Windows Vista

OK, I was just provoked into writing a few words about Windows Vista, as I got my second bluescreen of the day. I haven’t had so many BSODs in such a short time since Windows XP SP1… or was it Windows 2000?

Photo 69

Anyway – it bluescreened on me just now when I tried to patch Company of Heroes, and earlier I am guessing that it was because of Realtek sound control panel application. As far as I know, both of these should be Vista compatible. Oh well.

My main conclusions on Vista at this point:

– It is unstable
– OS X feels, works and looks a lot better
– Once it is actually stable (Service Pack 1?), it will be like XP with a fancy skin and more pre-installed applications, which is probably mostly a good thing. And it should be more spyware-proof than XP is now, which is good.

(Of course, the lesson here is – don’t bother, get a Mac…)


5 Responses to “Windows Vista”

  1. Torgeir Says:

    I’m still not convinced that Mac the better alternative. I just installed Xubuntu on my laptop without any problems. Insert CD, choose install, have an espresso, use. And after installing KNetworkManager, connecting to the wireless network at the university (using 802.1x, WPA and PEAP) is even easier than in XP! It’s not perfect, though, but Linux has come a long way. And as soon as xfce 4.4 is made available through the update system, my laptop will have the same nice/useless transparency as Vista ( No Mac on me :)

  2. Andrew Says:

    And *thats* why I’m not even going to consider Vista till the inevitable SP1 :)

  3. Are Wold Says:

    Torgeir, I think Linux is still a long way away from offering the same comprehensive and coherent OS/applications package OS X does, even if the core OS / GUI is at the same level. I think it’s still going to be some time before Linux can compete head to head on the desktop. I have considered installing linux on my macbook, though.

    Andrew: Yep. Actually, I used my girlfriend’s laptop with Win XP on it last night, and it suddenly occurred to me how much I preferred it to Vista… fast, stable, a lot fewer uncessary bells and whistles. Of course, you can mostly turn those off in Vista, but then you are left with nothing but endless alert popups whenever you try to run something. Last night, I also experienced explorer.exe suddenly soaking up 100% of the CPU – I had to kill it a few times before it behaved properly…

  4. Margrethe Says:

    I don’t like it, but I prefer Windows XP over both Mac and Linux. From an ideological point of view, I should installed and used Linux a long time ago, but Linux still doesn’t look nice enough for me or makes everything work out of the box (and I haven’t found any media player which work as I want it to/like iTunes). When I finish my master theises I’ll put some more effort into Linux and maybe I’ll change my mind.
    Mac on the other hand has some nice features, but it lack other things (like easily writting of braces({}) and mouse acceleration).
    Maybe I just should write my own OS and get everything as I want it;)

  5. Anders Says:

    The braces annoyed me too for a long while – but you get used to it, I’ve stopped thinking about it now and just do the right thing. I quite like OS X but I’m not manic about it – I’ve installed both XP and Fedora Core 6 on this Macbook Pro in addition to it (through Parallels) – though mostly for testing during development.

    The thing that surprised me when I changed to Mac is that I don’t miss any applications in XP any more (maybe except for managing my Phone & etc.) All my developer tools are available on OS X too, (Eclipse with LOTS of plugins), I have VLC, Opera and Firefox, Azureus, Skype, msn/yahoo exists too but I prefer having them all in Adium which is based on the GAIM library and supports a lot of different chat protocols fairly well. When it comes to VNC, FTP etc. there’s good, free software available to handle that too. If i chose to pay for it I would have Microsoft Office available too, but for now I use NeoOffice – hopefully OpenOffice will release a version with native Cocoa GUI themselves soon, they’re working on it AFAIK.

    It’s basically just games that is the problem, but – I’m supposed to work anyway so it’s kind of good ;)

    Maybe a bit off topic and pro-Mac there, hehe, but seriously, I don’t care that much about what I use – I rather regularly use both XP and FC6 too and I survive perfectly well with all of them. They all have their flaws.

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