More SingStar Rocks! problems

A few days ago, I posted about my faulty SingStar Rocks PS2 disc. I thought I’d post an update, as I have been to my local EBGames and bought a new copy – which didn’t work. It had the same problems with the music video freezing, at exactly the same places in the songs. I went back and swapped it, and the disc has the exact same problems.

Meaning: I’ve now tried three different discs and they all have the same problems. I’m wondering whether this is just the PS2 we have here, or if it’s a manufacturing defect. Hopefully Google will have indexed my original post soon, so that people searching for information about this issue will find my blog.


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  1. Are Wold Says:

    There is a thread on the Gamespot forums about this problem. It’s good to see I’m not the only one who’s affected!

  2. Are Wold Says:

    I got my hands on another PS2 now, and the disc worked fine. So apparently something’s wrong with the PS2 we’re using. Or – if not wrong – at least different. Something isn’t right when it can play all other PS2 discs without problems – just not SingStar Rocks!.

  3. Are Wold Says:

    Turns out the PS2 is more successful at reading the Rocks! disc when we put it upside down (the PS2 – not the disc :D ). Google provided this nice guide on how to calibrate and clean your PS2 from ArsTechnica. I’m going to hope that the PS2 just needs a bit of loving care and attention, which it’ll probably get this evening. Fingers crossed.

  4. Are Wold Says:

    Alright! We tried the guide mentioned above, and after adjusting the lens on our PS2 we’re now able to play all the way through most of the songs – but still not Keane and the Cardigans… very, very annoying. We’ve cleaned out the insides of the PS2 with compressed air – the only thing we can think of doing now is to clean the lens itself. We’ll try that tomorrow or on Saturday.

  5. Ollli Says:

    Hi, I live in Finland and am also having problems with sing star rocks. Bought a copy from my local super market. Had trouble with 3 songs, Cardigans, Keane and Franz Ferdinand. Took it back and got a new copy, same problem. The songs skip in about the same places. Took it back and got a full refund, even though they said no one else had reported any problems.

    Went and got a copy from another shop. Same problems with this one aswell. Gonna take it back tomorrow and ask for a refund.

    I think i´ll have to wait a couple of months untill a new batch of these games come out. Try to get it write next time London Studios.

  6. Anders Says:

    That’s the songs we’ve had most trouble with too.

    We’ve now tried to clean the lense with spirits, didn’t help at all, still the same. :/

  7. moonda Says:

    Hi I have had the same problems even after the replacement was sent.
    I am gonna try and see if turning it upside down helps but I am gonna send it back and try again in a couple of months like olli says.
    Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before they are sorted?:(

  8. Are Wold Says:

    I have created a static page with a summery of what I know about this issue. Please let me know if you think something’s missing from it.

  9. Ollli Says:

    Seems that I have the same model number as your ps2 that does not work. My model number being SCPH-30004, serial C0467010. Booted my machine and noticed that the Play Station Driver version is 1.10.

    So I emailed playstation help centre in Finland. They said my problem is the first of its kind and sounds like a feedback loop, that I should try turning the volume down on my tv or keep the microphone futher away from the tv. Hah, strange how there is no feedback loop problem with any other Sing Star discs and how only certain songs on the Rocks disc suffer from the problem.

    Also emailed playstation help centre in the UK. They said there is no such thing as a bad batch of Sing Star Rocks discs. If that is so, then the only other possibility is that there is a bad batch of PS2 consoles. Either way Sony is at fault. So which would be cheaper for Sony, let everybody trade in there faulty PS2 consol in for a new one or print another batch of Sing Star Rocks discs that work in each one of there consol versions?

    Then again they could deny that there is any kind of problem. Take no responsibility what so ever. If that happens, then I will email Microsoft every day to ask them to make a game like Sing Star for XBox. Then I will thank Sony for many wonderful years with PS and PS2 and buy an XBox.

