Supreme Commander versus Command and Conquer 3

Well, after having played a few missions of the Supreme Commander campaign and played through the C&C 3 demo, I feel entitled to have a few opinions on this matter.

In short, Supreme Commander represents something new – namely, its enormous scale. C&C3 is more of the same – more polished, yes, and with excellent production values, but still just more of the same.

After having played SupCom, I felt incredibly constrained when playing C&C3 – I kept trying to zoom out to view more of the battlefield.

The cool FMV sequences and more entertaining story of C&C 3 could make me want to play it a bit more, but gameplay-wise, we’re talking Red Alert, and that’s what is sending me straight back to SupCom.

If there is a god of real time strategy games: Please combine the engine of Supreme Commander, the production values of C&C3 and the story of Starcraft.. please!


22 Responses to “Supreme Commander versus Command and Conquer 3”

  1. Hyssy Says:

    Hello again (not posted here since the OS X mouse acceleration thing). I’ve pitched my tent firmly in SupCom land. It’s just superior in every way.

    Screw location, location, location.

    It’s all about the Zoom, zoom, zoom.

  2. Are Says:

    Hehe, I agree! Maybe we’ll meet on GPGnet someday – when my thesis is done. I haven’t had time to try online multiplayer at all yet.

  3. Subliminal Says:

    The best thing to do and what i’m doing right to download both of the games demos, Makes alot of sense to try before you buy ;)

  4. Gene Higgins Says:

    I was waiting for C&C3 and couldn’t help myself when SupCom came out, had to get it. It took a lot of getting used to, like I couldn’t figure out the ferry thing for the life of me. But using the tutorial (which sucks as a tutorial, BTW, but is an excellent sandbox) I finally figured out how to use the stupid ferry feature. It’s not stupid, it’s really cool, and something that should have been in just about every RTS ever made from jump. The problem was that in the heat of battle, with my gunships getting torn up by AA and artillery hitting me from beyond my radar, I was trying to get the hang of ferry, which isn’t the environment most conducive to learning (I suppose if you did learn it that way it would be especially indelible, but tough nonetheless). Haven’t seen C&C3 yet but from what I’ve read so far I seem to have blundered into the right choice. SupCom is quirky but great. I’m afraid I’m spoiled now as well. I still think WH40k:DoW has the best setting though.

  5. Test Says:



  6. miaow miaow Says:

    SupCom was the first game I bought for my MBP runs beautiful – max specs. I agree totally with Gene, waiting for C&C3 then SupCom comes out and its like WOW (not to b confused with World of Warcraft) still an RTS, but so much depth and FRESH ideas. definitely worth a look. im still thinking of trying out C&C3 but not for a little while. totally off topic, NFS:Carbon was the first game i bought for my MBP – when I comes to pathetic games with no replayability it is numero uno.

  7. Walter Says:

    I am dling SupCom as i am typing and i dont think i will be able to play due to graghics

  8. Hyssy Says:

    Doesn’t time fly…

    Still an avid Sup com fan. Must say, the net code is particularly good. I moved from the UK to Australia a few years back and am able to play pretty much lag free games with my mates back home. Always nice to destroy them from a distance :P

    The game is getting good support still so even if there are bugs affecting you now, there’s a good chance that it’ll be fixed soon.

    And get that thesis done, we’ll get a game going :P

  9. Are Wold Says:

    Good to hear about the distance-friendly net code! I’m very much up for a game, eventually. *sighs at openoffice*

    Where in Australia are you? I spent six months studying in Cairns two years ago. Really enjoyed myself down there, though it’s a bit hot for my Norwegian tastes…

  10. Tristan Says:

    SupCom i must say is the best RTS i have ever played, CnC is good but what i rly think is the whole tiberium stuff is just plain shit, most of CnC’s successful games contain real armys like red alert and generals, i loved generals to death and didnt play TA so i thought i would like CnC3 better but alas supreme commander has won my heart and my wallet, all i can pretty much say is supreme commander absolutely dumps a fat crap on CnC3 :P peace

  11. L0ck and L04d Says:

    MAN!!!! I HATE YOU GUYs! My PC sucks and the best game I can play on this thing is Warcraft 3 at lowest quality :(

  12. Hyssy Says:

    I’m down in Sydney, Are Wold. Getting ready for the horrendous mess that the APEC summit will bring. Road closures and all.

