Sony Ericsson’s lousy Update Service software

Note to new readers: This post is from March 2006, when I was using a SE W800i phone. Today I am using a Nokia N82, and I haven’t used my W800i for about a year. A lot might have happened with the SE Update Service software since then – keep that in mind when reading about my experience with the software. However, with that said, comments indicate people still have issues with the Update Service similar to those I had back in 2006. – Are, 19.01.2008

A few days ago, I decided to go ahead and update the firmware of my Sony Ericsson W800i mobile phone. I had an old version – L1R002 – dated August 2005. From past experience, I know that updating firmware – that is, changing the program code running the operating system of the phone – can be risky. If something goes wrong during the update process, you could be left with a non-functional device, which must be repaired at a service workshop. Thus, I approached this procedure with caution.

However, seeing that Sony Ericsson had launched a new version of their phone software update program – Update Service II – reassured me a little bit. Mature software is usually better than immature software. I’ll quote from their UK Update Service page:

No user data will be lost, and you will be guided smoothly through the update process.

Judging by this, there shouldn’t be any problems, right? Especially not for a computer-literate consumer. Well…

At this stage I should warn the reader – if you mind reading lengthy stuff, you could probably do yourself a service and go straight to the conclusion at this point.

When the Update Service is launched, you are greeted with a computer animated intro of pretty poor quality, juxtaposed with some annoying music that is repeated a few times. At this stage, I thought “hmm, this could’ve been some crappy shareware program for peer to peer file-sharing, but hey, it’s Sony Ericsson”. The next screen is the program proper; you’re greeted with a big Sony Ericsson logo and a nice, flashing progress bar of the kind that tells you nothing about how much time has elapsed or how much remains – just that something is happening.


You know the type, right? It flashes in a nice way, and within seconds you know for certain that the nice flashing isn’t connected to what’s actually going on in any way. It could go on forever, but hopefully it will stop soon. Who knows. At this stage, I started to realise that I was about to flash my mobile phone with a Flash-based application. Now, I associate Flash with funny movies on the ‘net and games you play in your web-browser – not a technology I would rely on in a life or death-situation. Flatmate Anders pointed out the irony of flashing with a Flash application to me later on, when things were going downhill. But I digress.

The next screen allows you to choose your nationality, not from a drop-down list but from a screenful of fuzzy graphics with fancy mouseover effects. It screams “Flash” at you. Maybe some people are reassured by fancy fuzzy graphics; I’m not one of them. Especially not when the quality of the graphics change from screen to screen (the progress indicator mentioned earlier was drawn sharply).

After clicking on “Norwegian”, I wait a few seconds before I realise I have to click the low-visibility arrow too. I click it, and for two seconds nothing happens, then the completely useless progress indicator (sorry, I should really stop saying that – it is a glorified hourglass) starts flashing. In another few seconds (thank God I’m doing this on a speedy machine) the program tells me, in a nice font, “Update your phone and get the latest software”, and lets me choose between “Start” and “Quit”. Somehow I think that I would’ve avoided the program altogether if I didn’t actually want to upgrade, but hey. By this point I guess most of their testers were getting really worried, so they probably thought putting in a last avenue of escape was a good idea.

By the way, this screen we’re talking about doesn’t just have a nice colour photo of a SE phone (not your model, a random one), but it rotates the pictures, smoothy. Is this a fashion show or a software upgrade? (Oh, and lest I forget it, I should mention that clicking in the top-left corner and selecting “Close” doesn’t do anything. Wow. That feels so comforting.)

Doesn’t do anything

Well, I want to upgrade, so here we go. Another click. “Conditions for use – Accept the following” – ah, the standard disclaimer. I’m going to go with the Norwegian version here, because the very poor translation is part of the problem. The disclaimer starts out by saying “The use of this area is at your own risk.” (my emphasis). “Area”? Surely this is a software application? They lost me right there, but we’re all used to silly disclaimers, so I tried to read a bit more. Unfortunately the program drops you back to the handy “Start” / “Quit” screen before you manage to get halfway through. Oh well. This seems to happen at random intervals.

We click on, and are presented with two pictures, and are encouraged to click on the one matching the port on the bottom of our phone. This is a good way of doing it. Yay. I said something nice about the Update Service.

From style to substance

Here, my problems began. I was supposed to be guided smoothly through the process, so confusion mounted fast when I was faced with the following instructions:

“Follow the instructions in the list below

Check that your battery is fully charged.
1. Turn the phone off
2. Remove the SIM-card
3. Switch the battery
4. Press the C button
5. Connect the USB plug to the phone”

Right! The accompanying animation shows the phone with a handy on/off-sign, fair enough, the rear cover of the phone being removed, the SIM-card being removed, and the rear cover sliding back on. Apparently there was no reason to include the battery in the animation. This left me with partly raised eyebrows. “Switch” the battery? Surely they mean “re-insert the battery”? And why mention “switching” it when they didn’t mention removing it before removing the SIM card?

For procedures that can render your hardware inoperable I prefer thorough instructions, written by someone with a decent knowledge of the language used. Oh, and an animation that shows only parts of the process does as much harm as good.

I’ve flashed phone firmware before, so I figured that the SIM-card should be removed and the battery left in, and that’s that.

After removing the SIM, I pressed the C button while inserting the USB cable. Unfortunately, dear reader, I can’t remember the exact sequence of events that followed, but all the ingredients are included here.

For a short while, nothing happened. Then, Windows reported that it had found a new device. My initial reaction was “what? I’ve installed drivers for this phone already”, so I pressed “Cancel” in the window that popped up. In another minute or so, the application threw me back to the “Start / Quit” screen.

I was getting somewhat concerned for my phone’s health and safety at this point, so I checked the SE website again, and discovered that there is a PDF document available with step by step instructions on how to perform the update. It is probably a warning sign in itself that a program which is supposed to guide you “smoothly” through the update process comes with a step by step guide on how to use it. Amusingly, while the program itself is available in a host of languages, this PDF is apparently only available in English.

The PDF explained that the “new hardware” dialogue was in fact supposed to come up, and that you needed that new driver install to flash the phone. Moreover, after successfully installing the new hardware, the Update Service application needed to be restarted. That piece of information proved to be extremely helpful later on – the Update Service itself is oblivious to this requirement. (Actually, I discovered that some of these instructions are included further down on the Update Service webpage too, at least on the Norwegian one.)

Armed with these new pieces of information, I tried once more. This time, a glorified hourglass, similar to the one mentioned earlier, came up. I was left staring at this while nothing happened for about three minutes. I was rewarded for my waiting with a screen saying my phone could not be found, and that I should restart the Update Service and try again. (Apologies if details are incorrect here.)

