The ByteArts Rock Band guitar strummer replacement


Just a quick post to let any interested parties know that the ByteArts Rock Band strummer replacement is great – more responsive than the standard strummer, yet less noisy than the GH variant – and not only that, their customer service is awesome as well.

I have bought two of these strummer replacements, but on the second purchase I gave them the wrong delivery address. The packet went from the States to Norway and back again, and I had started wondering where it’d gone when they e-mailed me and told me it had been mailed back to them. I provided them with the right address, and they promptly mailed the packet to me – without any extra charges.

This is what customer service is all about, well done ByteArts!


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One Response to “The ByteArts Rock Band guitar strummer replacement”

  1. cres Says:

    You can also repair the strummer yourself much cheaper but a little bit more hassle than the byteart kits – instructions can be downloaded here and kits can be got from here with worldwide postage.

    Total cost about £8 inc tools etc and it works better than ever now, I had not soldered before and that was a bit scary but once I had a go it seems pretty easy. Anyone else tried these kits out?

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