    Also when I booted my PS2 I noticed two settings, Disc speed and Texture mapping. If I had not taken my Sing Star Rocks disc back to the store for the third and final time I would have tried playing the disc with these settings changed. Has anyone tried changing these settings? Although it should not be up to the customer to change settings to get a game to work.

  10. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for letting me know! I’m adding your serial to the static page, just for future reference.

    I’m going to look for the settings you mentioned tomorrow, on the PS2 unit I have here. I’d be surprised if there is any connection, but who knows. Also, I’ll e-mail Sony Norway – if enough people complain, maybe they’ll take notice.

  11. Are Wold Says:

    There is detailed PS2 version information at this page. The -R version could be version 5 or 6, apparently, while the others are earlier versions.

  12. Wasptor Says:

    I’m onto my third disc now, and without fail about 1 minute into Killing Heidi the video/music locks up and it lets me keep singing. I’ve got a PS2 slim, and just about to give up now. Hoping that I don’t have to resort to modchipping the thing, and making a copy of the disc in an effort to be able to read it properly…

  13. Alan Downie Says:

    Yep same problem here with the AU Singstar on a PS2 slim. Also in killing heidi and also Land Down Under and a couple of others. Have returned the disc… the new one does the same thing.

  14. Are Wold Says:

    OK, this is interesting. If you guys post your PS2 serial numbers I’ll add them to my summary page. I was hoping this problem was only related to earlier-model PS2s, but it seems I was wrong..

  15. Wasptor Says:

    yeah, land down under does it to me too. *grr* my serial number is FA2291774. hmmm, maybe i should ring the helpdesk too. my PS2 should still be under warrantee. ask if i should keep returning the disc or return a faulty playstation.

  16. Wasptor Says:

    Oops, and model number – SCPH-70002

  17. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks mate! Added you to my list. I’d definitely get in touch with Sony, considering you’re still under warranty.

  18. Aus Rocker Says:

    I’m having exactly the same problems. Now replaced teh game three times. PS2 Model no. SCPH-70002 Serial No AA0448598. I’ve sent a support email to Sony.

  19. Are Wold Says:

    I’ve e-mailed Sony too, pointing them to this page. I’ll update when I get a reply. Hopefully they’ve got something meaningful to say on the issue.

  20. ChrisF Says:

    I’ve got the same problem on a SCPH-30002A.

    I’ve got the AU version and it always hangs in the same spot on “Oh Yeah” on all three copies that I’ve had. I’ve spoken to Sony and they are aware of “an issue”. They said they were testing the game at head office on all Playstation versions. Asked me to keep checking for an update/notice or if there’s nothing there then call them next week to check the progress.

    At least that Sony now seem to acknowledge there is an issue with this game.

    I’ll post an update next week some time after I’ve called Sony back. And by Sony I mean Sony Australia.

  21. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for commenting! I’ve had some communication with Sony Nordic / Norway about the issue as well. The guy who responded to my e-mails knew about the issue from his colleague in Finland, so it seems word is getting around. Hopefully they will come up with a satisfying solution to this problem soon.

  22. Sarah Says:

    Its good to hear that I’m not the only one having this problem with this game. I originally bought S Rocks from EB games. I returned it twice, the third time getting my money back. Then I purchased the game from Harvey Norman. The salesman told me it must be a fault with my PS2 and since that was only 6 months old I refuted this as it played all other Singstar (and other) games without a hitch. I have now sent my PS2 replied paid to Playstation and hope they will send me a new PS2 in return that actually plays the game.

  23. Bertil Says:

    I’m yet another one suffering the woes of this faulty model. Bought the PS2 for my girlfriend as a part of a group gift, and when we finally got around to setting it up, Singstar Pop worked fine. Singstar Rock did as what’s been mentioned, and Singstar 80’s wouldn’t load any of the songs.

