Why you should offset carbon emissions when you fly

Assumption: You agree that carbon emissions cause global warming, that this is a bad thing and that emissions should be reduced.Web sites like http://www.mittklima.no or http://www.myclimate.org let you pay for CO2 reductions that compensate for the ones caused by your flight. You should use these because:

  • It is the right thing to do. You know that air travel is bad for the environment, but you do it anyway. If we always compensate for the emissions we create by reducing emissions elsewhere, flying isn’t necessarily a huge environmental problem.
  • It is quite cheap – 100 NOK or $20 for a 45 minute flight.
  • It is easy – you need a VISA/Mastercard and five minutes.
  • If enough people do this, it will help society adopt a zero-emissions mindset – if you pollute, you have to compensate for it.
  • If enough  people do this, the cost of carbon offsetting can be required by law to be a part of the plane ticket, and we won’t have to take care of it manually.

There you go – head over to http://www.myclimate.org (English speakers) or www.mittklima.no and clean your Earth and your conscience.


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