I so did, and after about five minutes I was left with the same result. I took the only natural course of action – I decided that enough was enough and unplugged my phone.

“Soft” and “hard” power buttons
Hopefully you, dear reader, will never experience the trauma of pressing a “soft” power button and receive no response from the device in question. Let me clarify. A “hard” power button has an explicit setting “on” and an explicit setting “off”. The button can be pressed, moved or whatever, and is left in the “on” state. When pressed again, it moves back to the “off” state. A “soft” power button simply sends a message to some electronic circuit – “Hello there, someone wants to turn you on or off, depending on what state you are in now”. You can press it again if you like, but there is no explicit state reflected by the button itself. The only feedback that tells you that the device is actually entering the “on” state is observing that the device actually is entering the “on” state.

When it doesn’t enter the “on” state, you will experience (if you, like me, are fond of your gadgets) a very uncomfortable, uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. I wouldn’t recommend this experience.

To be blunt: Nothing happened. Zilch. Absolutely no response of any kind resulted from my repeated, determined presses on the power button. I’m sure you can understand that panic was mounting at this point.

So what could I do? Well, I’m a Windows user, and Windows users know that if you’ve got a problem, the most reliable way of solving it is to clean out the dirt (meaning your entire current Windows installation) and start from scratch. I wasn’t quite at that point yet (although my phone was), so I was content with rebooting and starting the procedure from the beginning.

Unfortunately, I got the same result – the program searched for my phone, to no avail. My flatmate Eivind pointed out that doing this on a Saturday was a bad idea, as far as Sony Ericsson workshops and working hours are concerned. I thought hard. Could I try this on another computer? Or.. maybe.. I could exploit the nice “every USB port must have a separate driver installation” feature of Windows XP?

It was worth trying, so I inserted the cable in a different USB port and started from scratch. When the driver was installed, I restarted the Update Service, and happily, after pressing C and inserting the cable, the program told me it would now update my phone’s software and that I should not touch it. I was already holding it in my hand, so I held it gingerly for quite a while, before daring to put it down on the coach. The update process was slow, but it got there in the end. This text is already too long, so I’ll be brief – I reinserted the SIM card after completing the upgrade, and everything is working fine.

My W800i phone was dead for a while, after an unsuccessful attempt at updating the software, but by restarting the entire procedure from scratch, including installing the required flash driver on a different USB port, I managed to complete the update. It feels like I just dodged a bullet, though. There are quite a few improvements Sony Ericsson could make to the Update Service. Since I’m so happy with the other aspects of my phone (external link, Norwegian) ownership these days I’ll do them a favour and make a list.

  • When giving step by step instructions, give thorough step by step instructions – don’t skip any points
  • Make the program handle different scenarios – this program was obviously written only with users who already had the required drivers installed in mind
  • If you know the instructions in the program are incomplete, explicitly tell the user to read the program’s manual before starting the process. Including them in small print on the webpage somewhere isn’t good enough.
  • If you think the program should be translated, make sure the translation is completely unambiguous.
  • Don’t add animations that diverge from the written instructions.
  • Please spend more resources on making a user-friendly program, which is not the same as making it “look nice”.
  • Make a graphical user interface that instills confidence in the underlying code:
    • Avoid flashy (hah) “progress indicators” that aren’t progress indicators.
    • Make the program respond immediately when a button is clicked – waiting a few seconds and then getting a “progress indicator” screams sluggishness.

And a lesson for me? Look for documentation before doing stuff that can cause real problems, even if the vendor says the process will be “smooth”.

It felt really good to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading. Do leave a comment if you’ve had a similar experience. I’ll remember to write up the tale of “Are and the Soltek BIOS chip” one day – it’s got a few of the same gut-wrenching ingredients this one does.

Relevant link: Thread at Esato with K750i/W800i firmware information


133 Responses to “Sony Ericsson’s lousy Update Service software”

  1. Matt Trebilco Says:

    Hi there!

    Great article! Got me through in my hour of need and made me laugh into the bargain. My soft power button didn’t stop working, and I was safe in the knowledge I’d just backed up the phone to MyPhoneManager, but I had pretty much all the problems you had (thanks for the tip about restarting the software once it had installed the drivers I’ve already installed once today…) and was so happy when it finally got to the screen telling me to release the “C” button. Seconds later, I was prepared to be overjoyed at being told the process was complete, but in actual fact it helpfully informed me that there was no update available, although I’m assured there is. All in all a great way to have spent 4 hours of my life. Thanks Sony Ericsson!

  2. Are Wold Says:

    Cheers, thanks!

    It is a bit strange that they don’t do a better job with software products such as this one. Of course you waive any rights you might have at the start of the procedure, and I guess there is little chance that you’ll actually destroy any data or the phone itself, so at worst you’ll just have to hand the phone in to have it repaired. Still, it’s not a good way to treat your customers.

  3. laine Says:

    so glad i found your site- as i was going through the lousy software to update my 810i with an 800i update, i read your article. i got a little scared as i was trying to take out the sim card, and realized i had no idea how to do it. this prompted an internet nearch- and voila! i found your article! now i’m not going to update this phone. i’ve read once you go through all this crap- sony tells you there is no update for the 810i anyway. so i’ll deal with the dropped call issue on this phone and hope for a better firmware update in a few weeks.

  4. Are Says:

    Cheers, thanks for posting!

  5. Hirdey Says:

    the article about the sony update service is well written.
    I also has an urge to updte my phone and it was indeed updated to Europe II standards somtimes in November last.
    The update service is louse. One needs to download a huge software just to start the update! The all the things you said. However, being a lawyer i had a bit more experience to interpret the sony instructions. they ar just as precise as some third rate executive rules. The process is lengthy and unrewarding.
    Moreover, as far as connecting to a computer is concerned, a software mobiledit! gives one a suficient control of ones phone as compared to the sony’s own software.

  6. Dave Says:

    Today I attempted to update my wife’s 750i firmware, although there was no update available. No Problem! I saw a web page that led me to believe it was possible to replace the standard firmware with the 800i walkman firmware, but since update II software does an automatic ‘find the right firmware’ thing, this wasn’t possible – yet. I’m not sure where that web page was BTW. The instructions to charge the phone fully, remove the SIm and replace the battery, hold the ‘C’ Key and plug in the USB Dta cable produced nothing. The update software would not advance from that point. Having tried this several times, I decided to take a gamble and leave the SIM in the mobile and woila! the next stage arrived, the firmware was replaced, having chosen to continue and 5 minutes later the phone was fine. I agree that the instructions were not correct, this being a major deal as there are no support forums I can find to resolve such issues. It’s a major glitch and doesn’t inspire any confidence in the software or the phone manufacturer if they get basic instructions wrong – they really need to try these things first to make sure they are correctly stated.