    So we took it into JB-HIFI today to get them to have a look at it. Their copy of 80’s worked perfectly *Grumble grumble*. Annoyingly, they didn’t have any copies of Rock in, so they couldn’t test that. I’ll try to get them to test it again next weekend (A day before their 1 month return policy runs out).

    Model: SCPH 70002
    Serial: FA2295789

  24. Wasptor Says:

    80’s works fine on mine. Just that infamous rocks is causing problems. My g/f says that Sony Oz is aware of the issue and are doing some testing… Will get back with more details once she tells me them. :-)

  25. Bocklin Says:


    I have the same problem with my Singstar Rock CD: both with the UK version and the German version (with other songs crashing). On the UK version it’s just impossible to start the Cardigans!

    Unfortunately is my PS2 past warantee… I hope that Sony wil organise a call back for faulty CDs…


  26. Bocklin Says:

    Forgot to mention: my playstation is a SCPH-70004 model.


  27. Are Wold Says:

    Cheers. I’ve mailed my disc to Sony Nordic now, they wanted to have a look at it. It seems they are trying to figure out exactly what the problem is.

  28. Ozzie Says:

    I ordered mine on, worse songs affected are Bloc Party, Nirvana & Maximo Park.
    Got a replacement after my complaint & the same thing happens with that one. Will hopefully get a refund, unfortunately it was my wifes 1st ever game & she loves it!

    My PS2 is one of the first ones that you could buy in the UK.


  29. Sean S Says:

    Latest development on my probs with ‘Rocks’:

    Wasn’t working properly in my SCPH-30002. Today I bought a *brand new* slimline PS2, SCPH-75002, and it locks up in exactly the same places. Ouch!

    Just spoke to Lochie from Playstation Support Australia and he put me on the list for a callback as techs are ‘investigating’ the issues with this disc.

  30. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks very much for that piece of information. I was planning to get a new PS2 to fix the issue, but if some of them have the same problem… well.

    As mentioned previously, I sent my disc to Sony Nordic; it has worked for them so far, but they are testing it more. In return they sent me a new Rocks-disc – by the printing on the front it should be from a different production run. It doesn’t have the standard SingStar logo. In 3 – 4 days I hope to have tested it with the PS2 that had Rocks! problems. (At present we’re using the PS2 of a friend.)

    I hope they can say something definitive about this issue soon. It’s getting really irritating…

  31. Bek Says:

    I’m so glad I read this! I’d bought Singstar Rocks and took it back because it skipped so badly. Playing the replacement disk and it skips *sooner* in 1985 than the old one did – not happy. I’ll definitely be calling Playstation Support Australia after this, thanks :)

  32. Katie Says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog as I was going to buy this game but think I’ll wait now til they’ve sorted it out.
    On a related note I got Singstar 80s for Christmas and had endless problems with it (despite having the new slimline PS2 which was just days old!) in particular when playing Blondie’s “Atomic”. The music would stop but the video, lyrics and note-graphics/gameplay would carry on for a bit, then the game would crash. You could hear yourself through the mike but not have any background. This happened every time I played it. Then one day I decided to give it a final go before throwing it out and it worked, and it’s worked fine ever since (touch wood). Really weird.

  33. Are Wold Says:

    Cheers Katie!

    If possible, you should try and borrow the game, just to see if it works (or buy it and just return it if it doesn’t). So far there doesn’ seem to be any logic determining whether it will work on a given PS2 or not, so yours might play it perfectly. And there are plenty of good times to be had with that disc :)

    The problems you describe with Singstar 80s are a bit similar to the Rocks! problems, although with those everything but the notes and your own vocals will freeze up. I wonder what kind of error rate they have on PS2 games generally. We’ll probably never know.

  34. Are Wold Says:

    Thought I should let everyone know that Sony Nordic asked me to send in my faulty (?) Rocks! disc. I so did, and they sent me a promotional Singstar Rocks! copy in exchange. It fails in exactly the same places. I don’t know if that’s significant, but I’ve let them know.

