The shortest Nintendo DS Lite / Brain Training review ever

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a DS Lite with the games Brain Training and WarioWare. The only game I´ve really played is Brain Training, and here´s the DS Lite / Brain Training verdict:

It rocks.

The DS Lite has gorgeous looks and bright screens. The handwriting recognition works quite well in Brain Training, which is a fun game – with a few exceptions. To those who know nothing about the game, it is a kind of maths / logic training game. Among the exercises you can run through are simple maths problems, sudoku puzzles, keep track of how many people are in the house as some leave and some enter continously and speak the colour of the word currently displayed (typically, the word “black” is written in yellow font).

The biggest problem with this game is that it is too talky – Dr. Kawashima, who is behind the brain training theory used in the game, insists on talking and talking and talking and talking, and you have to tap your way through it, talking bubble by talking bubble. It doesn´t keep me from playing, though. Also, I would have liked to have support for more than 4 profiles (they are used for tracking your progress in the game).

Overall, I really recommend Brain Training if you, well, enjoy training your brain!

I´ll make sure I post some pictures of the DS Lite alongside my black MacBook soon… :)


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