    Now if real life were like Sup Com, I’d just climb into my ACU and go stompy stomp…

  13. ronocdh Says:

    Hm, I’m only playing C&C3, even to this day. Never got into it because of the “sameness” you mention. I guess I’ll check out SupCom!

  14. Viktor Says:

    Supreme Commander is better then the stupid Command & Conquer

  15. Andrew Says:

    I have heard alot of people say that Supreme Commander is the best RTS out there, I would disagree. I’ve been playing RTS games since Tiberian Sun, with alot of stops on the way including the classic Age of Empires 1 & 2, Red Alert 2, Emperor Battle for Dune etc. I must admit I haven’t had much experience with Supreme Commander but those of you who say it is better than CNC, must have horrible micro. (If you don’t know what micro is stop playing RTS games). The difference between the two games is that CNC3 takes a high amount of skill and precision to win at, focusing on the battles and forcing you to plan your strategy very carefully, with macro and micro involved. While Supreme Commander relies largely on macro-management, maintaining a large economy and amassing a large force which you then throw at the enemy. (Does flanking even make a difference I wonder?) Like I said, I’m not experienced with the game and am only going by what I’ve seen, but then some of you have only played the CNC demo. For those of you who constantly ask what tiberium is all about and long for regular, modern units….. it’s called fiction. Read a book. Thanks!

  16. El Nico Says:

    I dont own either i am deciding agaisnt one another and ive been a Command and conquer fan ever since Red ALert two i bought first decade but have been reluctant to buy C and C 3 then i see supreme commander and cant decide i think command and conquer does take more startegy sometimes but i havent played the other one

  17. kamil Says:

    obudowy kolejowe

    Dzien Dobry, reprezentuje firme, ktora zajmuje się produkcja obudow kolejowych, oczywiscie nie kazdego to zainteresuje ale nasza firma specjalizuje sie i zdobyla uznanie na rynku polskim produkując obudowy kolejowe, radiatory i szafy sprzetowe. Główny…

  18. BratE Says:

    I have both C&C3 and SupCom. I have played every version of Warcraft, AOE and StarCraft.

    I had a five year hiatus of RTS before playing SupCom and CNC3. I got SupCom and put 50 or more hours into it. It took me quite a while to learn and I am still picking up things. Then I got CNC3 and put about twenty hours into it. Then I played Warcraft and AOE with my nephew. He beat me at WarCraft. I creamed him at AOE.

    I found CNC3 to be comparible to the AOE of old in most respects, except maybe marginally better in the graphics department. There are some aspects of AOE I liked better. Oh, the story and Grace Park (fr BattlestarG) was entertaining…maybe the game is worth it for that part. I got to wondering if Grace was wishing BG didn’t get cancelled. She is kind of a hottie.

    SupCom is in a class all by itself. The game play is hugely better. The zoom is just incredible. Once you use it, you can never go back. Like the other reviewers, I kept trying to zoom out in CNC3, but the mousewheel did nothing! Also, Supcom supports two monitors, so the mini-map (not that you need it) is not mini. Then, for fun, once in a while you can put your 3-D graphics card to use and get a real-time 3d rendered version of the battlefield. I don’t find this useful for killing my enemies, but it is pretty awesome, especially watching as your nuke destroyes your opponents base, or watching as 50 torpedo bombers drop their load on a battleship, including underwater torpedo visibility, splash, and explosions on the ship. On the battlefield, tanks rolling, bots walking, artillery arcing, lazers blasting, missles homing in, zoom in or out, 2-D or 3-D and rotate the perspective with real time rendering…all is very clear (warning, may require quad SLI when rotating perspective on a huge battle).

    The guy who commented about micro… you need to play supcom more. Its micro has more to it, like ferrying and proximity bonuses for the layout of your buildings. The patterns and rollout of buildings that people use is more vast and varied in Supcom, not to mention the higher graphical detail, 3-D, etc….if you zoom in that far. The replay feature lets you see how different people roll out and take advantage of proximity.

