Opera on the Nintendo DS – and “Hello World!”

By way of the Washington Post – the Nintendo DS will get a version of the Opera browser. That’s just brilliant. It means it’s a whole lot easier to justify investing in a DS. Of course, I can surf on my phone and play on my PC, but hey, the DS is pretty cheap – and the DS Lite looks good, too.

Anyway – this is the first post on my new blog. Time will tell if it will serve any real purpose, but I frequently read these types of announcements / read some news / think something that just makes me feel like writing it out. I guess weblogs can be good for that kind of stuff.

Also, I’ve just begun researching for my master’s thesis at the University of Oslo – it’ll probably be on instant messaging and conversation patterns and how most IM clients handle these rather poorly. I might discuss my thoughts on the subject here – from time to time or more frequently. Hopefully it’ll improve the odds of me hooking up with other people working on the same thing (particularly other master students). Do let me know if you’re doing any sort of work in that field.




2 Responses to “Opera on the Nintendo DS – and “Hello World!””

  1. Margrethe Says:

    Way to go!
    I knew you would give in eventualy and make your own blogg;)

  2. Zztvbwnt Says:

    ROFLlU comment6 ,

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