Mac OS X Mini-annoyance: How to stop iPhoto automatically importing images in Mac OS X

The answer to this problem is really simple, but I’m making a post about it nonetheless as it is something that annoys me every time I get to a new Mac.

Pull up Spotlight, search for Image Capture. In Image Capture, open Preferences, and choose whatever application you want to be launched when connecting a camera or a memory card – if any. Done.


10 Responses to “Mac OS X Mini-annoyance: How to stop iPhoto automatically importing images in Mac OS X”

  1. user Says:

    thanks a lot for posting this. sure, its a simple solution, but it was driving me crazy for a while, and im pretty good with a mac. thanks

  2. Tor Says:

    Or you can just do what any sensible person does when one gets to a new Mac. Uninstall any app whose name begins with a lower case i.

  3. PLM Says:

    Thanks SO MUCH…. I was going crazy with this automated MAC thing!!!!! wanting to import without asking my pics…..grrrrrrr
    Problem solved….thanks so much again!

  4. Sophie Says:

    Fabulous – this one has been driving me mad too, ever since I got my new camera in August!

  5. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for your comments, glad to be of help :)

  6. Tyler Says:

    Yes, this is good. I got a new flash drive, and iPhoto 5 pops up whenever I plug it in. (On a 400MHz iMac G3) You can guess how annoying that is….(And painfully slow) Thanks!

  7. Adam Says:

    Yeah, that problem was annoying and the fix was obscure, here is a video of your fix for anyone who learns by seeing :)

    Your tip is dead-on. It should help a lot of people with this problem.

  8. ade Says:

    Brilliant – this has been driving me NUTS !!
    Thank you for taking the time to post, VERY much appreciated ;-0

  9. onno Says:

    thanks, but here is another one: how can I stop iPhoto from automatically importing all the image documents on my external harddisk?


  10. Ivan Says:

    how do you open preferences???

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