Mac OS X annoyances, part 3: The missing Finder keyboard shortcuts

This site has a great collection of OS X tips, but there are still a few things missing in the Finder.

OS X annoyances, part 3
Here be dragons

There is a contextual menu (the “action menu”) you can bring up for items by right-clicking on them. It is really handy – unfortunately there is no way to get to it without using the mouse, which makes it nearly worthless to me. Windows XP lets you use the right-click button on the keyboard (to the right of the spacebar, where the second Command key is located on the Mac) for this purpose.

Finder’s sidebar, called the Places sidebar in the previously mentioned site, lets you add shortcuts to directories or files you access often. Very neat, but again, there is no way to reach these shortcuts by using the keyboard.

There is also a nifty search feature in the Finder. Guess what – you click on the search box in the top left of your Finder window and enter your search string. If you want to modify where the search is looking, you also have to use the mouse. And when time comes to move the focus down to the search results… yep, the mouse.

On a related note, there is no way to make the search results include what directory the found item is in, so if you have several files with the same names, you have to click in the list, and key through them – the directory is listed at the bottom of the window. Why not include an option to customize the results list? This is a small detail which makes File & Folders search in Windows a lot more effective to use.

(Yes, I know about Spotlight, which by the way suffers from the same problem. Fortunately, Quicksilver is a lot more useful, but not quite stable on my machine at the moment – and not integrated with the Finder.)

These are just a few of my minor complaints with OS X. The sad part is that these are really, really easy to rectify, and I can’t understand why these (to me) obvious shortcuts are left out. On the whole, their absence make OS X a lot slower to use. Apple – please let me work faster with my Mac!


3 Responses to “Mac OS X annoyances, part 3: The missing Finder keyboard shortcuts”

  1. Jaka Jancar Says:

    I’m new to Macs too, and I must say I ran into almost all the problems you have.

    If only I could work at Apple on Leopard for a day or two :)

  2. Are Wold Says:

    Yep :) Actually, when I asked a friend of my whether he would buy a Mac, he commented: “After all the annoyances you’ve had? I think not!” Although he wasn’t 100% serious, I am still planning to write a series of posts called “The joys of OS X” or something similar ;)

  3. Benpz Says:

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