, keep up the good work :)

  19. cloud computing seminar Says:

    It is highly helpful for me. Huge thumbs up for this weblog post!

  20. Raki Says:

    Thank you so much for this information..helped a lot..

  21. TUSHAR Says:

    Hello,I m a computer guy & trying to send data from a GPRS modem to a remote server,but I dnt knw how to configure modem….

    please help me…

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