Death Cab For Cutie – “On the road with…” DVD – background noise review

After chilling out in the sofa, surfing the net and gradually getting sleepier as the laptop grew warm on my lap while playing a DVD called “Drive well, sleep carefully – On the road with Death Cab For Cutie” in the background, it seemed only natural to write up a very short review of that DVD here.

Death Cab for Cutie DVD cover and sleepy netizen
No, I’m not on drugs, I’m just sleepy

I should probably start at the beginning (even though reviews seldom do). Why Death Cab For Cutie? Well, it happens that I live next door to a guy who tends to stay up late and listen to music. I tend to be a guy who stays up less late. As the wall between our rooms is pretty thin, I sometimes get a free dose of music through the wall. Usually, it’s pretty OK – he’s got a pretty OK taste in music. It could’ve been a lot worse.

Well, you’ve probably already guessed where this is headed. Indeed – he had been playing “Transatlanticism” (the album) by DCFC for about a week non-stop (of course, I didn’t know what the record was called then, and it was probably a little less than a week) when I asked him what he was listening to – and if he could please upload the stuff to my drive.

Eventually, he obliged, and eventually, I got down to transferring the stuff to my MP3 player. It turned out it sounded even better in my headset than through the wall. I especially like “The Sound of Settling” (though I am enourmously frustrated by its short length, which paradoxically is part of its appeal), “Transatlanticism” and “Title and registration”. (If you ever hear me humming “the glove compartment / is not accuratly named”, those are the first words of “Title and registration”. You know, just in case.)

Both of my, eh, “dorm mates” went to England some time ago, and a while after they got back this DCFC DVD turned up, and eventually found its way into the DVD player, in which fate or coincidence, take your pick, led me to play it today. So what do I think?

The DVD is a mix of concert recordings and interviews, apparently all recorded on 16mm film. The concert recordings are a bit weak in the technical department sometimes, but given the format, I guess that’s natural and meant to be charming (which is usually is on this DVD). Overall, I enjoyed listening and seeing the band in a live setting, but I think you’ll need to be a fan to really enjoy this disc. Meaning: Listen to the albums first, and since I only know one of them, that means “Transatlanticism”. I really like the first track on “Plans” too, but that’s all I’ve heard of that one yet.

Wow. That’s got to be the best background story to review-ratio the world has ever seen.

In technology, Apple released a boombox system for the iPod as well as a mac mini with an Intel processor. I feel slightly underwhelmed. Maybe if it had a wireless component built in, or something else to really differentiate it. Of course, it can charge your iPod, and you can kit it out with batteries and take it outdoors. But if I had an iPod and wanted to combine it with my stereo, I’d rather get a wireless transmitter and hook it up to my receiver, so that I could use the iPod itself as a remote control. With Apple’s solution, you swap the dandy display and cozy clickwheel of the iPod with the six buttons on the remote. Not a nice bargain.

Politics: In Iraq, somewhere between 400 and 1500 people have been killed since the Shia mosque was blown up last week. Tragic.


3 Responses to “Death Cab For Cutie – “On the road with…” DVD – background noise review”

  1. Margrethe Says:

    I’m actually listing to Death Cab For Cutie right now! And Eivind is to blame for that too. Although blame is maybe not the right word since I enjoy listing to them and think they are great! But I can’t see they are going to play any concert in Norway, so pack your suitcase and be ready for a trip to USA in April or London in June:)

  2. I'm Danny Says:

    Hello !~ i like DCFC very much~
    i have no chance to watch the DVD…
    so ~
    can you ….

  3. Are Wold Says:

    Ha ha. You can order the DVD online – for instance at

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