Gmail on my W800i mobile phone

I had a slight struggle making Gmail work on my mobile phone, and thought I should tell the world about it.

In short, I’ve used the e-mail program on the W800i for a long time without problems, but when I added a Gmail account and tried to use that instead, I got a TLS/SSL certificate problem. Gmail requires that you use a SSL connection, but this means that the certificates stored on your phone must recognize Gmail as a trustworthy source. The certificates already on my phone didn’t, so I had to find a new certificate.

This thread about the K750i and Gmail on the Esato forums was really helpful – it’s got all the information you need. In brief though, you need to download this certificate, which is issued by Equifax, and transfer it to your phone. You’ll probably need to right-click on the link and save it on your drive somewhere.

Then, using the Sony Ericsson File Manager application that comes with the phone (and can be downloaded off the internet) you drag the .cer file onto the phone. I dragged it from the explorer window onto the W800i icon in the SE File Manager. Then, your phone will ask you if you want to install the certificate. Confirm, and you should be good to go. Naturally, you’ll need to connect the phone and the computer to do this :)

Of course, there are other things that could be wrong. Remember,

  • The settings for data traffic on your phone must be correct (check with your service provider)
  • The e-mail settings on your phone must be correct (Gmail settings here)
  • POP must be enabled in your Gmail account (under Settings => POP/Forwarding)

E-mail everywhere – yeah!


36 Responses to “Gmail on my W800i mobile phone”

  1. Boaz Arad Says:

    Wow! thanks for the info, I just got my w800i and was having the same problem – this post was right on the spot.

  2. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. k3ik0 Says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you… in advance ; )

    now to figure out a way to add this certificate without the use of a computer


  4. Dan Says:

    Thanks for the tip. What did you use for the mailbox setting?

  5. Are Wold Says:


    My mailbox setting is just your Gmail mail address, ie your username, in my case “arewold” with “” appended.

    I think it’s worth mentioning that I find checking my mail via the built-in mail client quite slow. A while back I started using Gmail’s WAP service instead – it’s actually a lot faster to check the mail using that. Just point the built-in WAP reader to the address :)

    I don’t write many mails there, so I can’t say how it is for composing mails compared to the builtin client, but in my experience its quite superior when it comes to just checking your mail. (One downside, I guess, would be that you can’t set it to check the mail in the background every 5 minutes, but that’s not something I’ve been using anyway.)

  6. Josh Says:

    Having all sorts of problems using GMail on my w800i, bits of info kind of pointing me in the vaguely correct direction, something about Equifax, but no links not really too sure.. then WHAM! Your blog! Thanks so much for sharing with the world! MUCH appreciated! Solved my problem in plain English in ten seconds. Cheers! :D

  7. Are Wold Says:

    Thanks for the feedback! :) It’s always nice when information is useful to people. And that’s one really cool thing about the net – when people publish this sort of information, it’s actually possible to find it! The web+search engines+lots of people sharing their experiences = yay!

  8. amar Says:

    pls help me .. my w800i can send email but cannot received email , how can that be….

  9. Are Wold Says:

    Hi there,

    you need to provide more detail to get any useful help. Are you using the built-in mail client, Gmail, or a third party client?

    If you can send but not receive, you should probably check the mail settings and verify that the mail server address is correct and that your password is correct. Among tons of other things (unfortunately).

  10. amar Says:

    hehe… thanks mr.are world , my w800i now can be receive email.. hehe.. thanks for all!!!

  11. amar Says:

    Gmail and Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Mini-HOWTO
    On this page are my personal tips for setting up a Sony Ericsson phone to send and receive email on a Gmail account.

    What you need
    One mobile phone, K750i or later
    One gmail account. To set up a new account, you need an invite from a friend.
    A working GPRS account.
    Step by step (Phone)
    On your phone, navigate to Messaging->Email->Settings->Account settings and select “New account”
    Enter a name for the account, such as “gmail”
    Enter the following settings, depending on your phone model some settings are under “Advanced settings”
    Connect using: Select a working GPRS account
    Email aliress: your gmail address
    Connection Type: POP3
    Incoming server:
    Incoming username: your gmail address
    Incoming password: your gmail password
    Outgoing server:
    Outgoing username: your gmail address again
    Outgoing password: your gmail password again
    Encryption: Incoming: SSL, Outgoing: TLS
    Incoming port: 995
    Outgoing port: 587
    On your phone: Start the phone’s native browser (not Opera mini) and navigate to this page
    Download two server certificates: this and this
    Step by step
    On your PC: Log in to gmail.
    Select “Settings”
    Select “Forwarding and POP”
    Change “POP Download” to “Enable POP for all mail”.
    You should now be able to both send and receive email from your phone.

    Gmail also supports outgoing mail over SSL on port 465

    Instead of browsing to the certificates, you may download them onto your PC and send them to the phone via bluetooth.

