Sony Ericsson W800i / K750 HPM-70 handsfree troubles

Today was spent helping people with SQL in class and travelling by metro to have my mobile’s handsfree set replaced. As detailed in this thread, I’ve had the cable to one of the earbuds break. That happened before Christmas; I switched over to using only my separate headset. (The handsfree consists of two parts – the main cable, integrating microphone and a 3,5mm audio socket and the pair of earbuds.)

About a week ago, I started having trouble with the main cable too. When bending it slightly I’d lose sound on one channel. Incredibly annoying, when you use the phone as a music player regularly, as I do. Thus I went out to SIBA at Trosterud, which is where I bought the phone back in August. Fortunately, Anders joined me, so the trip was less boring than it could have been. (In retrospect, I wish I’d bought it someplace more central – of course, the only reason I bought it out there was because they were the only ones stocking it at the time.)

I was halfway expecting an argument when I started talking to the SIBA guy, but this seems to be a well-known issue. He agreed to have it fixed straight away (meaning it will be replaced), but they had to send it in to the SE repair shop, who will send a replacement back to them, hopefully within a week. I’m happy I didn’t have to make a fuss about it, though it’s still incredibly annoying to have to wait a week.

The big question here is why the handsfree set is so fragile. The plastic encasing the cables is so crispy, it’s not surprising it breaks easily. Why not use a more robust type of material? I’ve never had a pair of earbuds or a headset where the cable or connector have been anywhere near being a problem. Of course, this was the first walkman phone – hopefully they are learning.

Now I’m pondering what I should do to avoid the problem repeating itself. Wrapping the most vulnerable areas of the cable in tape could help a bit. Problem is, the whole design is just badly thought out. Stiff, thin and crispy cables do not go well with being pulled in and out of pockets and being used on the move.

Crossing over into the important paragraph of today’s post: The news that should not be missed today are, I guess, the most recent bombing attack in Baghdad, causing at least 22 deaths (BBC) and reports that the capture of war criminal Ratko Mladic might be coming closer (BBC). Fingers crossed.

PS: Today’s amusing event of the wry kind was an argument between shop assistant and customer I overheard at SIBA. The issue was a D-Link wireless router, which unsurprisingly had caused the customer plenty of problems. I have to say that my cumulative experience with D-Link products (2 bad routers, 1 bad WLAN-card, 1 good WLAN card) is not good. I really felt for both customer and employee in that situation – they should’ve just returned the product to D-Link and given him a Linksys or something instead. I think in the end he left with the router and a D-Link WLAN card, which was supposed to “work – guaranteed!”. I’m crossing my fingers there, too.


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