  35. Honeybear Says:

    I’ve just found this thread after noticing the gamespot forum went quiet…

    Had 2 copies that went faulty on my SPCH 30003. I phoned support at SCEE London & they said it wasn’t anything to do with them and I should sort it out with the retailer, which was rather unsatisfactory. They wouldn’t even entertain the idea that it might be a problem at their end.

    My friend got a working copy on her third try and I would really like to get it but I’d be crushed if it happened again so haven’t thus far.

    I’m also concerned about whether this problem is also going to be present on Singstar Anthems when that comes out, as Sony don’t seem to be acknowledging that there was ever a problem.

  36. Honeybear Says:

    That would be SCPH 30003 – my annoyance is causing typo’s!

  37. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for chiming in! I still haven’t heard back from Sony Nordic. Due to lots of travelling lately I haven’t been too annoyed by the skipping tracks on my Singstar Rocks, but I share your concerns about Singstar Anthems… I wish Sony could come out and make a statement on this issue, but maybe it’s not widespread enough.
    I was tempted to try and get a slimeline PS2, but I’m holding off with that for now.

  38. Honeybear Says:

    I got a reply from SCEE today:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your recent email.

    We would like to advise that at this stage we are well aware of some consumers experiencing problems with the Singstar Rocks game. At this stage we are undertaking some testing of different copies of the game on all the PlayStation 2 model consoles. The results of the testing will be available once all the testing has been completed and will be available on our website or by contacting our support centre on the phone number listed below at a later date. Your interest in our products is greatly appreciated.

    If you have any further enquiries please feel free to contact us.

  39. Are Wold Says:

    Well, then it’s just a matter of waiting. Come on, Sony!

  40. A. Singstarcustomer Says:

    It’s strange all of you have problems with this game i have had problems with the mics include in Rocks! and the replacement which game shop gave us

  41. mel Says:

    Hi i just got my singstar rocks tonight and i am having problems with the tracks also… i tried my sisters copy a couple of weeks ago and had problems with her copy also my model number is SCPH 50002 :-(

  42. Ollli Says:

    Mel, does your sisters consol play the disks? And what would be her consol number, if it does play Rocks?

    I think Sony knows what the problem is but they are just waiting to see how many people report problems with the game. If its just a handful of people who are experiencing problems, maybe Sony doesn´t have to do anything. But if the numbers of complaints rise high enough, then maybe they will make another batch of these games, that really do work. But everthing costs money, cheaper to let the customers complain, than to fix a problem.

    One thing if for sure, will not be buying the next Sing Star game, until its been out a couple of months. Gotta wait and see if problems will be reported with that game aswell.

  43. Torgeir Says:

    I guess Sony will just wait until PS3 is out and then try to convince people to buy their new console instead, which will be “so much better” because you can download/buy all the Sing Star tracks you like from the online services, including the tracks available to PS2.

  44. Brian @ Rocky Says:

    Cheers Mate,

    You have saved me a lot of frustration, I have experienced exactly the same problem on the tracks you have listed, the model number of my PS2 is SCH-30002 SN A0484950.
    I am hoping to exchange Singstar Rocks for one of the useable Singstar versions that you listed. Let’s hope this problem gets resolved quickly.

  45. Jostein Says:

    just wanted say I got this problem with a singstar 80’s disc I just purchased new :/ got a slim ps2 bah

  46. Steve Says:

    We have the same problem with Singstar Rocks too. My daughter has all the singstar series and they all work perfectly except Singstar Rocks.

    We took the disk back and got a replacement – and it too fails in exactly the same place on BOTH our Playstations. We have silver slimline models purchased only a few months ago.

  47. Are Wold Says:

    I’m still waiting for Sony Nordic or Sony Australia to come up with something concrete on this issue. And in the meantime, I’m trying to trade my PS2 for one without problems – after all, not everyone plays Rocks!. Not exactly a solution, though.