  7. John Says:

    I did a SEUS update on my W800i about a month back. After the update was complete, my phone was OFF and I haven’t beenable to turn it back on again. And the battery is perfectly fne. Any suggestions on how to fix my problem.

  8. Are Wold Says:

    Have you tried running the update one more time?

  9. cj Says:

    I hate this update program. I got through the update screen, loaded the update, and then put my SIM card back in and guess what? NOW MY CAMERA DOESN’T WORK. It says “Camera Driver Update 2.6 Required (currently 2.3)”. Well, it worked before, and its not much of an update when it rolls the driver back… I call SE and they tell me to do a whole host of things, none of which work. Now I have to return my phone to them and have them fix it. My next phone is going to be a Motorola.

  10. srr Says:

    Thanks! It worked and my phone works again. :)

  11. Lars Erik Jordet Says:

    I had an even “better” problem: My Update application didn’t have ANY text – the buttons were blank, and the EULA/disclaimer was just a tiny, empty box. Apparently I had a new enough version of Flash so that I didn’t get the “Too old version” popup, but not new enough that the Update app could function properly.

    Updating to Flash 9.0 fixed my problem, btw :)

    (Still not updated my w810i, struggling with the usb driver thingies…)

  12. Are Wold Says:

    Wow, not bad! At least they should be making sure that the necessary Flash plugin is available before trying to run the program when they are dependent on it.

  13. Tvich Says:

    The ”rant” got me through the updating process on my P910i.

  14. Albert Says:

    Great posting, thank God I am not alone!

    This is without a doubt the shoddiest piece of software I have ever come across, (and I work in software development so I’ve seen some doozies!). In my case it reaches the “4. Place phone in holder” stage then just will not go any further under any circumstances.

    So maybe press Help? What help? There is an About type of “It wasn’t us it was really the fault of…” dialogue, and if I were Cryptix, Apache, Ozone or Hypersonic I would be removing my name from this area double quick in embarassment.

    If it is any consolation, Motorola’s softwarel suite for my son’s new phone is almost as bad, (almost!!!) Like every other area of the mobile phone market this one seems to run according to the rule “once you have their money….!”

    The only conclusion I can come to which could affect this issue? No Sony Ericsson for me next time!


  15. Bruce Says:

    Hey, great article, really helped. Does anyone know why the program has a tendancy to “reset” itself half way through the process. I can get as far as the program downloading the updates while my phone is connected and i just casually resets to the “start” “exit” screen. It seems to do this at 2 different points (as far as i’ve got) but i manage to prevent it from resetting the first time by holding “C” for a longer period before connecting my phone. Does anyone know a way around this, its really starting to annoy me??



  16. Are Wold Says:


    I have no idea why it behaves that way, unfortunately. Good luck! And please enlighten us if you do find out why it doesn’t behave as it should. I’m still quite surprised that software that deals with flashing things isn’t more robust than this.

  17. ismail Says:

    ur a lifesaver, although i havent achieved anything yet although im still trying plzzz give some good instructs not thta urs are bad u expl. all the situatrion iwould like just the steps in simple form plzz i beg you my email is:

  18. ismail Says:

    ok dudes i got through the damn thing but it says no update wot the hell! my phone is the first rleease with ancient firmware and still aint working gr8

  19. marke Says:

    i have the same problem.. an old software and seu says no update? how can that be, cause i a certain here is newer software!

  20. kashyap Says:

    got a bit similar problem as well… update service is able to connect to internet and download the required updates. than comes the time when it shows start and exit option, when i click start it shows the disclaimer. on further continuing i get screen which just says to follow the four instructions on screen. it says to make sure the battery is fully charged; remove the sim; re insert the battery; and connect the phone. ok. but what next. there is no help and there is only one option “Back” appearing on screen. how am i suppose to continue with this…. i waited as long as my battery ran half… but nothing happened at all… at last disconnected the phone without any updates

  21. Anders Says:

    The Sony Ericsson update service is dire, riddled with problems.

    I can only get to the ‘replace the phone into the cradle’ screen, then nothing happens. It’s been two hours so far.

    Sony Ericsson support is lousy and bordering on useless.

    It would seem that as soon as Sony Ericsson have your money they couldn’t care less.

    Great article by the way. I hope it gets seen by the thousands out there who no doubt have the same problems with this half finished mess.

  22. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I do know this article gets a decent amount of hits (about 20-30 views most days), which is satisfying. They may have saved on the development of the Update Service software, but they have paid for that with their reputation and customer satisfaction.

  23. John Says:

    I have a similar problem – it gets suck at the “Updating software – Please do not touch the phone stage”. Pretty much nothing happens and I have to pull the plug out and terminate the application via Task Manger, which scares me.

    I was told to do this by Sony Ericsson customer service rep because my phone keeps shutting down and they don’t have an exchange policy (I bought my phone off their official website).

  24. Joost Says:

    Same thing here John.
    The display from the animated phone slowly fills up green as some sort of status indicator, but when finally full nothing happened.
    After an hour or so and reading your post, I dared to disconnected it. Amazingly it switched on with the updated firmware! Phew!
    The update app still sat there flashing “please do not touch the phone”. Had to kill it using taskmanager.

    When the trick with pressing the C button and plugging the cable is done right, a driver called “Sony Ericcson USB Flash” shows up in Device manager.
    I had to try several times and found you do not need to pull the battery at all, just switch it off. It may even work better when you dont.

  25. Ozkan OZTURK Says:

    I couldn’t pass the first white page with big sony ericsson logo and a progress bar which is green!!! I leave my computer for a night and when I woke up I see the same screen? what is wrong with my computer? I try 2 versions of the update program first one was on the cd of k750i and second is newest version. I try connecting phone to the computer via usb cable, bluetooth, IR. No way! it doesn’t work! What should I do?

    PS. Sorry about my poor english… :-)

  26. Are Wold Says:

    The first thing I would do is to make sure you have read all the instructions on the SE web site and followed them thoroughly.

  27. Fred Says:

    Hey… i want to upgrade the firmware of a v800 and i have two problems!
    First when i plug the usb cable (to all 6 slots) nothing happens, makes the sound of usb (2 times fast) and thats it… and second is that the upgrade of v800 requires a holder, what is that, who owns a holder for god’s sake?
    Is there an other way to do it?

    P.S My usb ports work perfectly cause i plug my other phone a k800i.


  28. Erik Says:

    Thanks alot for these article.
    Work with tech support (for computers mainly) and four of the guys tried to update the phone before a fifth which had done it successfully while I was reading this article ;-)

    I’m sure it has helped alot of people.

