Congratulations, Funcom!

You guys pulled it off! GameSpot gives Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 8.1/10 (“great”), while GameSpy rates it 5/5 and an Editor’s Choice. Wow.

So, since when did I become an adventure gaming fan?

Well – this is more about being a little bit patriotic and appreciating it when game designers manage to live up to huge expectiations. Funcom is the only major Norwegian game studio, and The Longest Journey (2000) was widely hailed the best adventure game in years. It’s simply impressive that they managed to get this kind of critical acclaim for the sequel. The kudos they get for the storytelling really want to make me try out this game!

I’ll quote Gamespot:

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is, first and foremost, a great work of science fiction. Such a complex plot, endearing characters, and imaginative settings and situations are highly uncommon to gaming, or any medium for that matter.



One Response to “Congratulations, Funcom!”

  1. Idalovise Says:


    Fin og ordentlig blogg Are!
    Jeah, funcom ja…. hehe,

    vi får se om det blir artig å spille det.


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