    This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in Sony. But then again, I guess you’ll have to look hard to find a consumer electronics company that takes these kinds of issues seriously as long as they affect only a small part of their consumers.

  48. Jemma Says:

    Hi all, I don’t actually have Singstar Rocks! but I have had similar problems with both Singstar Party and now Singstar 80’s. I bought a second hand copy of Singstar Party a while back, and it would appear to load correctly up until it gets to the song carosel. For the first couple of songs that were scrolled to, the “preveiw” clip of the song would start to play as is usual. But after a seeminly random number of scrolls, the preview clip would simply NOT play and if one pressed X and X again to play that song, the game would go to the white loading screen and stay there for, well, ever. So basically the game would freeze. So I returned this game, thinking it was just one faulty disc. I was able to return Party because it started playing up as soon as I bought it so the second hand shop took it back.

    But now my copy of Singstar 80’s is doing the exact same thing – the carosel loads, but it either won’t play the preview clips at all, or else take FOREVER to start playing the preview clip and then once you load the song it does the freezing thing that you described. It’s really frustrating because I bought it a fair while ago and it WAS working up until very recently. So now I have no chance of swapping it becasue I’ve had it for too long and the second hand shop won’t take it back.

    I really hope Sony gets onto this soon as I love playing Singstar and don’t want to have to keep messing around trying to get them to work!

  49. Are Wold Says:

    This is an interesting variation of the problem. I’ve never had problems with the carousel, only the songs.

    I have to say, my patience with Sony is wearing thin. They are lucky they have no competition in the singing game genre right now :/

  50. Jemma Says:

    Hi again,

    I just tried my copy of 80’s on the same PS2, but on a different TV, and it now appears to be working just fine. The TV that it has been playing up on is really old – I thought maybe the game doesn’t support the old TV or something? My other singstar games (original and Pop) work just fine on the old TV, but maybe because 80’s is newer than them, the techos cut out support for old TV’s or something! I’m not even sure if this is plausible but I can think of no other reason why my 80’s disc won’t work on one TV and will on another.

    Not sure if this will help with the Rocks! problem but just thoughtI would let you all know anyway :)

  51. Charli Says:

    Hi Jemma
    I am having the exact same problem with the carousel as you. Like you said it freezes on songs and the screen goes white when you press enter on them. I have had singstar for a few months and used it about 8 times and then had friends over and we used it for a few hours and then after that it started to do the freezing thing. I have Singstar pop and 80’s and it does it on both CD’s-it is very tempermental only works sometimes and seems to never work on the medalys at all.

  52. Karen Says:

    When I first tried Singstar Rocks I thought my boyfiends PS2 (SCPH3003) was just past it, so I just got used to the fact that I couldn’t do a few tracks. I bought my mum a PS2 Slim for Christmas and my game works fine on hers.
    With Singstar Anthems coming out tomorrow I thought I’d check to see if there was a problem.
    So glad I found this site.
    I have already mailed Sony Technical help but by the sound of things, my mail will fall on deaf ears!!
    Think I will be holding on buying Anthems until Sony convinces me otherwise.

  53. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for posting. I’m e-mailing my contact at Sony Nordic again. There should be some sort of official statement from them on this – it’s pretty obvious that there’s a fairly widespread (although pretty rare) problem.

  54. V Says:

    Hi Everyone, i’ve just stumbled across this site, I’ve also been having the same problems with SingStar Rocks on my old shape PS2, all of the other PS2 games including all SingStars are fine. I have had 2 copies of Rocks both of which have had problems. I was thinking of buying a new PS2 but think it is probably a waste of money (I recently bought guitar hero which works fine). My Rocks disc works on my sisters PS2 no problems (and on my TV which rules that out). I’ll add my model no. when I get home. I’ve just bought SingStar Anthems so fingers crossed this works fine.