  29. Ozkan OZTURK Says:

    I installed the software, restarted my machine, connected phone via usb cable, disabled mrouter’s usb check then I started se and couldn’t pass the first screen… what is wrong? It is better to get an error but it doesn’t tell me anything…

  30. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Erik!

    Ozkan, I’m not sure what the problem is. Maybe you should try to have the upgrade done at the store? Another possibility is to try and run the Update Service on a different computer.

  31. Mobile software Says:

    Really great stuff, thanks! Now i have nokia 8800, but in few month will buying sony ericssons and rereading this article again. Thx for your time!

  32. bojan Says:

    Same thing here as John and Joost. Model k610i.

    The display from the animated phone slowly fills up green as some sort of status indicator, but when finally full nothing happened. But at the and after disconnecting the phone and killing the update software the phone was fine. So good luck to everybody with this problem.

  33. Gabor Says:

    Thaks Bojan,

    I have my phone plugged with blinking do not touch, for two hours after the filled green window.
    I am not sure that Sony Ericcson knows what they are doing. Their software is dangerously poor. That is the great risk of these phones. I think it is better not to update a working phone, the result is too uncertain, you can loose easily.

  34. Gabor Says:

    I killed the application, disconnected, switched on and the phone works. The phone software is improved clearly. It was scary. Are we gambling? Loosing the phone or winning an upgrade?

  35. Ozkan OZTURK Says:

    I made it! Yesss! :-)) But now how can I learn if my phone is updated?

  36. lardly Says:

    Help – Started the update on 810i, My PC crashed whilst updating, Now the phone will not start up, Just dead tried to update again & programme says it has the latest software? Can you Hard reset one of these phones – if so how


  37. Are Wold Says:

    The best suggestion I have is to try and redo the update process – start all over, using a different USB port, so you have to reinstall the SE USB drivers.

    To check what version of the software you have, enter this key sequence from the main screen on your phone:

    > * < < * < *

    You’ll find the information in the “service info” and “software version info” menu selections.

  38. w550i Says:

    wen i press notting happens wat do i do

  39. Ryan Says:

    Thank you, I would not have been able to update my phone if it had not been for this article.

    YAY SE upgrade software!! :(

  40. Jalle Says:

    Well, you did better than me. I just downloaded the latest version of their update service and what do I get… a message saying: “Incompatible Macromedia version. Required version available from Application will terminate.”
    I went to, got redirected to and downloaded the latest version of the flashplayer and still no success… So they require a version that isn’t the latest version Adobe offers and doesn’t say which version…
    Kind of anoying to say the least…

  41. Jalle Says:

    Well.. it beats me.. I had to install Flashplayer using IE and not FireFox… very assuring…

  42. H Says:

    The instructions that come with it are terrible. It should tell you the things it currently says, but it needs to tell you what to do next. Also, steps 1-5 are not clear. Step four is ambiguous. It is clear that the user must hold the button while performing step five, but there should be a sixth instruction that says to keep holding the C until a prompt appears. I didn’t figure that part out until I got here.

    The other problem is that it says that my phones are up to date. It says that for my phone and my wife’s phone, and we have different releases of the firmware. We can’t both have the latest. If I know that there is more current software, and I buy a cable because their utility tells me that I can upgrade my phone with it, then they should give me the latest firmware.

  43. voor Says:

    I was able to update my K700i successfully to R2AY004, but I had to insert and remove the phone from the DSS-20 a few times before the updater would realize that the phone had been inserted into the cradle. However, the update caused me to lose the camera functionality because it didn’t update the camera’s firmware from 3.9 to 3.10, so afterward all I got was a message saying the camera firmware was too old to work. I also saw some graphics corruption on a few of the phone menus.

    So I decided to pay $13US and download the DaVinci team’s client and their latest firmware R2CA001 to reflash the phone. I had to do a Master Reset afterward, but now everything is working again. I should have done this in the first place instead of trying SE’s updater, what a waste of time.
    The DaVinci client is much better than the SE updater in all respects, too.

  44. NASIR KHAN Says:

    Hi ,
    This the 3rd time that i am taking my w550i to the service center for the same issue and that’s , phone freezing at the sony logo or at the startup with white flash screen after disconnecting the usb cablefrom safly remove hardware…and each time the software was installed…i think that’s the problem with either the operating software or with the chipset software. since, i tried to connect 4 sim cards to this phone and every time i have to select the mobile network…every time for getting the networks and the gprs tower…this happens on all the areas and with most of the different companies sims’…

  45. PJ Says:

    Fantastic post! Wish I had read this forum before I tried the update service..My story is that I connected my w850i, didn’t re-boot as I learnt that too late as well, the update software was downloaded and as it was updating bombed out at 84%, 3 times! Won’t turn on, as described in original article above, nothing quite like that oh no in the bottom of the stomach feeling!
    SE customer support were quick with their response, (a good thing?) except that the old chestnut “send it in for reset” advice.
    Anyway, needing a faster resolution came to this forum and tried a couple of the ideas. Unfortunately, each new USB port I tried wouldn’t recognise the device, I can only assume that the state the device was in wasn’t picked up right. Quickly learnt that you had to remove the battery after each attempt to get it back to recognisable status..
    In the mele, uninstalled the software update package, re-installed and managed the USB recognition better, and then didn’t try the update on the first USB I set up the software with, but moved the device to a second USB after reboot etc and finally it re-ran and worked fine. Phew, close and very uncomfortable, have uninstalled software update service, will not go near it again unless phone has some sort of terminal failure…!
    Still think a lot of the phone and the manufacturers, do need to do a better job here though…

  46. berra Says:

    I just tried to update my K800i. Luckily my phone still works, since I never managed to start the upgrade. I cannot even use the PC Suite to browse my phone. What a big piece of crap!

  47. Paul Says:

    I have a w800i and after looking on Sony’s site thought it would be a good idea to update and came across the same exact scenario as yourself. Thank you for taking the time to write the acticle Sony should have done in the first place…

  48. Ben Says:

    Thx dude seus sux

  49. StevenC Says:

    hi every1. i have a problem with my K510i, it works fine but as i bought it in another country, the frequency band is different (Phone:850,1800,1900 – My Operator’s freq band: 900,1800). I have sent a mail to SE but it seems that they did not understand, they say that it could be fixed by a updating with SEUS. Firstly, i know that SEUS would update it with a firmware that match to the phone’s region. Secondly, i’m not sure that frequency is firmware-dependent.

    Can u help me plz??? my phone’s signal level is very low and i can’t make calls.

  50. Are Wold Says:

    Hi, the K510i is a 900/1800/1900 phone, so you should be fine. (

    If you can’t make any calls no matter where you are, you should probably check this with customer service at your telephone operator. If you have low signal strength, but the name of your operator is visible on the screen, you are probably just in a location with poor coverage.

