Aerobics 1 at SiO Student Sports (briefly)

Last Friday, I joined Margrethe for an aerobics 1 session at the student sports centre, Domus Athletica. She’s been doing a series of reviews of their various training classes, but said she wouldn’t do one for aerobics 1 – I can see that now she has, but I’ll share my point of view anyway.

I’ve never done aerobics before, so I expected a steep learning curve, and that’s what I got. Usually at starter classes (those with a “1” in the name), the instructor will ask the class if anyone there are completely new. Unfortunately, this one didn’t, and just got straight into the routine.

Now, my eyes are only slightly worse than the next guy’s at the ranges we are talking about here, so I was able to follow the instructor’s moves… In a very rough fashion. However, watching and following only takes you so far, so when the instructor started off with “four steps forward, four steps back; mambo and chassé!” the only natural reaction on my part was what the f…!

With hindsight, I realise that I could’ve done a better job at reading up on aerobics jargon; I guess I thought the basics would be explained considering it was a starter class. The instructor did comment after the class that the difficulty level was a bit harder than what’s normal for aerobics 1, which was a relief.

The class itself was pretty OK, considering that I didn’t have a clue about aerobics. I found something resembling a rhythm eventually, which made it more fun, and the exercise was good. My sense of rhytm and my arms/legs/body-coordination is horrible, so this is definitely something I’ll consider doing again.

In conclusion, I’d like the instructor to be more considerate of complete newbies, but overall it was still a varied and satisfying way to exercise.

PS: If you’re male, you should be prepared for the pretty uneven gender balance – about 95% female. Let’s translate that to “twenty-five girls and one other guy — maybe”. And that other guy might be a guy whose main identifying characteristic isn’t his masculinity. So if you’re feeling sensitive about your manhood and prefer not to be the victim of about 43214 witty remarks concerning it, you might want to think twice before attending an aerobics session ;)


3 Responses to “Aerobics 1 at SiO Student Sports (briefly)”

  1. Margrethe Says:

    You know there is a class called “Aerobic intro”…? I think things will be better explained there. Or we could just go for Aerobic 2! That’s much more fun:)

  2. Are Wold Says:

    Blimey! There is?! How come we didn’t attend that one instead? That sort of invalidates some of my criticism against SiO. Oh well. Apologies, SiO. I should’ve attended your aerobics intro class instead, but my exercise partner thought aerobics 1 would be a good idea…

    And oh, any readers – make sure you attend aerobics intro before aerobics 1 ;)

  3. Ans Says:

    Thanks for this great post, i have bookmarked your site in the hope there will be more of this



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