Parental controls stopping you from playing tracks in SingStar?

After swapping in a PS2 Singstar disk when playing PS3 Singstar, I was suddenly stopped from playing some of the songs. Ironically, the first song Singstar refused me was “We all stand together” – the rather child friendly Paul McCartney number…

Seems Singstar suddenly started to pay very close attention to parental control settings – or perhaps these were changed in a recent PS3 system sotware patch? I don’t know, but I found the solution on this forum:

Here’s the solution, courtesy of dadog102:

Go to your security settings of that master account then select Parental Controls

>then put in 0000 (thats the standard code if it has not already been set)

> select OFF as the control setting after you hit accept it will show a screen after that with a check box saying restrict starting a game with no parental control settings uncheck that box and select ok

>You should be all set. You can then go back in and turn the parental settings back to normal later on.


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One Response to “Parental controls stopping you from playing tracks in SingStar?”

  1. foboswmi Says:

    There parental control are other programs you can purchase (perhaps you could find one for free as well) that will allow you to further protect your child from inappropriate content. protect your pc with parental control

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