  51. Shoti Says:



    i don’t know if my phone is charging or already in the process of flashing. i have a p900.

    the update service window says that it is in the PROCESS OF DETECTING THE PHONE… BUT IT HAS TAKEN ME ALREADY 20 MINUTES,,,,

    when i put the phone in the cradle, it starts charging. is it charging or in the process of flashing???? help?

  52. damola Says:

    thanks for the explanation. i have started this process but my computer has been installing the new hardware for like 30 mins now. should i unplug it.

  53. StevenC Says:

    no i think that my k510i has been imported and reflashed. cuz in Service Info it shows Model: K510i and GSM850 GSM1800 GSM1900. i don’t think that i can do something to fix that. however i still want to update its firmware with SEUS if it worths, the one i have is R4CH003. are there real improvements in newer k510 firmware???

  54. Dutch Says:

    I’ve got a w810i and my damn sevice provider will not allow me to get my phone unlocked or reset to factory settings.

    Is there anyone that can help me out??? Much apresheated… Thanx for your time.

  55. SBart Says:

    If you get the Incompatible Macromedia version error you can download this version:

    It worked for me, however once I ran the program it told me I already had the latest software. I am getting frequent dropped calls, is there some fix for this or other firmware I should look for?

  56. Are Wold Says:

    You should probably ask your operator about it – as far as I know there aren’t any firmware issues causing dropped calls…

  57. SBart Says:

    Kewl. Thanks for the very quick response.

  58. Huss Says:

    i thaught it would b great 2 update my phone to access da new flash menus, untill now, i’ll my desires r gone. every ting was goin on fine with the update progress. but arriving to the stage wer it says “please do not touch phone”, i’m fed up with waiting. its been 4 hours since i’ve been waitin 4 da progress completed screen to pop up. wat shal i do. help would b most apreciated. yhxx

  59. Gulnar Says:

    Hi, everybody! i have the same problem as everybody in this forum have. I have tried to update my software on SE K800i, but unsuccessfully! My phone is dead. I don’t know what to do! I did update through inet, i don’t know how it calls correctly, Software Update out the air or smth. And now the pnone doesn’t work at all! it doesn’t switch off, i’ve replaced battery and remove simcard but unfortunatelu no results. We don’t have service center here where i work, it’s far from town! I hope, somebody will help with my problem/ If you can, step by step, please!

  60. Nicholas Thompson Says:

    @Gulnar: I’ve just tried to update my k800i. I get to 98% and am then told it failed. I then had the “Soft On” issue mentioned above which was solved by “switching” the battery (as SE would say) – ie, take it out and wait a few seconds then put back in.

  61. Natiaz Says:

    Hi, a funny post
    I was searching the web for information about mi k800i, because I want to change the horrible turn off animation (I have the Movistar one, my operator) and I´ve found your post. I´m agree with you about the upgrade software, but if you think that it is bad, try to do all this stuff with a mac computer….
    When I tried the upgrade on a windows pc had the same problem, my power button but turn off the pc and put the phone to charge and it works fine my power button responds.

  62. Jagdish Says:

    Hi, to all
    Can softwares be made so stupid?
    Well, we can learn from SE guys. First update service is not at all user friendly, it considers users to be pro in all aspects. Why can’t they simply mention things in detail. (Even in user guide of phone they haven’t mentioned that we can only zoom in vga for normal mode pics).
    I also suffered same probem with my K550i, after update reached to 100% it should say ur update is finished. But no! I waited for 30 mins. and finally removed usb and killed update service. I then started my phone and saw that firmware was updated to new version and was working fine, then why i didn’t got any completion of update msg? This software is really stupid. And as i can see many people have suffered from same problem, all i can say is that SE guys test their software directly on us. Total unprofessional behaviour. I hope my phone will work ok after this. I have sent email to their (SE) support dept. let’s see what they have to say.

  63. Antony C Says:

    I had the same problems. My SE US for P910i also said that i have an incompatible “macromedia” (as it calls it).. Well I have Flash Player 9 and I cant gess what else it needs from Macromedia.

  64. SJ Says:

    I had an issue with my update, they had gone fine before. But this time the phone wouldn’t turn on.

    Luckily I found this thread which helped me sort it out.

    I used the ‘wontan’ software in the link above, it flashed my eeprom and the phones back to working. I didn’t loose any information. Though it did cost 7 Euro’s

  65. Moose Says:

    What does a software upgrade help my k750 with? What is it for? does it improve how it works???

  66. Jag behöver lära mig några spanska svordomar Says:

    […] mobilens firmware, vilket bara går att göra från en PC. (Så här gick det förra gången, och så här gick det för en norrman som sammanfattar situationens elände mycket mer ingående än jag. Och han är […]

  67. Shaun McDonald Says:

    I cannot seem to be able to download the update service form sony ericsson’s web site. It seems that they have pulled it.

  68. Rajesh Srinivasan Says:

    I found this article extremely helpful. I ran into all the problems that you elaborated and what really helped me was to attempt the same using a different USB port.

    Thanks a ton.

  69. Chris Welton Says:

    This was my lucky day! After trying to run the software update and getting that ‘incompatible macromedia version’ message (while running Firefox) I ran it with IE (hate that MS crap) and it worked!!

    My phone is a discontinued T630 — can you tell me how to enter to read my firmware version please?

    Thanks for all the great help on this page.

  70. prasanna Says:


    My Phone mobile n w550I, can u please give me a link for update my software…my software has some problem

  71. mike b Says:

    im thinking of updating my k750i but after reading some reports is it worth the risks. anyway what does the new software change on the phone e.g menus or themes?

  72. Robert S Says:

    Geeeeeeeee Upadting these phones really sucks. I’m waiting for my phone idetyfication for about one hour!!!! Nothing happens – what’a hell?? How long does this “updating” take?

  73. fanem008 Says:

    HY, i have a k300i, what i have to do, to update my software?

    i thried with Update_Service_Setup- , but it`s telling me that the phone is not connected, BUT , it is.

  74. joy Says:

    i have a problem when updating my p910i. incompatible version of macromedia how can i resolve the problem

  75. tyler Says:

    Download and install worked for me

  76. Jacob Chiong Says:


    Last month I did a software update on my W900i and everything went through without a hitch – detection, flashing of firmware, etc. But when I powered up my phone after all that, the mic and handset ear speaker went dead. Using the hands-free wired kit I can still make and receive calls, but without it, the W900i will not work. Handset mic and ear speaker remained dead. Bluetooth also will not work. The only way to use it as a phone is the hands-free kit. I did the software update again and again, using 3 different computers. By last count, I must have done over 10 times. Including master resets of the phone numerous times.

