World of Goo – the best cooperative gameplay on the Wii yet

After checking out World of Goo on my PC and reading a few glowing reviews (particularly Eurogamer’s Wii review), I decided to buy it for the Wii using the WiiWare download service.

World of Goo - getting around

Multiplayer has always been my favourite aspect of the Wii, and Wii Sports/Tennis and Bomberman my favourite games on the console. (Haven’t had the time to play much Mario Galaxy or Mario Kart yet.) Both Tennis and Bomberman are competetive games – though the best part of Tennis is playing doubles – while World of Goo is a purely cooperative game (well, unless you have rowdy friends, at least).

Very briefly explained, World of Goo is about helping small gooballs get to the exit of a level by building structures with them. It reminds me of a classic game called Bridge Builder (or Pontifex). However, WoG’s puzzles are more varied, the art style is incredibly charming, the music is great, the gameplay is very well suited to the Wii remote, and best of all, the cooperative gaming is fantastic fun and totally hassle-free. When someone else is playing, you just pick up a remote and play along.

This is AWESOME, and the way every multi-player experience should be. Mario Galaxy does it, but the second player has too small a part in the gameplay to really compare with WoG. Left 4 Dead, where your squad of four players run around killing zombies in the first-person perspective, is the only other game I can think of right now that implements this so well (the L4D implementation is a bit more cumbersome, but then again it is a network game and a much more complex one at that).

Puzzle has never been this fun. We had a one-hour three-player session yesterday, and we careened back and forth between thoughtful placement of goo balls and total mayhem as we all extended the structure in multiple directions at once. I’ll give two examples –

World of Goo - building the bridge

One level has you building a goo ball bridge from one side of a spiky valley to the escape pipe on the other side. To make sure the goo bridge doesn’t get pulled into the spikes by gravity as you extend it, you place balloons on it. Place too many too fast in the wrong place, and the bridge will veer upwards, popping the balloons on the overhead spikes. Eventually, we figured out that placing the balloons as low on the structure as possible simultaneously with placing new goo balls worked well. Also, we could move balloons along the bridge as we extended it, to make more careful adjustments to its height. The fact that it really helped to be more people – we could do different things at once – makes the multiplayer gameplay feel very meaningful.

Another level requires you to build a huge tower of goo balls to get to the exit pipe far above. It took us a few tries to find the right balance of tower width at the bottom and narrowing spire at the top. Two times our tower project wobbled into chaos as we started madly extending the structure at the top. Total failures, but very, very, fun!

Try this game. Its single player mode is nice on the PC, but the gameplay really shines in the Wii cooperative mode.


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7 Responses to “World of Goo – the best cooperative gameplay on the Wii yet”

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  2. ricparr Says:

    Cheers, dude – this has made me buy the game. I love 4 player co-op and there just aint enough that you can play from one console.

    • Are Wold Says:

      Brilliant, hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I had a buddy who hadn’t tried it before on Wednesday for a 3-player session – today I got a SMS saying “WoG is awesome and please invite me again” ;)

      The world should have more cooperative games of this kind!

  3. psp emulators Says:

    This is the greatest video game of all time !!!!!

    I sold my other wii games after I got this :P

  4. World of Goo Says:

    World of Goo – the best game! I love this game!

  5. Sasukii Says:

    I downloaded this last night, and instantly hooked – Fabulous game. Saw it was WiFi enabled, and multiplayer – so I bought it for a friend too. Only problem: I cannot figure out how we can play together. Is there something I’m Missing? I have multiple WiiMotes, so I am eager to play along with others at home… But my friend lives on the other side of the continent… would be nice if we could play too!

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