Nokia N82 spontaneously reboots when I receive a SMS message

I haven’t had the time to do any proper research on this, but my Google searches haven’t turned up anything sensible, so I’m creating a blog post where I’ll put any info I come across – and hopefully other people’s Google queries will wind up here.

This is what happens: I receive an SMS, and the phone does a soft reboot, returning me to the standby screen after about half a minute. I can then read the SMS. I am a bit unsure, but I believe the “SMS received” icon is shown the second before the device reboots.

This has been happening about 1-2 times per day on average, or for about every 3-5 SMSes I receive, over the last couple of weeks. As far as I can see, it doesn’t seem to be related to other apps I am running, which is mostly Opera Mini 4.1 and the Gmail Java app. It is a possibility that it is related to the latest firmware – I upgraded about a month ago – but it is strange that this should start happening after a couple of weeks of use and not right away.

Hopefully it is not a hardware issue – if it continues and I cannot find a solution, I’ll try to re-install the latest firmware.

Anyone else out there having this problem?

Uodate 09/08/08: I still have this problem, and it doesn’t seem related to the phone’s power consumption or heat. The only thing the crashes have in common is that they all occur during bursts of network traffic – after a phone call, when I send a SMS or receive one, when I download mail (that has triggered a crash just once). Weird. Hopefully a firmware upgrade will fix this, but I haven’t had time to try yet.


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4 Responses to “Nokia N82 spontaneously reboots when I receive a SMS message”

  1. El Says:

    Did you ever manage to get this fixed? I’m experiencing the same problems with V31 firmware.

    The phone reboots occasionally upon receiving an sms, ending a phone call, or receiving an instant message.

  2. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks a million for commenting! I’ve been waiting for someone with the same problem to surface!

    My phone has been working fine all winter, but over the last 2-3 weeks it has become unstable again. I don’t know why.

    Right now, my best theory is this:

    – Some external factor triggers a hardware glitch. This could be related to temperature/humidity.
    – Whenever data traffic occurs, there is a chance that the software will run into this hardware glitch and instantly reboot.
    – Rebooting the device properly (turning it off) temporarily resolves the hardware glitch, until the external factor triggers it again.

    After having it crash 3-4 times yesterday, I rebooted it properly and sent 25 text messages while downloading and using GPS – no problems. Just a few minutes earlier sending a text caused it to crash. Thus I believe cold-rebooting it temporarily removes the problem, before it arises again…

    What do you think?

  3. Are Wold Says:

    And BTW, I am also on 3.1 firmware, which I wasn’t when I had the problems last year.

  4. El Says:

    I’ve had the problem intermittently since I purchased the phone last year. It’d happen maybe once a week or so – not frequently enough to be a real nuisance. It’s only in the past couple of months that it’s happening regularly enough for me to be annoyed. 2-4 times a day. And I don’t recall having done anything differently to warrant its change for the worse.

    Your theory seems plausible, though I’m not very familiar with the workings of mobile hardware so I really can’t say. I’m certainly not operating the device at anything near extreme temperatures nor humidity. (I live in Pretoria, South Africa, which has very mild autumn temperatures of around 12-25 degrees celsius and dry weather.)

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