Saitek Eclipse keyboard – brief review

I went out and bought the Saitek Eclipse keyboard today, to replace my Logitech UltraX keyboard. In a keyboard, I want a few things:

  • Full, standard layout, no silly rearrangement of PgUp/Dn, Del, Ins, Home, End etc
  • A standard Enter key
  • Few if any “media buttons”
  • Comfortable typing
  • Silence
  • Finally, because this is used with a laptop, an USB connector

It turns out finding a keyboard that matches these specs wasn’t that easy. The UltraX has a brilliant key layout, but it’s so thin – the key travel is almost non-existant. Like a laptop keyboard, only less sensitive and more noisy.

Most “standard” keyboards are both cheap and decent, but they normally feature PS/2 connectors, and the PS/2 -> USB converter is an expensive piece of kit (about 400 NOK or 60$). Thus, I was stuck with a selection of “media keyboards” with an abundance of extra buttons and weird key placement.

Eventually I decided to go for the Eclipse. It’s got a good key layout, the only extra buttons are increase/decrease volume, mute, and light setting. It’s got a blue backlight, which looks OK and… shocker coming up here: Enables you to type in the dark. Even if you don’t know your way around your keyboard without looking at it ;) Fortunately, the light setting button can turn off the light or dim it, which is very handy.


Key travel and sensitivity is nice. The space button is larger than normal, but that is no hindrance. The wrist rest is adjustable – it can be extended towards you. I found this immediately useful.

To conclude, after using it for a short while, I like this keyboard. However, if you can live with PS/2 and all you need is a decent keyboard, it’s obviously just as good to go with a good OEM type standard keyboard. If you do need the USB connector, find backlighting a nice feature, want a quality keyboard without a billion extra buttons you never use and think spending ~500 NOK (roughly 50$ I believe) is OK, this could be for you.


4 Responses to “Saitek Eclipse keyboard – brief review”

  1. Nick Says:

    Bro, that is one ugly arse keyboard. It must way a fair bit more compared to a light standard keyboard aswell.

    I got a MS multimedia wireless keyboard I got for Christmas. It weighs so much (in terms of keyboards) that you wouldn’t bother carrying/moving it anywhere, even if it is wireless. People don’t tend to move there keyboards far from their PCs anyway, so a wireless kb is pretty pointless.

    The box did say it worked up to 6 feet away and through walls. First off, it’s being sold in Australia so it should say about 2 metres (not 6 feet) so that people can understand, plus there is no point in using through a wall, because you won’t be able to see what your doing in the first place :P

  2. Nick Says:

    Oh and I also forgot to mention that it looks like some form of Klingon wall decoration :P

  3. Are Says:

    Hi there Nick :)
    Well, I can agree that this isn’t particularly beautiful. It does grow on me though. And what’s wrong with Klingon artwork? ;)

    The keyboard isn’t particularly heavy in my estimation. It’s not a big issue for me anyway, I don’t often move around with it.

    I forgot one thing on my “keyboard requirements”-list – keyboards should have a wire. All my experiences with wireless peripherals have been negative. As long as it stays close to the computer anyway, wireless isn’t a big issue, as you point out.

    One of the guys I share an apartment with has two Logitech MX1000 wireless mice and a keyboard from the same series. He’s not able to get a reliable reception even 2-3 metres away – these should have ~10 metres. Wireless is just too unpredicatable at times (which is really unfortunate – my ‘net connection relies on 802.11g).

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