Basic Leisure

By playing Battlefield 2, you can earn awards, like “Basic Medic Combat” – you’ll have to kill a certain number of enemies or revive a number of people, etc. Today I feel like I’ve earned the “Basic Leisure” in the game called Life ;)

I managed to squeeze in a trip by train, lectures, working on a school project, eating a nice baguette from the school cantina, buying groceries, making pizza, playing SingStar and World Rally Championship 4 with the guests of Anders’ birthday party, and finally playing Battlefield 2 for 1,5 hours. Not too bad for a Friday!

Thanks to Eivind, I also finally got a look at some footage from Spore – Will Wright’s next game. I’ve read about it before, but seeing it in action was very cool. Will they manage to make a game that open-ended interesting? GameSpy has previewed the title here and you can check out the demonstration from last year’s Game Developer’s Conference at Google Video. There’s another one with Wright from the same conference here. I’ve zoomed through most of these now, and all I can say is “wow”. This will be a game I buy just to reward innovation. Brilliant stuff.


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