    I checked with sony support and they asked if I have read the terms and conditions and disclaimers? Looks like because of the disclaimers, I am left very much on my own now. I resorted to using my old Nokia 3230 for now.

    Anyone has any experience with this and a solution? I will greatly appreciate it because I really like using my w900i.

  77. Maunil Says:

    HI, Frnz
    i have a SE K550i and after trying to update the phone for a 100 times i took the phone to service center as while charging the phone showed 100% charged and when the charger is removed it showed 20% and i was unable to charge the phone so i gave it to service center and guess what !!! after keeping my phone for 10 days they just “Master Reset” my phone and gave it back and said that its update as if i was a fool!!! so i tried to update manually and everything worked fine after some 4-5 attempts to detect the updates and
    the phone showed correctly upto 100% and got stuck and i waited for 3 hours and still i dint got the “Update Completed” screen and then i read your reply Mr. Jagdish and with a relief i disconnected the phone and it worked so i thank you for your great contribution to this thread.

  78. Ajay M Says:

    If you do not consider urself as an advanced user you should not attempt this process. I did the SEUS and it is working fine for me. My phone was not restarting and running SEUS saved me from spending some bucks.

  79. Kartik Says:

    This is seriously a very lousy update program. I’ve tried to update my phone’s firmware half a dozen times now. All drivers are installed and everything is in place. But, when I hold the C key while plugging in the cable I get a screen with the text “Do not disconnect your phone until identification is complete”. So I wait. Nothing happens. The flash page shows a cyclic progress bar. I wait for a few minutes and then go out. I return after a couple of hours, only to see the text, “Do not disconnect your phone until identification is complete” and the cyclic progress bar dancing recursively. Then I turn it off. Anybody out there who can help??!!

  80. julian Says:

    hi everybody…i got a se w800 ..i installed the update service and after it finished my phone wouldnt turn on..i tried charging it, connecting it to the computer, different computer, changin sim and nothing turns it back on..i also tried installin the update again but it says the phone is updated!! anybody know a solution would be truly appreciated!!

  81. Fahad Says:

    Well, whoever wrote this artcicle needs their head kicking in, because now it is at the top of google, and it is all false
    Firstly, SonyEricsson have told us, “Your PC needs to be able to handle the advanced features of this program, check if your Graphics card, and PC is compatible first”
    Obviously, yours isn’t
    Secondly, you are using the OLD software, try using the newer one
    I have successfully upgraded my K800, to a k850
    I have updated my K810
    I have updated my mates W810
    I have updated my brothers W610
    I FAILED to update a W850, because it was already fully updated
    This software runs fine on my Windows Millenium Edition PC

  82. Are Wold Says:

    Fahad, I would advise you to try being a little more polite online. If you state things that are wrong while being polite, you typically keep your readers’ respect. If you are both wrong and impolite, you are seen as an idiot.

    Now, to your post.

    Of course my PC was compatible. I did manage to upgrade the phone eventually. Perhaps my problem was using a modern operating system (Windows XP)? But, honestly, I have never had a copy of Windows ME, and acquiring a copy just to be able to run this program seems a bit far-fetched, don’t you think?

    The post refers to the old software because the post is from March 2006, which you would have spotted if you took a closer look at the article or the trail of comments following it.

    Still, even though the article is very old, it is apparent that people still have the same problems I had – see Kartiks comment from December 2nd above.

    In short, the fact that you didn’t have any problems doesn’t mean that noone else has problems running the update software.

    How did you get here, anyway, if you aren’t having any problems with your phone?

  83. Are Wold Says:

    Chris, your comment is appreciated. I don’t have any T630 specific info I’m afraid.

  84. Aaron Roberts Says:

    I tried to update my k850i as my lens wasn’t opening on the phone, at about 43% of installing the said update it failed and now my phone does not work.

    Still waiting for Sony to contact me.

  85. Aliyu Mustapha Says:

    Pls send the procedures for me in my mail box fore easy updating my firmware for k310i

  86. Aliyu Mustapha Says:

    Pls send it 4 me

  87. ray Says:

    please send me the instructions for updating k800i thanks

  88. Bill O'R Says:

    Do not use the SE Update Service!

    Just used the SE Update service to update the software in my wife’s K800i. The phone was originally on a Vodafone contract but was professionally unlocked after the end of the contract.

    The Update Service process worked fine with the minor exception that the phone is now RELOCKED TO VODAFONE and I’m going to have to pay to have it unlocked again.

    I have written to the Customer Services Director of Sony Ericsson (UK) to complain that the software did not warn me that I was about to incur a cost as a result of their action – but I’not holding my breath waiting for a cheque.

    My advice for others is not to use the Update Service – I will certainly never use it again and, after 10+ years and at least 6 SE phones, I’ll probably switch to another manufacturer for my next phone

  89. shibin Says:

    hey mt dear guys…where can i download the software changer…?pls

  90. IvorBiggun Says:

    SEUS software worked fine for me, no probs at all. If the phone on/off button is unresponsive, just remove and replace the battery then try again, update puts the phone in a weird mode where it’s unresponsive to the buttons/keys. Removing the battery resets it.

  91. Göran Says:

    Just bought a P1i. I’m having all kinds of weird problems, including but not limited to SEUS.

    First SEUS wouldn’t start, it just looped that cute flash animation over and over again. Couldn’t be cancelled except through Task Manager and a reboot.

    I tried anything I could think of (different software versions, reinstalling, rebooting PC, with and without the phone connected initially, different USB plug, restarting the phone…). Suddenly, SEUS mysteriously proceeded beyond the Flash animation for no apparent reason. I got to the point where I was expected to hold down the “C” button while restarting the phone. Nothing happened. I tried it a few dozen of times while changing various aspects of the setup, but to no avail. Of course there is no information about how long you are expected to hold the button pressed, but I gave it two or three minutes (which becomes frustrating when you have tried it about 20 times in different configurations).

    I had a similar story with Outlook synchronization (the only error message is “Synchronisation failed”, which isn’t overly informative). WLAN doesn’t work reliably either (randomly disconnects, “Network error” messages, etc).

    In the future, I hope S-E will focus more on usability and reliability, instead of bling-bling. Just imagine if all the resources spent on cute Flash animations had been used for quality assurance instead.

  92. Are Wold Says:

    I have to say I am pretty stunned that Sony Ericsson are still relying on this crap software after two years have passed. Mind-boggling. Why spend all that money developing the phone and then ruining the user’s experience by giving them poor software? Oh well.

  93. quest Says:

    where can i find this program to download

  94. PJain Says:

    I have a P1i and now regret buying the phone. I had used a k750 earlier and had liked the phone, but this phone is utter crap

    As a business user, this phone is just a waste of time. SE has spent money only on flashy graphics.

