Boxing-aerobic, Apple and sadness

Another day, another type of exercise. I agreed to join Margrethe and take a class of so-called “boxing-aerobic”. It turned out this meant you did some aerobic at the beginning, followed by situps, pushups and some, eh, power jumps (I have no idea what the English term for “spensthopp” is). Eventually we got to boxing – which involved, unsurprisingly, putting on some boxing gloves and punching away at pads held by your partner.

Being on the receiving end of punches proved more tiresome than I thought. Punching was fun, though. I can see why some people do it for a hobby. I’ve never tried anything much like this, so the satisfaction of landing some proper punches was a fresh experience ;)

After doing various punches, we moved to kicks, which was fun, although not as satisfying as punching – probably because the technique is harder to get right. I had to take it easy for a while – can’t seem to learn that moving from 0% to 100% intensity too quickly is a bad thing for me. The consequence is that I have to really cool down for a while before I am good to go again.

If you feel like doing some different and quite varied exercise and don’t mind being branded a girly man by your friends (that is, if you’re a guy, about 5 out of 25 or so there were male), this is something you could try.

In other news? Apple is preparing to launch new products and will announce them on February 28th. My bet is that we’ll see the Intel iBook and probably a new iPod Shuffle. I was really keen on getting one of those Intel-powered iBooks, but it seems Apple has made them more Windows-proof than people orignally anticipated. Attempts at making them boot any flavour of Windows have failed pretty miserably – apparently because the new machines use the new EFI type of BIOS, which is a first for consumer PCs. A blog on the matter is here.

Until I know I can boot Windows on those iBooks, getting one is out of the question. I wonder if Apple has done any market research on whether it would pay off for them to make their Macs Windows-compatible. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose purchasing decision depends on that.

So, with all the trivial stuff out of the way, has anything important happened in the world today? Meaning: Has anything headline-grabbing happened? Yes. Sadly, some extremists blew up a holy Shia mosque in Iraq (BBC), causing a huge increase in violence between Iraq’s two main religious groups, the Shia and the Sunni. You can read the reactions of some Iraqis here (BBC). This is just tragic; naturally, everyone is worried that this will move Iraq far enough towards civil war to make it become reality. An action like this – so obviously aimed at increasing tension between the Iraqis themselves – it just makes me sad.


2 Responses to “Boxing-aerobic, Apple and sadness”

  1. Margrethe Says:

    Boxing aerobic is fun! I enjoy kicking and punshing:) But I would like to see more guys in these kind of classes(way to go Are:)) and I think one way to do it, is to drop the aerobic part of the name. It’s not aerobic and I think it scares away a lot of guys when it’s called boxing aerobic.

  2. Margrethes sted » Blog Archive » Vanngym og bokse aerobic Says:

    […] Tidligere har jeg, foruten om en vanlig aerobic2 time, fått med meg bokseaerobic. Jeg har fra før av trent noe som kalles Body Combat som er en time med innslag fra karate, kick-boksing og andre kampsporter. På Body Combat-timene foregår alle slag og spark i løse lufta, mens på bokseaerobic får jeg boksehansker og lov til å slå og sparke på en pute som en annen person holder. Dette er veldig gøy:) Første gangen jeg prøvde det var jeg så støl dagen etter på at jeg nesten ikke klarte å røre på meg. Det er tungt å ta i mot slag fra en annen person og jeg bruker vist noen muskler i overarmene og øverst i ryggen som jeg vanligvis ikke bruker. Jeg tok med meg Are på en av disse timene også, og han har skrevet om det her […]

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