  55. Karen Says:

    Just got off the phone to Sony Careline UK. They first told me it was because the lense in the console was old, and they could exchange the console for another (but not a slim one). Then after she had a word with the supervisor it had changed to my console just needing a clean with the hoover and a lense cleaner.
    Then it was suggested that it was probably a bad batch of disks and that I should take it back to the shop. Apparently I am still under warranty for the game, but the receipt is so old the writing hs gone off it.
    So I’m no better off.
    i do have to say that the girl I spoke to was very friendly and did her best to find out what it could be. Don’t think she was an expert on PS2’s though!!!

  56. Rod Says:

    I’m having the same problems with the AU/NZ version of Rocks as mentioned above. Music tracks skip or stop completely yet I can keep singing, at least until the pause menu pops up on it’s own. Only 16 of the 30 tracks will actually play all the way through and yet all the singstar games (including the brand new Anthems) work perfectly. I tried to return Rocks today for a replacement but k-mart are sold out and cannot yet replace it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Really frustrated by this. My PS2 is over five years old but I have looked after it well and never have any other trouble with it. This seems like a fault of Sony’s.

  57. Sean S Says:

    Ok, Sony Australia have rung me back (9 weeks after my initial complaint) and offered to exchange my PS2 for a remanufactured unit.

    Not a tempting offer as it doesn’t work in the new one I’d bought and I reckon it’d have even less chance of working in a remanufactured unit.

    Even more so because I borrowed a friend’s copy of Rocks and it plays without a hitch in both my PS2’s. What a surprise!

    The only difference I can tell between the discs (apart from the whole ‘not working’ thing) is that mine was in the package with the micrpohones and her’s is the game-on-it’s-own version.

    They’re going to ring me back on Monday with ‘more options’. This will probably be more token attempts to placate me as opposed to admission of a manufacturing fault with the discs.

    I will then try to get (yet another) exchange of the disc at Target.

  58. Rod Says:

    Sean S, thanks for posting. I’m optimistic after hearing that your friends copy of Rocks works in your PS2 without a hitch! I had doubts that my PS2 would ever be able to play ANY copy of the game whatsoever.

  59. Sarah Says:

    Bought Singstar Rocks! and a second hand slimline PS2 at Gamestation, doesn’t work in my PS2, going to try and take the PS2 back and exchange it. Serial SCPH-70003

  60. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for posting, guys. After trying three different discs, I was convinced that my PS2 wouldn’t play any Rocks! discs. Indeed, I’ve tried four different discs in total, one of them a promo disc sent me from Sony Nordic. But if your PS2 could play your friends’ copy, it probably means there are several batches out there, some good ones and some bad.

    Sony should make some sort of statement on this issue; that’s just a matter of being polite, in my opinion.

  61. Ollli Says:

    So, I have now giving up on Sony. Some 4 months after mailling them about the problem, I emailed them again. First time they seemed to want to help, this time the anwser was quik and simple, “Der is sumting wong wit yor consol”. Thanks alot. Plays every other disk, including the new Sing Star Anthems.

    There anwser sounded like it was giving by somebody higher up, maybe the suits in Japan. So I came to the conclusion that it is just a small problem for sony that they just want to sweep under the rug. Really have to think about switching to Xbox.

    It´s a shame, I really wanted Sing Star Rocks.

  62. PHEOBE Says:

    hi my playstation2 model is scph-50002 and it does not work i read some information about it and it says theres a fault which this model. When i tried calling up they told me there was nothing wroung with it and that the playstion SLIMS have the fault

  63. GrooveyGirl Says:

    Last week I bought a brandnew slimline PS2 for my daughter who loves singstar. We have had heaps of problems with the Sing Star Rocks, but the Sing Star 80s disc has been fine. There is obviously some kind of widespread issue here, but I’m not sure if it is with the console or the game. Should I be taking the console back to the shop where I bought it and asking for a replacement? We have tried three different Rocks gamediscs and had the same problems with freezing in some places and the music getting ‘stuck’ in others.

