BBC starts video podcasting

Happy news! BBC News are publishing video podcasts of some of their material. I’m watching Newsnight on my second monitor right now. I have to say, this is a big part of the future of TV, especially for news, weather reports and the like. I don’t even have a TV – but if I did, it is unlikely I would abandon my computer to go stare at it.

Getting downloads of the best broadcasts to my computer, where I can watch them whenever I like and forward through uninteresting stuff – that’s something else. Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has been doing this in various forms for some time; it’s great to see an international broadcaster doing it. And I have to thank the British tax payers for financing such great shows. (Apart from the stuff that’s podcast – who haven’t watched downloaded copies of Top Gear?)

If you think it sucks to pay, while we get it for free – don’t worry about it. It’s really an awesome way to spread British culture – as well as knowledge, common sense and fun – around the world. Hopefully we’ll see more of the BBC’s programming made available in this fashion!


One Response to “BBC starts video podcasting”

  1. Johs DB Says:

    The BBC audio podcasts were one of my main reasons for buying my new MP3 player recently. Now I enjoy my 30 minute travel to and from work listening to podcasts from a veritable gold mine: BBC’s Documentary archive. The last days I have heard short and catchy radio documentaries about “The New Arab World” and “Making cities work”. Next up is “Adventures in the tourism trade” about different aspects of tourism in different places on the Globe. Brilliant!

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