The wonders of modern advertising – Amazon and Gmail

I have had this happen to me three times now, and I just have to let it out somewhere.

Had what happen to me?

Well, intelligent advertising! The first two times was Amazon e-mailing me about 1) a new U2 live concert DVD that I didn’t even know existed, and 2) a new Buzz! PS2 game, which I also di not know of. I bought 1) but skipped 2) after reading some reviews – but I was still very happy about being given relevant information.

Now it just happened again – I was shopping at Threadless (a pleasure), and it occurred to me that they probably have some good competitors online – firms I have never bothered to look for. Then the confirmation e-mail from them arrived (I ordered the “Cupid Stupid” shirt), and lo! What advertising am I treated to in Gmail, immediately above the Threadless mail? An ad for Deadblog, an Icelandic firm selling (rather depressing) t-shirts. Again, useful information! Who would have thought this in 1999?!



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