SingStar on the PlayStation 3 “speculations”

Yesterday, GameSpy mentioned a video displayed at GDC showing a Sony "vision" of the video gaming future:

Finally, we were treated to a view of what the future might look like, as players instantly download music to the PS3 version of SingStar (Sony's karaoke game), sharing videos and photos with their friends across the world.

That's exactly what I've been hoping to hear. One of the biggest complaints against the SingStar series of games is that they never include the song you want to sing from a particular artist – they always include that other song you never really cared that much for.

Imagine having friends over and being able to purchase and download songs immediately, choosing from a selection of hundreds of songs. I can't wait. Also, the PS3's fast hardware should mean that the annoying waits in SingStar (while the game loads data and when it stores information to the memory card) will be eradicated.

Also – hook up the EyeToy camera and broadcast the entire "show" to your friends somewhere else in the world. What a way to spread the fun. Ouch, that almost sounds like an advertisement punch-line.

Of course, no SingStar for the PS3 has been announced yet, but it's just one of those things that will happen for sure – just imagine the nice revenue stream Sony can create from all the players constantly buying new songs. Sony, I'm looking forward to it! (That is, if I can afford a PlayStation 3 to begin with…)


4 Responses to “SingStar on the PlayStation 3 “speculations””

  1. Ollli Says:

    So, I here Sing Star Anthems is coming out in August. I wonder if that is going to work? I want to go out and buy it, the very first day it comes out. But, Playstation helpdesk have not been able to give any kind of answer as of yet, why SS Rocks does not work.

    So should I buy Anthems on August 4th or wait for a couple of months to see if people around the world start to complain, that Anthems does not work properly?

    And a problem with the game itself that I would like to see resolved. We have at this point 3 people in our family who sing. On many songs I can not even get on the list. It would be good to be able to see your own best scores, even if they would not be good enough for the top 5. And also in duet´s and songs with a rap sequence, best points tables for both parts of the song.

    And yeah, PS3 Sing Star might be something cool.

  2. Are Wold Says:

    I agree with your comments. Personally, I’ll buy Anthems from a local store, and then just go back and return it promptly if it doesn’t work.

    Generally, there are many parts of the Singstar games that really lack polish. For instance, it should be possible to include songs from several discs in a ‘pass the mic’ team contest. Also, it is annoying that highscores for the original Singstar disc are not saved, even when Rocks! or 80s is the master disc.

    By the way, it seems Singstar Anthems will have only 20 songs, but when I search for it on it seems it will cost the same? Can’t quite see what justifies the increased cost. More skipping, maybe? ;)

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