Taking it easy on Sundays?

Yep, no post yesterday. I’ve a clear conscience – I was combining getting out of bed pretty late with correcting assignments in systems engineering, skiing and having dinner over at Lene & Karsten’s place. That dinner was probably the best we’ll have all semester. Well, unless we’re invited again, that is. Someone mentioned “moving” and “carry stuff”. I was too full to catch all the details.

Anders and Johannes is out skiing

We had some misgivings about the conditions right after starting out from Frognerseteren, but the trip turned out really great. Brilliant weather and mostly not too icy (though far from the silky quality of snow we prefer). Me, Anders and Johs went the route me and Johs went earlier – up to Ullevaalseter and down to Sognsvann. I didn’t fall once!!

Dinner in new sofas!

On Saturday, we celebrated our new sofas. They are really awesome. At least compared to the ones we had before! For dinner, we made, eh, pizza. I should probably mention that it’s my “design” and that someone exclaimed “What? Pie?!” upon spotting it. It tasted pretty OK, though – we made two different “pizza pies”, one of them desecrated with the oh so unholy “picnic ham”. I think the American term is “spam”. I’m not to blame for that ingredient, but I won’t name names. In the end that pizza was eaten too, so it can’t have been all that bad.

So, what’s up? I feel like I’m swimming in work of various kinds – of course, I am wholly to blame, so it’s not a complaint – I’m merely stating a fact. Right now I’m coping. Tomorrow I’ll get a boatload of assignments to correct, and I feel like I’m behind on work in my subjects (as well as with my master’s degree). Guess that’s the way it should be. No?

Thanks to a new-found self-restraint in the area of websurfing, I’m not that up to date with current affairs. (Meaning: It’s been more than 12 hours since I read the news sites…) It seems not much headline-grabbing is happening right now. I guess my pick would have to be that bird flu is spreading in Africa (BBC).


5 Responses to “Taking it easy on Sundays?”

  1. Margrethe Says:

    You shouldn’t be swimming in work, but with me at Domus Athletica on Wednesday;)

    By the way, have you noticed that little smiley at the bottom of the page? I think it’s a funny little thing to put there, but I can’t find any thing in the source code that makes the smiley. Maybe it’s magic!

  2. Anders Says:

    Found it, it’s from the stats-part of the site. This javascript is called: http://stats.wordpress.com/wpcom.js?2 and it generates an url to a picture with a few parameters: http://stats.wordpress.com/h.gif?blog=107754&post=12&ref=http%3A//arewold.wordpress.com/&url=https://arewold.wordpress.com/2006/02/27/taking-it-easy-on-sundays/.
    Guess that’s the way they register stats to the different parts of the site.

  3. Anders Says:

    Sorry to ruin your dreams about the magic code btw ;)

  4. Margrethe Says:

    åhhh, no magic:( *disappointed*
    (and no good way to write that åhhh sound in English. Ohhh just isn’t the same)

    But I like the little smiley anyway:)

  5. Are Wold Says:

    Very charming, that smiley. I suppose it only appears when they count a pageview, so it should be possible to see what actually triggers a pageview.

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