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Audio ads in The Economist Audio Edition

December 25, 2013
(Update March 27: It seems the audio ads are removed – well done, The Economist! Subscription continuing.)
(This is an e-mail I’ve sent to The Economist customer service.)
Dear The Economist,
I’ve been a loyal subscriber for about 10 years. For the last few years I have mostly consumed your newspaper through the audio edition. It is an excellent way to get in-depth news coverage when walking or driving, and both the content and the presentation are usually top notch.
In the last couple of editions, you have inserted audio advertisements. This disrupts my concentration and the good mood I’m usually in when listening to The Economist.
Unlike paper ads, audio ads cannot be skipped in a heartbeat. My mobile phone is in my pocket or on the passanger car seat, and when walking or driving it is a huge nuisance to pick it up, unlock it, find the music player and fast-forward past the ad (in the mp3 edition).
This deliberate degradation of your newspaper is annoying enough that I’m probably going to cancel my subscription by February unless you reverse it.
Do you have any plans to evaluate the audio ads and consider removing them?
Best regards,
Are Espelid Wold

Nokia N82 appreciation usecase #3: The Economist in my pocket

November 5, 2008
The Economist in my pocket

The Economist in my pocket

As a subscriber to The Economist, I get the newspaper in my mailbox every Saturday (UK subscribers get it on Fridays, I believe, but up north we are not so fortunate…). However, I can usually download the MP3 edition on Thursdays. Of course, I copy it onto my N82 right away.

Most often, I listen to The Economist while walking or commuting to work, using my Koss Portapro headphones, but sometimes my ears tire from the headset, or the headset cable gets in the way as I move about tidying the house (right..).

Thanks to the N82’s pretty powerful stereo speakers, I can put the phone in my pocket and have it play The Economist for me as I walk around the house. They aren’t powerful enough for this to work well outdoors, and the sound quality doesn’t cut it for listening to music – but for radio, podcasts or audio editions of newspapers, they work fine.

My next phone will need to have at least as powerful speakers as the N82 – judging by reviews, it seems the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is well equipped; hopefully upcoming Nseries touchscreen phones (and Android handsets) are as fortunate.