Drag and drop in the OS X Finder stops working

I’ve been having my Macbook for about 7-8 months now, and this problem occurs on a regular basis: The drag and drop functionality in Finder stops working.

After googling for a bit, it seems Quicksilver is the problem. Drag and drop only goes away if QS is running, according to this forum thread. It seems the number of items Quicksilver is cataloguing might have something to do with it – it would certainly fit my profile, as I have about 70.000 items in the catalogue. Apparently, this can cause Quicksilver to experience errors and affect the Drag/drop functionality.

This post will be expanded as I look for solutions. Please leave a comment if you’ve also experienced this issue, or if you know of a workaround / solution.


8 Responses to “Drag and drop in the OS X Finder stops working”

  1. Denni Says:

    I have this same problem! Lookin for a solution now…

  2. Are Wold Says:

    I reduced the number of items catalogued by Quicksilver to about 5000 from about 80000, and I haven’t had this problem since… Hopefully this QS bug will be fixed soon. Though I was able to fit the most important files and directories into those 5000 entries :)

  3. Anders Says:

    Take a look at the Quicksilver bug forum, it’s mentioned here:

    Not much seems to have happened with this bug lately though, but they seem to have reached a conclution on the number of items scanned, and that turning off catalog scanning somewhere should “fix it”. If it’s just a limitation like that it’s really strange they’ve not been able to fix it yet..

  4. Anders Says:

    Btw, where can I see the total number catalogued easily?

  5. Are Wold Says:

    I just do a rough summary of the Catalogue section in Qs prefs, since the really large items are under Custom anyway. But maybe you have found a better way by now? :)

  6. Adam Says:

    I have the problem as well. it’s NOT quicksilver as I dont have it installed but possibly CuteFTP- seems to crash drag and drop functionality in Finder et al after heavy cuteftp use.

  7. Are Wold Says:

    Interesting. I haven’t had this issue since I stopped using Quicksilver. Maybe QS and CuteFTP use the OS X APIs in a similar manner, thereby causing the same bug? Could be a possibility, since the amount of usage seems to make a difference in both CuteFTP and Quicksilver…

  8. Eridanny Says:

    Hi there, I don’t know if I have QS (haven’t installed it) but on my MacBook this is just crazy. I barely turn in on and it has a huge lag for everything. I needed to do an “Archive and Install” so I could use it but after 1 day it seems to do the same thing. I am transfering the files I have on the hard drive to an iMac using wireless and my iPod (90 Gs is a lot to wait using wireless) but with some files the Finder gives me an error and then it crashes, it gets freeze, I use cmd + alt + esc and it also takes sometime to get me the screen so I can relaunch the finder and start all over again. Another issue I’m having is that from my iMac I cannot pull out any of the files on the MacBook but from the MacBook I can send files to the iMac with no problem what so ever (sometimes happens with some files that the Finder stops responding).

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