    On Macromedia version problem, download flash using IE instead of Firefox. I guess IE installs some type of ActiveX controls.

  95. Altaaf Says:

    I was about to update the firmware on my k850. Thank god i stumbled across these posts. thanks but i’ll stick with the current firmware :)

  96. Mats from Sweden Says:

    Great page about the worthless Sony Ericsson Update service (SEUS)
    that really sucks!

    I have both IE 7 with Flash 9 Active-X and FireFox 2 with Flash 9 Plugin
    but the SEUS refuses to start with the error message
    “Adobe Flash version 8 or later is required”
    “Application will terminate”.

    On another computer without FireFox installed it works fine.
    I had tried to run “regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\Flash9f.ocx”
    but it does not help.

    Why does a Windows program need to have stupid Flash-animations
    in the first place?

  97. oussou diawara Says:

    very good

  98. Mike Says:

    Congrats to all of you who was ABLE to update your phone’s firmware!

    I have a SE P1i and it SUCKS! Spent over $400 and can’t get support because it was an IMPORTED INTO US phone!

    The current Sony software update program SUCKS!
    Got it into the point after choosing my model P1i then press “continue” then…..

    Damn Sony!

    Why can’t they just let users plug in their phones to the computer then let the software FIND the phone then look for the updates AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT the users having to HOLD the TINY DAMN “C” key on the phone??!!

    Won’t buy another Damn SE phone! EVER!

  99. Piotr Kalinowski Says:

    I had w810i and w850i and succesfully updated firmware several times. The app is indeed lousy (how much I hate flash…) but all in all updating firmware is really cool.

    Though they should have written somewhere in a more visible place that holding C button makes phone hardware switch into a different mode designed for flashing and thus (since it behaves like a completely different device to Windows) requires a separate driver install. Not a problem for me, minor inconvenience at most, but could be surprising for some.

    Nevertheless – in case of failure (and I had experience that when flashing process was surprisingly aborted at 70% progress…) you can try again and get it working. I heard that in case of other brands that is not necessarily the case, leaving users helpless and requiring visit to a service point.

  100. Alex Says:

    Update kept on failomg on my z710i phone, thankfully my phone still seems ok…

  101. Mara Says:

    I have a (dutch) K550i for over half a year now. After a while I started noticing that pictures and music were getting corrupted, so I bought a Memory Stick and store my files there now, and it seems to have eliminated that problem for time being.

    However I’m tempted now to try an firmware update because I think it has also corrupted my ability to synchronize with my laptop. Half a year ago I put my contacts on my phone from my computer (XP), but now I get an error about invalid server responses (on XP and Vista, both the PC suites 2.10 and 3.2).
    I tried a master reset, and that solved an email/internet problem I also started having, but not the synchronization problem.

    Do you guys think an upgrade will solve this problem, should I risk it?

    I also read somewere that upgrading your phone will sometimes cause it loose its ability to function in languages other than English, anyone experience with that?

  102. Are Wold Says:

    It might – but it is hard to say. Have you tried reinstalling the SE software on the computer you are using? I would try that first.

    Haven’t had the language problem. But remember to stick very closely with the guidelines on the SE support site, whatever you do.

  103. Mara Says:

    Hi thanks for the suggestion.
    I tried uninstalling it several times unsuccesfully, and after restarting my computer for the xx time, it uninstalled itself without me asking for it (looked creepy, since by screen went black, and only the uninstal window was present) but finally it was uninstalled.
    Reinstalling the newer version -> same problems.

    Now I found a different software programm (MyPhoneExplorer) which works perfectly (synchronization with outlook and google calendar, backup, even sends/receve calls/sms)!

    Since this solves my problems, no need to attempt a dangerous firmeware update (yet? :( )

  104. Dr. C Says:

    Hi, I should have read your site earlier on.

    My W850i somehow can’t be detected. sometimes it can.. then when it can be detected, while downloading the update service, it only AT MOST 1% and it’ll say FAIL.

    Now? My phone can’t be switched on no matter how. :( sob sob sob.

    Do you know what I’m suppose to do now?

  105. Gingersoul Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Tell me, have anyone tried to update his/her SE phone through the integrated Update Service? In newer SE phone, like mine a W910i, you can connect the phone to a USB port and access the computer’s internet access (i.e you can browse the web on the phone using the computer’s internet access).

    Here is a guide to setting up USB Lan:

    Well, that is a great feature. I bought my W910i just recently and it has the latest firmware. I wonder if updating through USB LAN could be the best alternative. Has anyone ever updated a phone through the integrated Update Service?

  106. Kris G. Says:

    S.E. should be ashamed. This one of the worst user experiences ever.

    They show an incredible arrogance and even disdain for their customers here.

    Someone please show them iTunes and point out that THIS should be an example of how an attached device could/should be managed.

    (and I’m not even an Apple fan)

    I promise to vehemently recommend people avoid SE products.

  107. sciby Says:

    Tnks buddy….
    u did g8t job….

    i had same pblm….
    nw i can solve it… only b’coz of this note…

    a million tnks again… :)

  108. Boletus Says:

    Tried to install and update my K800i with Update Service Held the C-button in and connected the phone to the USB cable as instructed. The computer froze totally. CTRL-ALT-DEL didn’t even work. Had to pull the plug. I am stunned. Never again will I buy a Sony Ericsson. Worthless piece of crap.

  109. Gingersoul Says:

    To Boletus,

    I think your pc crashed when Windows detected the phone. So that is probably not the fault of SEUS. First let windows install the required drivers by doing the ‘hold C button’ but without SEUS running. Once you got the drivers installed, disconnect the usb cable restart the SEUS things all over again.

  110. dan Says:

    I’m suffering from similar problems with my z520a which I have loved for years. I recently updated the firmware and much to my chagrine, found it slower. I can live with that.

    Then I attempted to perform my first synchronization.

    “Synchronization failed”. That’s it. No help. So essentially the firmware has rendered my phone useless. No more Sony Ericsson device for me.

    It has just pushed me over the edge to buy an iPhone.

  111. Gnagna Says:


    great (and true) post. I just had really scary problems with my Sony Ericsson phone after failed updating and it was in a state of almost “bricked”. After reading this post, I found help in this other post:

    Good luck

  112. irwan !™ Says:

    thanks for your guidence , bro !

    now my phone is working again after dead for a while !

    cheers !


  113. hammerhead Says:

    freaking, frucking, froo! i’m still on the verge of trying to get my updater to work! tried installing app and flash using firefox – didn’t work, uninstalled both then used ie instead – nope… no work. tried those things over and over while also trying a restart over and over but still nothing. not even fart nor shit! shit!

