PS3 system update 2.60 kills Singstar PS3? [No, it was a scratched disc]

Singstar PS3 seems to have stopped working on my PS3 after I applied the 2.60 update – ouch. Haven’t been able to find any info on this so far.

Update: The problem was a scratched disc.


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6 Responses to “PS3 system update 2.60 kills Singstar PS3? [No, it was a scratched disc]”

  1. Laurie Says:

    This seems to have happened to me too. I haven’t found anything yet either but I’ll keep looking. Can you tell me, by any chance do you have the 40 GB PS3?


  2. Are Says:

    Turned out it was a huge, huge scratch on my disk that caused my problem… I had to buy a replacement. So it was just a coincidence that it happened when I updated.

    BTW, I have the 60gb PS3.

  3. ps3 deals Says:

    You might want to do a bit of research on disk scratching on the ps3, to make sure it doesn’t happen again (unless it was your fault!) i know the xbox 360 has an issue with scratching disks, but not sure about the ps3. Did it look like the ps3 caused the scratch?

    • Are Wold Says:

      Thanks for commenting!
      I’m pretty sure the PS3 is innocent in this matter – I’m suspecting the involvement of one of the two cats we have running around the house…

  4. Pranav Says:

    Hey there, such a perfect post. ;) I just subscribed to your blog. I will be checking back for more stuff, yeah? More power to you.

  5. Pranav Says:

    Hello, how can I subscribe to your blog via email?

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