Transmission: A fantastic Mac OS X torrenting application


I was actually trying to donate some money to the people behind Transmission, a fabulous BitTorrent client for OS X, but it seems they are not accepting donations.

Therefore, my respect and recommendations will have to suffice, at least until they start accepting donations. Transmission is very elegant, designed exactly like an OS X application should be – it is one of those applications that improves the aesthetics of your system. The interface is very, very clean. This is the first torrenting client I have tried where I have found every option I need without searching for it – where should the download go, which port is open and what are the download caps. And more.

On top of this, it uses a very small amount of system resources.

Bottom line – if you have a Mac, if you download stuff using the bittorrent protocol, you should try Transmission. Now!


5 Responses to “Transmission: A fantastic Mac OS X torrenting application”

  1. David Damico Says:

    Hello, I am a bittorent user but have never made a torrent. Someone suggested using Transmission because it is easy. However, having never done this before, it is not so easy for me! is it possible to send screen captures or at least instructions on what settings to use? I appreciate your review.

  2. Are Wold Says:

    I haven’t actually created a torrent with Transmission myself. Take a look at :)

  3. kebo Says:

    I have downloaded transmission on my macbook and it will not open….any suggestions??

  4. Are Wold Says:

    Could you be more specific? I don’t have any good suggestions.

  5. papita Says:

    I can see peers, but no progress has been made and nothing is being transferred in or out. I’ve restarted everything, and as far as I know, I’m not behind a firewall or anything, so I’m mystified.

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