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Why CNet is making me seriously pissed

April 12, 2007

I am so incredibly tired from crawling the web looking for reviews, and getting nothing but:

Stupid CNet

So, does that mean CNet has any unbiased reviews? Any exclusive video? Of course not! Jesus! I’m looking for some decent content and all I can find is corporate linkfarms.

Some people say spam is the scourge of e-mail. Well, that’s nothing compared to the effect of auto-generated, corporate product pages when you are looking for REAL product reviews!

For anyone as pissed about this as I am, I can point to ReviewFinder as a sometimes useful aid. The search function there uses a narrowed-down version of Google to search in only supposedly useful pages. These do, unfortunately, include CNet, but it seems other sites are ranked higher when they have reviews.


Two mobile applications no W800i should be without

January 1, 2007

Over the past year, I’ve been a very active user of my W800i mobile phone. I find that it is one of the best consumer electronics devices I’ve ever owned. It is a very good music player, overall good phone, and great camera (for a phone) – all in one compact 2×5.5×10 cm / 99 grams package. (More on that in my 6 months on review of W800i.)


The size of this phone and all the features it offers means that I can do stuff I simply couldn’t before. A few of my favourite examples include:

– Lighting up the dark path in the woods or finding the right cable connections at the rear of my receiver using the camera light

– Listen to music while walking without being concerned about missing calls or texts (the phone automatically pauses the music for me when something happens)

– Do document scans anywhere – need a copy of that A4 sheet? Just photograph it!

Mobile phones today are really small computers – increasingly similar to the general purpose computers most of us use daily. My two favourite applications are brilliant examples of this trend.