  64. GrooveyGirl Says:

    Oooops, sorry forget to say the Serial Number is: SCPH-75002 and bought in NZ.

  65. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for posting! I would take the slimline PS2 back to the store and say that it can’t play your Rocks disc. I think the issue is a combination of a problem with the console and the disc, but it is definitely the case that while some PS2s can’t play the defect discs, most can.

    I would try to have the PS2 swapped for a new one, until you get a PS2 that manages to play the Rocks! disc.

  66. Dazza G Says:

    Thank god for this page. Amazon just sent me through a replacement copy of Rocks! and both are freezing. (THought my PS2 was on the way out). Singstar, Singstar Party, 80’s, Anthems all work fine.

  67. Jay B Says:

    Got a playstation slimline bundle with Buzz and Singstar Rocks from Argos (UK) at a fantastic price but Singstar Rocks freezes up like all the other posts here. Got a replacement copy of the game today and the same thing happens. Playstation model SCPH-75003. Can’t believe this issue is still on going!!

  68. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for posting, everyone. I’ve updated the info page about the problem with all your model numbers. There are now 16 people who have logged their problem and their model number here – and there are plenty of different model numbers.

    My guess is that this problem is small enough that Sony can afford to more or less ignore it – sadly. So the “solution” then is probably just to try and have the PS2 unit swapped for a refurbished one. I’d feel better about it if they made some sort of statement on the issue, though.

  69. Jay B Says:

    Just to say I returned my latest copy of Singstar Rocks today at a different store and only one track seems to freeze up (snow patrol). I cannot get a refund on this game as it has come as part of a bundle deal and I would have to return the console and both games.
    Believe it or not this bundle costs more if you buy it without Singstar Rocks. Makes me wonder whether Sony are aware of the problem and are just using this game to make the offer seem so more appealing to sell more Playstations. Worth a thought!

  70. SGP Says:

    Well got the same deal as Jay B from Argos here in the UK (Cracking Deal – As the wife wanted solely for SingStar was waitng for price to drop.) First game loaded was Singstar Rocks! – Thought I had a faulty PS2 or disk, but didn’t know which, Wasn’t about to open Buzz in case had to go back…

    Same hardware version SCPH-75003 – stuck on Paint it Black, with a high pitched tone half way through, video and words kept running. Also freezing video on a couple of other tracks – tested same tracks again, stuck at same point. First time unit was switched on – only few hrs old….

    Then remebered some comment on the Amazon site about issues with this disk lead me to here – so while I ejected disk and checked version numbers, came here to double-check. After that went back downstairs and the disk has played perfectly after re-inserting….. !!!! Have more Singstars on the way – but this does sound suspiciously like a disk batch fault (Also came with mics)

    Now certain enough it’s this issue to open Buzz and test other disks when they arrive. Will update on how things go….

  71. SGP Says:

    Right, now I haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere, and it is most probably just an issue for me, BUT….. Having now tried Buzz, and several other DVD’s (This is my first PS2) I find that the Singstar Rocks DVD does not clip onto the central hub that holds the DVD secure as cleanly as any other disks. So much so that the disk was coming loose when I turned the PS2 on it’s side (slimline) and catching against the lid.

    Having now double checked that the disk is secure on all 3 clips on the hub (and believe me this wasn’t an easy task and required some force) the game seems to play fine.

    Now the obvious issue that other people have commented on was that replacement disks stuck at the same point! This I cannot explain with my resolution, but when I first experienced the issue I did see this very symptom so….

    It is almost as if the disk thickness, or the central hole is too thick to clip properly. I am in no way saying this is the general problem, but at least those with the new slimline case may want to check, The older models, I don’t thinkl you have that option?

    Apologies if this is of no use at all…..

