Windows XP on the Intel Mac

Finally, someone did it – made Windows XP work on the Mac models with Intel processors. I’ve been waiting and hoping for this for some time now.

I doubt there are many laptop users with Windows machines that would not prefer the Apple designs if the design was the only difference. Unfortunately, there’s the whole Windows ecosystem to consider. Things used to be worse – these days Opera, Thunderbird, Skype, OpenOffice; more or less all the stuff you need to survive in the desktop environment is available in some form for Apple’s OSX.

However, I use my laptop for gaming (just occasionally these days, since I recently purchased a dedicated gaming PC), and spending a ton of money on a machine with a fairly powerful graphics processor that’s unable to run 90% of the world’s games is just not happening. Also, from my experience with Mac OSX, I know that there are parts of Windows I prefer – for instance (and this could be just because I’m used to XP, obviously) I find it really tough to navigate OSX using only the keyboard.

Forcing the user to navigate with the mouse is evil. I’ve run into a few dialogue boxes in OSX where I’ve been unable to use keys to select one of the options. When you can click “Yes”, “No” or “Cancel”, you should be able to navigate the buttons with the arroy keys or make a selection by pressing “Y”, “N” or “C”. That didn’t work. Of course, there’s probably some fancy Apple twist to this functionality – like having to press Apple+O instead of just Return to open something in the Finder – but whatever it is, it’s not intuitive.

Anyways – although there is a lot of work remaining (3D graphics support under WinXP is not working apparently) it just became a lot more likely that my next laptop will be an Apple machine. It’s going to be really exciting to see what kind of specifications and price point the Intel-based iBook will get when it’s launched.


One Response to “Windows XP on the Intel Mac”

  1. Margrethe Says:

    Apple products look nice, but for some reasson I don’t like to program on a mac. I’m not quite sure why, but it just doesn’t seem right.
    But one thing I do prefer with Mac, is the location of the @ key:)

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