Pairing the Apple Wireless Aluminium Keyboard with the Nokia N82

I had some problems hooking the Apple Wireless Keyboard up with my N82 and thought I’d share the experience.
The procedure should be very simple, and goes as follows:

Get the Nokia wireless keyboard support software. You want the 3.1 version, even though the N82 isn’t listed as supported by the software. Install this software on the phone (I assume you know how that part works – the easiest is to go to the site above over wifi and download the app straight to your phone, or download to your computer and transfer the install file to the N82 via bluetooth.)

Start the software. It is not located in the “Programs” folder – it is in what I believe is called “Connections” or something similar (I have Norwegian titles on my phone). That’s the same folder you have bluetooth settings in, among other stuff.

Activate the keyboard by pressing the on button. It should start looking for a bluetooth client to pair with – the status light should flash regularly. This is where I had a problem – every time I switched on the keyboard, it automatically resumed the connection with my Mac Mini, which it was paired with. To avoid this, I switched off bluetooth on the Mac (you could probably also just unpair it). The keyboard cannot pair with several units simulateneously (which is unfortunate – I would like to pair it with the mini, the N82 and the PS3…).

To be absolutely certain the keyboard was “rebooted” I also briefly removed the batteries – this shouldn’t be necessary at all, but who knows.

When switching on the keyboard again, the light blinked regularly and the keyboard showed up when I searched for it in the wireless keyboard app. After following the onscreen instructions with regards to setting a password, I can now consider my N82 a personal computer. Rejoice!

You might be interested in knowing that the left command key (apple key) maps to the left soft key, and the right command key maps to the right soft key. The central navigation button on the N82 (the “OK” key I guess?) is mapped to Enter – or sometimes shift+Enter. You can get to the menu with alt+tab. I haven’t figured out how to “escape” (red button on the N82) yet.


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9 Responses to “Pairing the Apple Wireless Aluminium Keyboard with the Nokia N82”

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  2. kevin89 Says:

    Thanks! Very helpfull. Great!

  3. Adriano Says:

    I also bought the same keyboard but im using it with a n95. So far I had some keymap issues like special character é ô á etc.
    Did you get any far with your discoveries?


  4. Are Says:

    Hi Adriano – unfortunately didn’t get anywhere with the keymapping issues. Last thing I tried was getting it to work with my N97 – unsucessfully. Didn’t try very hard, though.

  5. dogears Says:

    Hi, have you discovered all the corresponding N82 keys on the keyboard? I just bought the Apply WL KB and using it as of writing. However, I have not yet found out the corresponding key to go to the Menu (very first screen on N82). Thanks.

  6. dogears Says:

    I just found the answer: shift + right command :)

  7. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for posting the answer :)

  8. wade Says:

    i’ve “found” 3 key commands which i hope will be of use

    1. cntrl + a- selects all…this one’s a no-brainer i guess

    2. Opton + tab (then release) brings up the vertical “taskbar” for switching between open apps

    3. shift + up/down/left/right keys (on bottom right of keyboard) will allow you to selectively choose which text you want to highlite i.e. the same as using the phone’s # and “o.k.”/center key while in edit to selectively select text

    on that point has anyone determined how to duplicate the act of “turning off” T9 and using multi-tap on certain keys in order to be able to use “special charcters” while editing/text inputting?

  9. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks a bunch for sharing the tips. I don’t know about how to switch off T9, though…

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