My three complaints with the Macbook Aluminium

The cat appreciated the Macbook just as much as I did.

The cat appreciated the Macbook just as much as I did.

One of the Macbook Aluminium’s strong points is its cat compatability, as evidenced from the image above. And overall it is a fantastic laptop. In fact, it is easier to point out its flaws than its strong points.

I’ve had my Mac for about three months now, and these are my complaints:

  • The laptop easily slides around when placed on a smooth surface, such as a table. The rubber “knobs” on the bottom – which elevate the laptop from the surface it’s standing on and are meant to keep it steady – do not provide enough friction.When opened, the forward edge of the main chassis, where you will rest your palms when typing, is pretty sharp. Enough to be somewhat annoying to me, depending on what position I’m sitting in.
  • There are only two USB ports, and it seems only one of them is fully functional when running Windows – my external USB 2,5″ drive won’t spin when plugged into the other. Given the real estate on the left side of the laptop, Apple should have been to put in one more USB port and made all of them 100% functional.
  • And it does have its rough edges in Windows – the trackpad is a bit finicky – the drivers need some tweaking, and there is no right click-button on the keyboard.

You probably realise, given that these are my main objections to the Macbook Alu design, that I am pretty happy with it. In fact, I consider it the best computer I’ve ever owned.

Great keyboard, nice screen, splendid design (and quite robust), huge trackpad, decent graphics card and powerful specs, backlit keyboard, decent battery life. And you can run both Windows XP and OS X on it.

I use mostly Windows XP – it is faster, I can play games and it is less dependant on a pointing device (I am a keyboard enthusiast). However, it is nice to have OS X as a virus-proof backup, and I use Garageband and iMovie from time to time.


8 Responses to “My three complaints with the Macbook Aluminium”

  1. maziyar Says:

    Iwanted to buy a macbook as my first laptop. but I’ve heard that the screen is too much that serious?

    • kieran Says:

      hi ive had my macbook alu since christmas and to be honest, even though its very glossy, the screen is still very sharp and clear under any lighting

  2. Are Says:

    Yes – the screen is really, really reflective. Since writing the review above I’ve been bringing it with me on trains, where I can’t really control the environment or the positioning of the laptop, and reflections in the screen are quite annoying. It is definitely something you should think about before getting one. Will you be using it in environments where you can’t adjust the lighting? Will you be watching movies a lot?

    The screen helps the laptop look fantastic, but for viewing movies on trains, my trusty Lenovo with its old-school screen sure works better.

  3. j Says:

    I think that you are able to buy a screen cover for it, (search on the apple site) sorta like a scratchproof thing that also stops light form reflecting, if it’s not on the site you should go to your apple store!! it’s def there!!

  4. j Says:

    here i found it! :)

  5. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks very much for sharing that tip, j!

  6. usedmac Says:

    I think it’s better to buy a new screen cover. What you think?.

  7. Karen Says:

    My alum macbook is three months old and I am NOT crazy about it. What’s with the no firewire port? I don’t care WHAT Steve Jobs says, a firewire port is important for many camcorders. Only two USB ports? The new IMovie is terrible in my opinion.

    It still has some of the nice reg features of a mac, but I think my old white macbook was better . . . only problem with that is that it started to die on me for no apparent reason . . . one mac person said “logic board” – but it was only 2 years old . . . what’s up w/that?

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