    After a message is completely downloaded with POP, the Gmail server automatically hides it from the POP inbox. The message is not deleted, but will appear to be removed the next time you update your inbox via POP. This feature does not work well together with automatic polling (check interval). A possible workaround is to disable automatic download by setting the download setting to “Headers only” / “Subjects only”. Another possibility is to set the download size limit to very small (1-2kb). With this setting, most messages will be partially downloaded. Since the server only hides messages once they are completely downloaded, this will cause them to remain in the POP inbox.

    Q: Why is the incoming certificate required for sending

    A: Sony Ericsson supports an authentication mechanism called pop-before-smtp. This method is a legacy from the days before authentication was introduced in the SMTP protocol. Unfortunately, since it is not possible to know in advance if a server requires pop-before-smtp, the phone will always assume so. A side effect of this is that you need to have the incoming certificate installed to be able to send mail, if your phone is of a newer model. The rule of thumb is, if the phone supports background sending, you need the incoming certificate.

  12. Ronald Says:

    hi i tried the points mentioned above to set up gmail in my SE W700.

    where do i download the certificates from and i keep getting the msg server not found when i try to do send and receive. any idea whats the problem?


  13. Are Wold Says:

    There is a link to it in the original post, if you have a closer look :)

  14. Ayub Says:

    does the above work for the gmail app for w800. when i first used the app, it gave me a insecure connection error, probably it doesnt have the SSL certificates it requires.

    should i just install the link to the above one and then try?

  15. Are Wold Says:

    Actually, I read your comment in the Gmail app program on my W800i, so yes, it works! By coincidence, it was the first mail I read using the program :)

  16. Lui Fonts Says:

    have someone tried the w800i for Gmail application for mobile…. that is the one you donwload from …….?

  17. Are Wold Says:

    Yes – as stated above, it works great. Apparently, you might have problems if your Gmail language settings aren’t set to American English, so if you have problems using the app, you should check that.

  18. mohammed Says:

    I have sony ericson t610.
    how can I get and install client certificate?
    how can I use this certificate to sign a contract (digital signature)?

  19. Thearith Says:

    Hi,i use mobile phone nokia 3660..Why i can’t use gmail?

  20. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for the certificate, it works perfectly with my k800i.

  21. Gazing at the Heavens Gmail for mobile application pada SonyEricsson W800i + Telkomsel « Says:

    […] tips di blog Areworld saya berhasil mengatasi masalah yang pertama dan sukses mendownload Gmail via POP3. Namun ini tidak […]

  22. Ram Says:

    I am unable to view even small Inline images in W810i email client :(
    Is it the same case with you guys?

  23. Nelson Says:

    Beautiful!!!! It works now!

  24. srinivas Says:

    Thank you very much. :) atlast I can use pop in my mobile :)

    special thanks to Amar for the below info
    [i]On your phone: Start the phone’s native browser (not Opera mini)[/i]

  25. Ramsey Says:

    Wow, Thx! Just what i was looking for! Perfect! Superb!

  26. Rae Says:

    on this post–

    amar Says:
    September 20th, 2006 at 6:36 am

    where are the 2 certificates???

    and not the link

  27. Predan Says:

    I installed the certificate from the link above, entereed all my gmail info, but it just says finding sever and then that go’s away and nothing.stopes ?

    I need my email prog on my phone working, because its the only thing that would send photo’s on my phone, going to gmail through opera just allows me to take photo’s through the phone.

    is there any other app that allows me to send full sized photo’s to email accounts?


  28. Are Wold Says:

    Not that I know of, but I haven’t really done much research on this subject lately. I’m sticking to the standard Gmail Symbian app these days.

  29. sumeet Says:

    YOU ROCK DUDE !!!!!!!!!

  30. vijai Says:

    Could anyone give me the link of the two certificates. i cant see any links in above

    On your phone: Start the phone’s native browser (not Opera mini) and navigate to this page
    Download two server certificates: this and this
    Step by step
    On your PC: Log in to gmail.
    Select “Settings”
    Select “Forwarding and POP”
    Change “POP Download” to “Enable POP for all mail”.
    You should now be able to both send and receive email from your phone.

    Thanks in Advance……………………

  31. Are Says:

    It is linked to in the article text – take another look.

  32. w580 Says:

    i applied all the settings that are listed above but i get an error when i send an email incorret username or password please help me fix this

  33. hi Says:

    why does my phone say incorrect username and password

  34. Kwadwo Darko Says:

    Please i have K770i, but have entered all the settings in, but still displays that ‘server not found’. Someone please heeellllpppp!!!

  35. Godswill Dennis Says:

    i am using a yahoomail account, i have tried to configure the email on my sony ericsson w800i. please do kindly help me by sending the steps to be followed to my email address.

  36. Godswill Dennis Says:

    i am using a sony ericsson w800i and i have a yahoomail account. please kindly send the steps to be followed in configuring the email to my email address

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