  114. sehelp Says:

    The problem of the update service is two things. #1- Sony update software doesn’t tell you when it runs into a problem (like no communication with your phone) so it and you just sit there. #2- After removing old and installing new Sony update software on the PC the uninstall and reinstall did not remove and update windows recognition of the phone hardware and its compatibility to device drivers installed with the update service software.
    The device USB drivers for the phones are installed when you install Sony update service software.
    When you hold the “C” button on the phone and plug it in to the PC it puts the phone in a flash mode (Hardware Mode). Flash meaning to flash or re-flash a microchips memory, not flash player like Macromedia(Adobe).
    If you open Device Manager on your PC and expand USBControllers then plug in your phone while holding the “C” button, “SEMC Flash Devices” should appear (kept in registry). If you right click and uninstall this device then unplug your phone, when you replug the phone holding “C” windows will recognize new hardware and install “SEMC Flash Device” but with the updated drivers from the newly installed software. This allowed the phone to be recognized and the sony update software to continue past the battery in and connect phone while holding “C” screen, and do its update check online.
    Hope this helps some, and maybe even Sony to improve there software.

  115. Sen Says:

    For me, I needed to update the flash player using Internet Explorer, not Firefox. Hope this helps.

  116. Linus Says:

    Thanks for the info and the detailed response, it gave me a good laugh but at the same time an uneasy feeling as I got some errors on my phone at random when booting up. I have the p1i and decided today is the day that I need to sort out the errors as it gave me kern-exec errors at start up and then the phone just reboots the whole time. The only way to sort it out would be to take out the battery and then wait like 10 minutes and if you are lucky the phone will start up without any errors.

    I think what caused the errors was when I did a backup the cable came out by mistake while the backup was in progress so when I started up the phone I got the errors at random.

    I downloaded the SEUS from the Sony Ericsson website, installed, selected my language and phone and proceeded to do the upgrade. I pressed the c button, it installed the drivers needed and downloaded the files needed for the upgrade. It took about 10 minutes for it to download while I was just hoping the while time my connection would not die. After the download it took about 5 minutes for it to update the phone software. I removed the phone and started it up.

    It all worked fine without any problems, all I needed to do was install my apps again, most of them was on the memory card and just prompted me on the phone start up to install them. One or two apps I had to uninstall and reinstall but they worked fine after the install.

    All in all I think they did improve the update service of the phone and it all worked fine for me. I must say at first I was hesitant and did not want to do it but I think if you follow the instructions you should be OK>

  117. sonydak Says:

    my g900 update stuck at 96%. After an hour unpluged it. Nothing had changed. Run the update again,goees to 99% at once where stayed for about 5 minuits and suddenly………….moved on….Everything ok now.

  118. johnbuk Says:


    The software on my W580i had become currupted when the memory stick was remove & replaced while the phone was on – the phone worked but the screen display was very fragile. On trying software update the PC locked up every time I tried to update and never got to ‘release C button’. I tried removing “SEMC Flash Devices” as you suggested & also removed the SIM card and it worked!!!! Thank you so much for the info, I am delighted.

  119. Matt Says:

    I can confirm that the sucky process has improved little. You still get no notification to remove the SIM, the odd driver install thing stil happens (unflagged) and you still have to restart the app (unflagged) to make it work.

    Boo. Shoddy usability x 10.

  120. Gaz Says:

    Cheers for the review on how to update my phone. Your explanantions were far better than the Sony instructions. SONY please employ this man as your Comms are crap and obviously Sony have no one employed for their operational comms. Good article!!!

  121. Alberto Says:

    hello. cool article.. I am having with my phone w580i right now. Yesterday i tried updating it through the SE Update Service, I followed all steps but I forgot the most important one. My phone wasnt fully charged, it was around 50%. It was going to start the update process when the program asked me to charge my phone. I disconnected the phone from the computer and I connected it to the power outlet. The phone was still off, no sign of anything, so i tried turnin it back on, then the phone didnt do anyhting,, the phone didnt want to turn on, i still left it chargin the whole night just in case. The next morning I repeated the process of SE Update Service and it told m e that i needed to charge my phone. Obviously the phone didnt charge, and i think it is because the phone is not on. I called SE support and they couldnt help me. My hope is to charge my phone externally with the help of another alike phone or something like that. Unfortunately I dont know anyone with this same phone. any advice? thanks

  122. KleL Says:

    the new software didn’t even mention removing sim card :|

    i won’t update anyway then XD

  123. ahhhhh Says:

    I have a MacBook, I am clueless of how to download the software or what to do, help!

  124. sef Says:

    Thanks for the info and the detailed response, it gave me a good laugh but at the same time an uneasy feeling as I got some errors on my phone at random when booting up

  125. watch completely free Says:

    Watch all movies online

  126. hannah Says:

    it wont let me go past the stage of holding the C button, i have the w995, any help?

  127. Chrisse Says:

    I updated the firmware on my w995 after having made a backup. All data on phone and card disappeared and the phone does not work with PC suite. Is it not time they got their acty together!

  128. V.A. Says:

    hey need 2 help guys

    reply me please

    1. will i get a mobiole anti virus for sony in this update? yes or no

    2. google maps is making me sick it says that it is downloading terms and condition [well i nam not going to read that(useless)] then says that you need data connection well i have activated gprs then it says to sgo to a website where it asks mobile make and darn i go to this sony website useless thing

    pls atleast tell me how to make my google maps work pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i beg ya

  129. Bhamun Says:

    Hello! I’m new here. Just wanted to say hi

  130. D_J Says:

    Well… while trying to establish bluetooth connection my K510i went into a state which permanently said, “do not remove usb cable until exited application.”

    Well… I never connected the USB cable.

    Finally, I got a USB cable to try if that would work… NO, on connecting the USB cable to computer, the computer would halt, mouse keyboard would stop functioning. As soon as I remove the mobile, the PC Comes back..

    I though probably I could press “C” button and then connect to USB as desribed above. After doing this… the phone never came up again!!

    Its completely dead. Still when I connect the phone with USB cable to a computer, the compu will halt. I have tried this with three different PCs.
    Really strange behavior.

  131. Rhiaannon Says:

    Well their update service certainly still is lousy!
    I’m currently in the middle of updating my Vivaz in hope to revive it!..
    But yea mine wouldn’t connect either, 5th attempt it decided it had found my phone and would updaye it! :/
    Thanks for the article, enjoyed reading it! :)

  132. Lalit Says:

    I need help. While trying to update my SE P990i, after he installation i got the error message that the battery was not fully charged and the update was unsuccessful. Since then the phone is dead. its not getting charged nor am i able to switch it on. On trying to update it again, i am getting the message that the software is current and no update is required. This is strange, now i am without a cell, literally. Can anyone guide me as to what i need to do. kindly mail me at Thanks

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