    SupCom’s online matchmaking is pretty good. “The Zone” back in the day (for AOE) I thought was best, but SupCom’s GPGNet is pretty good and has some features the Zone didn’t have. GPGNet could have more people playing and I wish the lobby showed the settings that were being hosted by each of the games.

    The Civ’s are pretty well balanced. A brute force attack of high-level land units can be killed by a few cheap bombers in the air, but shields can stop bombers, etc. There are many rock paper scissors type of relationships (like all RTS). Sometimes it takes a combination of five or six different units to make a big dent, like bomb the power, so the shields come down, then roll in mobile artillery, but first take out point defenses and make sure you have air supperiority without AA taking you out. There are even coordiated attack features you can use to ensure the units arrive at the same time. There is plenty of micro involved in these.

    Then there is the case when your opponent has been too quiet for a while or not advancing, but entrenched and fending off (cheaper when done well). What is he building? Where are his resources going? Can you sneak a radar cloaked scout into his base, or do you have to bomb his aa first and force the scout across…maybe you send a hoard of suicide scouts. If he is building a nuke, you need anti-nuke, but building anti-nuke when he is building something else can be a game shifter.

    SupCom is so much better. Nobody ever goes back to CNC after SupCom. I haven’t heard of anybody ever NOT going back to SupCom after CNC. Its like a matchbox car compared to a 911 Turbo.

  19. Xer01 Says:

    I’d just like to make a few points. First SupComs game play style is NOT a new and freash Idea,SupCom is mearly the latest installment of the a very old title called total annialation or TA.

    Now when I say old I mean pre windows 98 old no lie the installation disc for the game has windows 95 CD-ROM labeled on it. When your commander would build something instead of all the fancy effects SupCom has now you’d get a spray of green squares that would full up a wire mesh and until poof a new structure appears and the units basically looked they were made out of card bored.

    If your not familiar with TA and its story let me recap the back story for you the game centers around an epic war between two factions the CORE and the ARM. The CORE is older than the ARM, originally the CORE ruled or all humanity with absolute authority. The CORE was able to do this because it was not tyrannical government it only made laws that improved the health and quality of life of it subjects. Than the Core made the ultimate solution for all problems,patterning. patterning is a process by witch a human consciousness can be transmitted it to a machine this instantaneously eliminated disease and old age forever it was immortality. The Core immediately made patterning a mandatory procedure for all citizens. However there were some who were not willing to give up there human body’s a dived in the populace began to form and the ARM was born,war was on. However the ARM was at a major disadvantage to the Core since the Core could take there best warriors copy there minds thousands of times and create army’s of only there best and brightest solders. The Arms answer to this? Cloning. Both now side’s had a from of immortality,unlimited reproduction rate and limit less resources since space is vast and has resources in all directions(can you say infinite war?)the war raged on for countless eons. It consumed all of civilized society both side are now left with only one acceptable outcome to the conflict the total annihilation of the other.

    Tell me that didn’t sound like SupCom. For me personally I love both CnC and TA but I don’t think they should be compared in terms one being better than the other there way to different in all respects.

  20. Nick Says:


    For what it’s worth, there’s a reason that TA seems a lot like SupCom. Chris Taylor (the guy behind TA) is also responsible for designing and creating SupCom. In pretty much every way except the name, SupCom _is_ TA 2.

    TA/SupCom really do represent a set of new and great ideas for the RTS genre. If nothing else, I hope every new RTS released includes the strategic zoom feature of SupCom. A classical mini-map is such a waste when you can flick the mouse wheel and make your entire screen the “mini” map.

  21. Darkfire Says:

    I have SupCom and CNC3. Personally I like play the through the campian os SupCom and then the Skirmishes of CNC3 but i keep on trying to zoom on CNC3 and nothing happens so this gets irritating.
    Over all i prefer SupCom and spend more playing it.

  22. Prav Says:

    Am a big fan of RTS, I have played almost all CnC games, i bought supreme commander, but CnC is still better for me. except RA3

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