  72. Ollyrose Says:

    Hello, I’m glad also I have found this site! I’m on my third Singstar Rocks disc all having the same problem on Snow Patrol Run. It freezez but allows me to continue singing….I’m sure this is a Sony problem! For your information my model number is SCPH-30004 R and my serial number is C3373304. I have all of the singstar range (Except Legends) that play fine, only Rocks has the problem.. Pulling my hair out trying to get any sense out of Sony? I’m sure Microsoft would love to help me……Interesting. Please keep the updates coming in, I’m interested to see how it progresses. Thanks.

  73. singstar wannabe Says:

    As many have said before. Thank God for this site!!!!

    I too am having problems with singstar rocks. I was resigning myself to just putting up with it, but find I am not alone.

    Bought in August and only used a couple of times, but singstar songs not playing are-Franz Ferdinand, Grinspoon, Gwen Stefani, Men at work, Rollingstones and the Veronicas don’t play!!!!

    I have had my playstation for a couple of years, well looked after, model number SCPH-5002, serial number FAO697896. Bought in Perth WA

    After reading this I will be contacting Sony Australia

  74. Francesco Says:

    i have the same ps2 model as you. Apparently ps2 relesased quite a few different ps2 slimeline. The first few batches experienced problems with the motherboard. Excess electricity was flowing through to the lens and this lead to many of the ps2 lens to be burnt out. This was covered with warranty and the slimlines were replaced with newer versions that did not have the same problem. The PROBLEM is–i had begun experiencing these problems AFTER my warranty ran out. So i guess im screwed…Im left here with a burnt ps2 with great games such as final fantasy 12 needing to be played and my only oprtion left is to purchase a newer version….

  75. Laura Says:

    Hello.. Thank you for creating this site. We’ve also been experiencing problems with the Singstar Rocks-disc, my boyfriend and I. We purchased it in Finland (since we’re Finns) and we also tried Singstar 80’s and it worked just fine. This is our second Rocks-disc that we’ve had, ’cause then we lost our receipt and couldn’t change it anymore (damn us). We sincerely hope that you will put an end to all of this (bull****) and make the world just a little better. Here are the numbers: Model: SCPH-30004, Serial: C2191262.
    All the best to ya :3

  76. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks again to everyone for posting. The info page has been updated with your serials and model numbers. Do let us know if Sony gives you any meaningful information!

  77. Court Says:

    i’m not having a problem with the rock cd but with the mics that came with the rock bundle. my model is 50002. eb games are going to replace it today so hopefully it all goes well other wise i am not going bother.

    my mate from the phillipines has bought back with her a magic mic which holds 5000 songs is wireless and plays thru any tv. does all the games that the singstar has and you can upload songs from your pc or mp3 player to your mic she purchased it for $300 usd…think i’m gonna go that way if i keep having singstar probs such a pain i wished i found this page before i went out and bought the whole collection for the kids.

  78. Steve Guy Says:

    Bought slimline PS2 and Singstar80 as a package for my daughter. Singstar80 only loads about 50% of the time (all other games run fine) and if it does load, when you select a song a blank white screen appears for ever, with no sound – the unit freezes. The same Singstar80 runs fine on my son’s 4 year old PS2 (non slimline).

    There is clearly a problem with this product that can only do further harm to Sony’s already tarnished reputation. Come on Sony, sort it out and look after your dusappointed and frustrated customers. Good reputations are hard to gain, and very easy to lose.

  79. Steve Guy Says:

    Following my post yesterday I changed the telly (Jemma’s idea 30 July 06). Now it works perfectly. This makes no sense at all, but I’m just happy its working.

    Our neighbours have been having problems with Singstar Rock – it only works on one of their three PS2s – the oldest one!

    Thank you for setting up this site, and to all those people who posted on it. You’ve made my daughter’s Christmas.

  80. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks, and good to hear that you got it sorted!

    Future posters: Please leave your comment at this page:

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